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Horror Fiction
Instructor: Stacia Ann (Stacia Ann)
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Start Date: Monday, November 6th, 2017
Duration: Four Weeks
Class Size: 7 Students
Seats Left: 6

Students will work toward mastery of the horror genre, learn the importance of antagonist, suspense, and setting to horror, and by the end complete one story. They will do this through analyzing stories that represent the genre and then working toward a draft of their stories.

Week 1
Discussion: What is horror fiction? What is it not? How is it different from mystery? From thriller?
Reading: Read Story 1. What makes it horror?
Writing: Come up with possible horror story ideas. Post for comments.

Week 2
Discussion: What are the crucial elements of horror? Protagonist, antagonist, suspense, "the weird"
Reading: Read and outline a new horror story.

Writing: Outlines of our stories. Post for comments.

Week 3 Setting: The Weird that Lies Beneath
Discussion: Importance of setting. Relationship of horror to setting.
Reading: story that models the elements of horror/setting
Writing: First draft story. Focus on building the suspense with the element of weirdness that creates horror. Post for comments

Week 4
Discussion: Fleshing out stories, using feedback, developing the characters and plots, as well as more to the setting. Discussion of editing issues.

Reading: Read and comment on each other's stories, one last model story as needed

Writing: Final draft of story.

Instructor: Stacia Ann
About The Instructor: Stacia Ann is an Linguistics Lecturer and Writing Instructor at the University of California. She has a doctorate of Education, Master's of Art in English/TESOL. This instructor has taught writing classes for over ten years. She also teaches academic writing and English as a Second Language at the University of the Pacific. A published author including works of short fiction and academic nonfiction including contest winning stories.

Only $99.00
Includes a free two month upgraded membership! Details
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