"The ts detectve"

Chapter 1
The start

By dmt1967

Hi, my name is Jet, and this is my story. It’s a normal everyday fairy story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy marries girl, and boy becomes girl. Ok, the last sentence not so much an everyday thing, but that’s life I guess.

Born John Albert Cooper and having English parents, I was brought up in a small village of the coast of England. One day, to everyone’s surprise, my father disappeared.

A week after my dad disappeared, my mother told us we had to emigrate to America.

My older brother and I were ushered into a taxi. We were driven to an airport, and put on an aeroplane. We arrived in America and were driven to the house I spent the rest of my teenage years in; until old enough to join the police academy.

It was there that I met Helen. We hit it off straight away and fell in love. We got married the next fall and that should have been the happily ever after and end of the story.

We were married a full year before I plucked up enough courage and told her my secret; about being a transsexual woman.

It wasn’t that deceiving her was ever part of the plan. Telling her had always been on my agenda.  It was just she was so important to me, I didn’t want to lose her, convincing myself that the time wasn’t quite right. To be fair it’s not really a topic of conversation to have while at the breakfast table.    

“Pass the toast darling, oh by the way I am a transsexual woman.”

Not unless you want your darling wife to choke on said bit of toast, so as you can see, timing was everything in a situation like this.

Helen meant the world to me and the thought of her hating me was too much for me to take. I had tried to bury it, get on with my life, and forget the woman buried in me. The trouble was, the woman was taking over and I couldn’t live a lie anymore, I’d had enough.

The opportunity arose, when my old captain put me in for my sergeant’s exam. I passed and was offered a post as desk sergeant in Manhattan and took it. Giving in my transfer papers, I discovered that there was a two week gap before my new job started. I decided to take Helen on holiday and break the news to her then.

We took our vacation in Las Vegas, at the hotel we had gone to for our honeymoon. I thought it would be better for Helen if I broke the news in a place where we shared happy memories. Ok in hind sight, not the best idea I ever had. 
When we first arrived, the time just wasn’t right. She looked so ecstatic; how I could tell her, destroy her world. We went on long excursions in the day and night clubs and pubs at night time. She just looked so happy; I didn’t want to spoil her last moments of happiness. I would tell her tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.   

It was the last day of the holiday; I knew it was now or never. Either she had to be told tonight, or not at all. Which meant going back home and living a lie for the rest of my life? It was my happiness versus hers.

We went out that night again, finally getting back to our room at midnight. We got into the room and closed the door, Helen collapsed on the bed. She had a big contented smile on her face. I looked at her and sighed, this was it, no more secrets.

Taking a deep breath I began….

“You know I love you and always have….”

She looked at me, her eyes stared into mine. The love and trust I saw in those wide eyes was too much to bear, I had to turn away.

“There is no easy way of saying this, so I’m just going to say it….” I faltered.

She got off the bed then and walked towards me. She stood right in front of me, and cupped my head in them. I had no choice but to look into her eyes. The kindness in her eyes, and the empathy that she showed was too much for me to take.

I broke down then, couldn’t help it.

“I’m a transsexual,” I blurted out, unable to control the emotion that had built up inside me for all these years of living a lie.

She looked at me, and dropped her hands by her side.

“A what?” she whispered.

“I’m so sorry,” I cried.

She looked at me for a moment, then turned away and walked to the bed.

“When did you find out?” she whispered.

“I’ve known it most of my life,” I said, looking at the floor.

She turned around then and stared at me.

“You knew BEFORE we got married,” She exclaimed.

What could I say? I looked up at her. The pain and hurt in her eyes was just too much to bear. I quickly looked away, shocked as the pain in her eyes turned to hate. 

She was on me then, one minute she stood near the bed, and the next she had attacked me like a woman possessed. I put my hands up to my face to protect my eyes from being scratched out and backed towards the door. I needed to get out of here, let her calm down a little. In that minute I knew she would have killed me if she could.

I left the room, closing the door behind me, my heart broke in two. What had I just done? Walking along the corridor, all I could hear coming from the room was the sound of uncontrollable sobs from a woman who had just had her heart shattered.  

Walking into the hotel bar and finding a table, I ordered a drink. When the drink came I swallowed it in one gulp, and then ordered another and another…

Eventually, I staggered back to the bedroom, tiptoed in so as not to wake Helen. I needn’t have worried, she had gone. I crawled into bed too drunk to care, the pain evaporating till the morning.

The next day dawned and with it a fresh pain and a hangover, both of which were well deserved. I booked out of the hotel and made my way home. When I arrived home however, Helen informed me that all my possessions were at my mothers and I didn’t live at that residence anymore.  I knew from her reaction in the hotel room this would happen, so I don’t know why it was such a major shock, it just was.

My Mom put me up for a while, she was ok with me being a transsexual eventually, but it was only a stop gap until I got my own apartment. It was there that I changed my name to Jet Angel Cooper and started living my life the way I was always meant to live it, as a woman.

My new job started and I needed a place nearer to the job and Helen, I still hadn’t given up on the idea that we could still be friends. An apartment two blocks away from Helen came up. I had a look around, fell in love with it, and moved in
It took another six months for the divorce to come through. Helen blamed me for the marriage failure, and I never contested either the divorce or the house. That was her right, after everything I had put her through; she could have made it a lot worse than she did.

Every day I tried to talk to her, but to no avail. She wouldn’t answer my calls or the door when I called round.
The hope that one day Helen and I could be friends was always in the back of my mind. As weeks turned to months that hope was fading fast and I had resigned myself to the fact that we would never talk again, when one day I knocked on the door of her house and, to my surprise and delight, she opened the door wide and beckoned me in.
“You’d better come in,” she whispered, “we need to talk.”

That was the beginning; we talked every night after that. At first it was just her crying, and screaming at me. How could I do this to her? Did I ever love her? Was the whole marriage a lie? This went on and on, eventually she calmed down enough so we could really talk, try to salvage a friendship of sorts out of this mess.
In time we formed a bond and that bond grew into a sisterly love that was different from what we had but in a way a lot stronger.

The two year life test was over and my sex reassignment surgery was secluded for March. I went into the hospital, had the surgery, and came out my true gender, a woman. It was a tough two years, there were many obstacles I had to overcome to fulfil my dream and become the real me. Everything had worked out and above all my happiness was complete.

My colleague in the police force gave me a hard time, but even that began to settle down after a while. Things were going better than I could have ever hoped they would.   

Helen was marvellous, she did everything for me. She nursed me back to health and the sisterly love I had for her grew even stronger. We had made it, and we were happy in our new formed relationship with each other. We were sisters forever or until death….

Time went by, work was going well, and everything was good. We met for a coffee now and then, whenever we were free really. Life was good.

That should have been it, the happy ever after ending I’d always dreamed about.
Life however, does have a habit of throwing one a curve ball, which is what happened on that cold winters day in February.

It was my day off, so we decided to meet for a coffee and possibly a bit of shopping.

We had arranged to meet up downtown and decide what the plan of action was then. I waited and waited.

The plan was to meet up at noon, but when 1:30 pm came and went, and still no sign of Helen I began to worry. I decided to drive to the house. Just to make sure she was all right, as this was so unlike her. If she was going to be late, she would have called. I knew Helen; she hated being late anywhere.

Getting out of the car, I strolled to the gate, and pushed it open. The gate creaked in protest. Helen was always moaning about that, she had nagged me, since we had moved in, to oil that gate. One day I might just oil the dam thing as a surprise, I walked up to the house and knocked. When there was no answer, I knocked again.

Something was wrong, my police instincts were yelling at me. I knocked again, with more force, this time; panic took over as still there was no reply.

The cop in me was in full alert mode by then. My gun was already out of its holster and in my hand. Pushing the door with my free hand, I exerted a little bit of force, the door swung open. The hairs at the back of my neck prickled with anticipation as I stepped through the doorway and into the house.

I crept from room to room, trusting the cop instinct that had kept me alive for so long, I was glad that even off duty my gun was always with me. I had been caught unawares once without a gun; and vowed that would never happen again.
 My mind and body had jelled now, acting as one, ready for anything or anyone that might be lurking in the shadows of this dark, gloomy house.      

Making my way upstairs; checking every room with great care, I searched the master bedroom. She was lying on the floor; her throat cut so deeply that her head was hanging on by a thread of skin; it was nearly decapitated from her body.

The way she looked, as white as a sheet, the blood seeping out of the gash in her throat told me that she had died instantly.

Looking around the room, making sure there was no one else in the shadows. My eyes came to rest on Helen again. She was covered in blood. All around the room there were spatters of blood and bits of skin; where the knife had sliced though her throat, causing the skin it made contact with to splatter with the blood.

It was at that moment in time that I broke down completely and wept for this sweet, wonderful, once beautiful girl who had once being my whole life and even after the divorce a very big part of it still.

Author Notes I am putting this book up for the seal of approval and publishing any help to make it even better would be appreciated without changing it too much thank you for all your help so far

Chapter 2
Helen's murderer

By dmt1967

Eventually my sobs subsided, picking myself off the floor, I crept downstairs slowly. Entering the lounge, I made my way across the room to the telephone, and picked up the receiver to dial 911.

"What emergency do you require?" the operator said, in a crisp voice.

"Police," I said, my voice full of emotion, and “I wish to report a murder”.

"Can I have your name and the address, please?" The operator asked, politely.

After giving her the information she required, she informed me that the police would be there within a few minutes.

She was true to her word, moments after putting the receiver back in its cradle, the police turned up. I looked out of the window, and pulled the curtain back slightly.

The first to arrive were two detectives that I had worked with on several occasions. Their names were Bill and Ben.

The detectives had just got out of their car when I heard the sound of loud sirens coming in my direction. Two patrol cars sped into the street with their blue lights flashing. They screeched to a halt beside the detectives’ car and four cops got out and walked up to the detectives.

 Ben walked over to meet them and started giving instructions as to what he wanted done. He pointed frantically with his hand as he was giving his commands. He was speaking very loudly so I could hear quite clearly what he was saying.

"I want the road cornered off," Ben commanded. "Then knock on the neighbours houses and ask if they saw anything suspicious."

While the officers went off to start their investigation, the detectives walked into the house and looked around. The door was still open, as I never closed it after me when first arriving, so they walked straight in. I came out of the lounge to greet them. As soon as they saw me, they walked over.

"It's Helen," I said, emotions getting the better of me as I broke down crying.  

My legs felt like jelly and I would have collapsed, I was shaking so much, if Bill hadn't put his hand out to steady me.

"What happened, Jet?" Bill asked. "Is this how you found the body?"

"It's Helen," I repeated, "she's upstairs."

Bill went upstairs to take a look, while Ben stayed downstairs with me. I was still crying uncontrollably, my chest heaving with sheer grief, gasping to catch my breath.

Ben held me tight. I think he thought if he didn't I would collapse into a heap on the floor.

"It's ok sweetheart;" he said as he tried to comfort me "let it all out."

After sobbing uncontrollably on Ben’s shoulder for a few minutes, I managed to control myself long enough to tell him what happened.

“We were supposed to be meeting downtown.” I said between sobs. “When she didn’t show I thought she had slept in. I drove here to pick her up…” I trailed off, the emotions inside of me making my voice crack.

Ben just nodded. He had his notebook in one hand and his pencil poised in another, waiting for me to continue.

“Take your time Jet,” he said in a gentle voice.

Gulping a few times, I fought back the tears that were about to engulf me and managed to get my emotions under control.
Then I continued.

“I knocked on the door but got no reply. I was getting frustrated and I must have tapped the door with my foot because it swung open. I was shocked. I knew something must be up so I drew my gun and came into the house to investigate. I searched all the rooms making my way upstairs and that’s where I found her…”

“Go on,” Ben encouraged.

He saw me searching for a tissue and offered me his handkerchief.

“… In the master bedroom,” I said, between sniffs. “I then came downstairs and called you guys.”

“Did you go into the room or touch anything,” Ben enquired.

Looking at the ground and shaking my head, I could feel my emotion building up again. A wave of grief washed over me, I closed my eyes and waited for it to pass. I had just got control over my emotional state, when we heard Bill call from the bedroom.

When we walked up the stairs, and into the bedroom, Bill was on the phone.

When he saw us, he made a gesture for us not to enter the bedroom.

Once he had finished his phone call, he came out of the room and joined us.

"I have called forensics and the coroner is on his way," he whispered. "They’ll be here in a minute."

While I waited outside the bedroom, the two detectives made a preliminary search of all the rooms upstairs. When the detectives had finished their search, they came to join me to wait for the rest of their team to arrive.

We had only to wait a few more minutes before we heard a noise downstairs.

"I think the forensic team are here." Bill said, peering over the banisters, and he was right.

Bill shouted down to them to dust for fingerprints, starting downstairs, and working their way upstairs. He wanted every room done.

While the forensic team were looking for anything unusual and bagged up anything they found, the detectives were searching the bedroom again, more thoroughly this time. 

Ben gently led me to the bed, well away from Helen's body and told me to sit down. Then he went back to helping Bill search for clues. I just sat on the bed, too stunned to do anything but stare into space.

The sound of the coroner's car pulling up outside brought me out of my dazed state.

The coroner came in; he bent down beside the body and started to examine it   methodically.

"What was the cause of death, Doc?" Ben asked.

The coroner, a rather old, tired looking man, looked at Ben in disbelieve, and then smiled.

"Well, don't hold me to this," he said in a sarcastic voice, "but I think her throat has been cut."

With that he ordered his team to bag her up and take her away.

The team put her in a body bag, put her on the trolley, and went to zip her up.

"Can I say goodbye?" I asked. The emotion made my voice crack.

The coroner looked at me then nodded his head.

"Make it quick," he said, looking at his watch, "some of us have work to do."

Walking up to the body and looking down at the lifeless corpse that was once my ex-wife, I felt a cold shiver seep through my body. She looked peaceful, like she was asleep.

I bent down, and kissed her cheek, it felt clammy and cold. A tear trickled down my face and fell on her cheek. Taking my hand very carefully, as not to hurt her, I wiped the tear away gently.

Turning away from the body, the pain corseting through me was really intense. It was like someone had ripped out my heart. I managed to get my emotions in check, somehow, but when turning back for one last goodbye, she was gone. I must have been in my own little world as I never even heard her leave.

"Best go home, Jet," the detective who held me, begged.

I wiped my eyes, and reluctantly pulled away from the detective, I smiled, weakly.

"We will find out who did this Jet," Ben said, anger crept into his voice.

"Just leave it to us," Bill said, just as angry.

That was something I couldn’t do, walk away. Don’t get me wrong, I had complete faith in these two detectives. They would do their best, cops looked after their own.  If it was anyone else, walking away would have been easy, but this wasn’t just anyone- this was Helen. I needed to be the one who hunted this murdering dog down, needed to be the one to bring him to justice, and needed to look in his eyes when I put the cuffs on- I owed it to Helen.     

"Can I look around first?" I pleaded.

"Ok," he sighed, "the forensic boys have finished in here."

Nodding my thanks, I had to smile. There was a time I was not so popular. If I had asked them the time back then, they would have told me to go to hell.


"YOU WANT TO BECOME A WHAT?" My fellow officers had shouted, together.

"I want to be a woman."  I had said, bracing myself for the onslaught.

"You want to be a woman." They had laughed.

"Why? You queer, weirdo, pervert." They had jeered.

This carried on for months; I was ridiculed and jeered at for months afterwards. They all sent me to Coventry. No one wanted to be my partner or get into the same life as me. They all thought they might catch the transsexual disease too, or I might rape them, maybe.


Even the thought of those early days sent a cold shiver down my spine.

They were cool with me now though - once they found out they couldn't catch this 'transsexual' disease, and standing next to me wasn't going to make them want to become women as well. I never raped any of them either, believe it or not.

The forensic boys were clearing up now. They were just finishing bagging up all the evidence. They put the bags into a large black briefcase, to examine later once they got back to the laboratory.

The room was a mess, drawers were pulled out, and clothes were all over the floor and, on the bed. The room looked a right mess. I wondered what Helen's attackers were looking for and if they found it. The attacker must have been disturbed in his search or he knew what room to look in, as none of the other rooms looked like they had been touched.

There was blood and skin covering Helen’s bedroom. That was the only evidence of the gruesome murder that had occurred in this room.

Closing my eyes, I imagined the scene; Helen opening the door and smiling at her attacker, maybe looking forward to the visitor. She must have known her attacker, as she had her throat cut with her back turned to the attacker. Helen was very careful, she would never turn her back on a stranger, I taught her better than that. The picture was clear in my head, the attacker pulling a knife, creeping up behind her, and cutting her throat. The knife cutting deep as it pierces her jugular vein

.As she wriggled on the floor in pain, the attacker stepped over her body.

Just then I heard my name being called from the kitchen by one of the detectives.

Walking into the lounge, I discovered the two detectives peering into an open drawer. They both looked up as they heard me approach. They both had puzzled looks on their faces.

I went over to take a look, and got the shock of my life. In the drawer were a gun, a 38 police special to be exact, and a handful of passports. Each had Helens' picture on them but with a different name each time.

 It dawned on me then why the two detectives had looked so puzzled when I walked in, this didn't make sense. Helen had always told me she hated guns.

"I hate the fact that you have to carry a gun at work." She used to say. I had laughed, said I was always careful, and then hugged her.

"Do you know anything about these, Jet?" One of the detectives asked, indicating to the passports and gun.

"No," I said, my voice shaking, "she hated guns."

They looked at me as if they didn't believe me, but didn't ask any more questions, instead they bagged the passports and the gun, and left.

As I left the house and pulled the door shut, a thought struck me, I wasn't the only one in the marriage to keep a secret. The difference was her secret got her killed. I had to find out the real identity of Helen if I wanted to bring her killer to justice.
Little did I know, finding Helen’s killer would change my life forever?

Author Notes This is only the second chapter of the book and as I want to publish it any help you can give me would be a great help thank you I've re written this chapter yet again

Chapter 3
The investigation

By dmt1967

At first, the leads came in strong and fast. A blue van had been spotted a few blocks away from where Helen lived. A stranger had been seen near the house.  Helen had been seen talking to a young man the day of her death.

Each lead they investigated thoroughly, but to no avail. Whatever the detectives did, they always hit that eternal brick wall. It was very frustrating.

The investigators never gave up. When all the leads ran dry, they began all over again, asking the same questions in the hope that someone had remembered something about that dreadful night; trying to find somebody that had seen anything at all. They only needed one good witness or a solid lead, something that would break this case wide open. Unfortunately, no one had seen anything, or if they had, they were not going to tell it to the police.   

Eventually they had to give in. They had no choice. They had reached a dead end. They had been working on this case for about three months now with nothing concrete to go on. It was time to call it a day.

The detectives were taken off the case. They had other cases and limited manpower due to the budget cuts that had been taken place in all police departments, they were told. Helen’s murder was put on a back burner and ultimately placed in the cold case file. Everybody had given up and forgotten about the murder of Helen Cooper. But not me, I would never forget.

The killer had disappeared into thin air; there was no trace of him anywhere. Even though it seemed like a hopeless task I still canvassed the neighbourhood, in the hope that the police may have over looked something. Hoping to give Helen the justice she deserved, so that she could be at peace at long last. I owed her that much.

One day the Captain called me into his office. When I went in he was standing at the window, he looked more agitated than he usually did. His shoulders were slumped and his eyes were clued to something across the street. Thinking he hadn’t heard me, I cleared my throat and closed the door.

He looked around, staring right through me for a second, and then invited me to sit down.

The Captain looked older today. He was in an extremely bad mood and he seemed very angry with me for some reason.

He scowled at me as I sat in the chair opposite him.  

“Jet,” he barked, “I want you to stop investigating Helen’s murder.”

“Why Captain?” I pleaded.

“You need to stop. I got a phone call from the chief today.” The captain shouted, slamming his fist down on the desk.

“I know I’m close, and I do it in my own time not when I’m working.” I begged.

Putting my head in my hands, I broke down. This was too much. I’d been living under the strain of Helen’s death for so long.

“Just do what you’re told. Drop the case, and that’s an order” The captain growled.

Looking at the captain’s face, I couldn’t work out why he was being like this. He was usually a nice, kind, and gentle man.

He was like a father figure with his open door policy.

My mind wandered back to the day that I told him about my life changing decision….


“Captain, can I talk to you?” I had asked, my voice cracking with nerves.

He had looked up, smiled, and gestured for me to sit down.

“There’s no easy way to say this,” I began, “so I will have to come out with it. I am a transsexual woman.”

The anticipation while I waited for him to say something was so intense it nearly made me turn and run, but I knew I had to do this, couldn’t live my life if I didn’t. When the Captain didn’t respond, taking a deep breath, I carried on.  

“I know that some of the men might not like this but I can’t live a lie anymore.” I said, with great haste.

Stopping to catch my breath, I waited for a response; the captain just looked at me as if he knew there was more.

“I am having the sex change and from next week I will be coming to work as a woman. Sorry if that inconveniences anyone but I have to live as the real me from now on.” I said in a rush.

The captain looked at me, as if waiting for me to say something else. When he realised I had finished, he got up from his chair, came round the desk, and gave me a big hug.

Starring at him in amazement, I didn’t know what to say; I expected an argument, abuse, anything but this.

“Good for you,” he said with a smile, “I knew there was something different about you, I just didn’t know what. As for your other colleagues, if they have a problem, send them to me.” He had been true to his word. The first few months had been tough, but it would have been tougher without the captains’ support. I owed him a lot….

The captain’s voice penetrated my thoughts.

 “I am your commanding officer. You will do as I say.” The captain bellowed.

He hit his desk again, harder this time, and then leaned over the papers, and started writing his reports up. This was my cue to leave; the conversation was over as far as he was concerned

I sighed, got up, and walked to the door. Before leaving the office, I turned and looked at him.
He was still writing, a bit too busily so I said nothing and just left.

Walking out of the room, my mind was in turmoil. All the time the words he spoke were in my mind. What orders from upstairs? I knew the captain, he never gave a dam about his superiors, so why now? Who had really put on the pressure?

It must be bad if the captain was willing to drop an investigation. A lot of people didn’t agree with him when he had told them about me, but he had backed me all the way.

I got up from my desk, and walked out of the precinct. Got into my car, and drove home.

Getting ready for bed that night, my mind kept wandering back to what the captain had said; even if I didn’t want to I might have to do comply. I had no leads, no clues, nothing at all to follow up to even start looking for Helen’s killer really.

Eventually, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew. It was morning, and I had a pounding in my head. I opened my eyes, then realised that the noise wasn’t in my head, it was the door.

My bathrobe was slung over the back of a chair by the bed. I groggily reached for it, and put it on over my night gown. Slipped some house shoes on, and walked to the door. 

I opened the door, and peered out. There was a short, balding, plump, little guy, standing there.

“Yes.” I asked, puzzled.

“Are you Miss Jet Drummond?” the stranger asked, looking at the name on the letter he held in his plump little hand.

“Yes I am, and you are? I asked, puzzled.

“I am Harley, from Haley, Jones, and Smith Solicitors. We were asked to deliver this letter to you, on this day, at this time.” Mr Harley said with a smile.

He extended his hand with a letter in it. When I made no effort to take it from him, he just sighed.

“Mrs Helen Cooper gave my firm the letter with strict instructions that if we hadn’t heard from her by this date, we were to deliver the letter to this address to a Miss Jet Drummond,” he finished, looking me in the eye.

He held the letter out to me, with a steady hand; I automatically took the letter from his out stretched hand.

“Just sign here, please.” He said, in a polite, clipped voice.

Signing, still in a daze, my brain trying to process what had just happened, I just stared at the letter. I must have looked demented. My hair was a mess, as I stood there with only a bathrobe on and starring at this letter I had just been handed-I must have looked insane.

The door slammed shut behind me, but I didn’t even hear it. I stared at the letter, my mind trying to remember why the writing looked so familiar.

The sudden noise bought me out of my daze, it dawned on me that this letter was from Helen, but why Cooper? Her maiden name was Copper, her married name Drummond, so why Cooper? Why an alias? What was this all about? These questions and more were going around in my head as I held the letter Helen had so desperately wanted me to have.

My hands shook as I tore open the letter and took out the contents. Inside were a computer disk and a note. I took the items out of the envelope. I held the computer disk in one hand as I read the bold, capital letters of the note.


Was that it?  I thought she would have written more if she knew she was going to die. I turned the note over, hoping there was more, but to my bitter disappointment, found nothing.         

Putting the disk into my computer and with anticipation mixed with, grief, and started to watch the computer screen.

The room began to spin as staring back at me from the computer screen was Helens face. I quickly pulled myself together and listened to the recorded message with great care, trying to process what I was hearing.

“Hi, Jet.” The recording started. “If you are watching this, I am dead, which means I need your help as I can’t finish my mission. I suppose being the good cop that you are, you have found the gun and passports, and if I want your help I should really tell you my story and what all this is about.

My real name is Helen Cooper and I belong, to a top secret organisation that even the President of the United States does not know about. We work deep under cover and our main job is to stop individuals and groups who are working to throw this country into another world war, by whatever means necessary. We work on the fact that we are so secret that the only people who know who I am and what I do is my own team.

Each team is made up of five people, your partner, the team leader and three operatives. Each team has a different objective. Mine was to keep an eye on terrorism in this country.

Then the mission changed as we found there was a traitor in one of the teams; and even more frightening than that, they had all the names of every team operative on a microchip, which they are now going to sell to the highest bidder in an auction.

We need to get that information and destroy it. If we don’t, a lot of good men and women are going to die. I need you to finish my mission, Jet. I need you to find out who the traitor is. Our organization relies heavily on secrecy. We can’t be compromised.

At the house there is a DVD with vital instructions and information on it.

Only you must see this, Jet you can’t get the cops involved as we don’t know where the leak came from and how many traitors to this country we’ve got.

You are the only one I trust with this mission, my last mission, Jet, but I implore you to be careful. These men are dangerous and will stop at nothing to get what they want.”

With this, the computer went blank. I got up, turning the computer off. With tears streaming down my face, I pressed delete information on the computer and wiped the CD clean. I didn’t want to as that was the last thing Helen ever did, but deep down I knew I had to, if that disk ever got into the wrong hands….

Tears were streaming down my face so much, it was hard to focus. Reaching   into my handbag for a tissue, I dried my eyes, as Helen had asked me for one final favour-to complete her last mission. The thought about how dangerous or denying her this final request never entered my head.   

Sighing, I got ready and left, heading for the home where I once lived with my dead ex-wife, Helen.  

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Chapter 4
The discovery

By dmt1967

The house was in darkness, as I drove up the driveway to the place we had once been so happy in, a lifetime ago. All the hopes and dreams we once shared when we first set eyes on the place. Helen begged me to put down a deposit, I agreed, although after doing some mental calculations I knew the asking price was too much for the actual property. We would just have to tighten our belts for a while was all; saying no to Helen was not an option. She could have asked for the world back then and I would have found a way of getting it for her.

The house looked empty; there was no warmth to it anymore. I felt a shiver run down my spine. This house, when we first moved in, was supposed to be our dream home. A place we could share, have a family, someday. This was back in the day when both of us thought we had a future together. Who would have guessed that our dream home would turn into the house of my nightmares?  

Reluctantly I got out of the car, and made my way to the garden gate. The gate creaked as I pushed it open. At that moment I had a flash back of Helen nagging me to fix the gate, I should have oiled that gate when Helen asked me to; I walked up to the house and stopped at the door.

The house looked haunted, I shuddered. It looked cold and deserted; I trembled at the thought of going in there. Part of me wanted to turn tail and run, but if I wanted to find that disk, I would have to go into the house and look for it.
Helen was gone and with her any love I had left for the house was gone too.

The police had left the incident tape across the door; I tore it off and stepped through the doorway and into the house. The door lock on the door was still broken, as I hadn’t got around to getting that fixed yet. To be fair, I hadn’t been back since that fatal night hadn’t been able to face it.

The detectives had finished with the house now so the locks could be changed at any time, but as the house was already on the market, there was not much point any repairs now. If some tramp wanted all of Helen’s stuff then they were welcome to the whole lot. It was tainted with Helen’s blood as far as I was concerned.

Let the next buyers fix the door, hopefully they would have better luck in that house than Helen had, I very much hoped so.

The house looked bleak and cold. There was mould climbing up the walls due to the broken door. Rain had seeped in causing damp in most of the rooms. There was a cold wind feel through the house; I pulled my coat tightly round me. The feeling of doom consumed me with every step I took into the house.
Mentally shaking myself, I laughed at how stupid these feelings were. It was only a house, nothing more, even to me the laugh felt false and hollow.

The DVD had to be here; somewhere. The sooner it was found, the faster I could get the hell out of here. Not wanting to spend a moment longer than was necessary in this house, and all the ghosts of my past, I started to search.
As I glanced around the room; my eyes fell on the DVD rack. When I walked up to the rack and casually glanced at it, something caught my eye. One of the cases was upside down. Knowing Helen to be a very meticulous person, it dawned on me that she had done this deliberately. Helen was always a smart girl

My hand reached out to the case and took it out of the rack, opening it slowly. My hands trembled with anticipation. Was it going to be that simple? Had my luck finally turned? I hoped so; it was about time luck was on my side.  These were the thoughts going through my head, I opened the case, took out the DVD and put it in the machine; then pressed play….
“…Hello Jet,” Helen said with a smile on her face. “I knew you would find this. I had every faith in you.”
Listening to that, I smiled; Helen’s OCD was something I was well aquatinted with, even before we were married.

“Well this is the rest of the information you will need to complete my last mission.” She continued.
“You have to go to Brooklyn airport. Once you arrive, go to the check- in desk. Awaiting you will be a ticket to Las Vegas; it will be in the name of Mrs Cooper. When you land, take a cab to the Hard Rock hotel. Once you arrive at the hotel go to the reception desk and ask for your usual room.

At 7pm you will go to the bar and order your usual drink. The barman will know what you mean. Take your drink and sit at the third table from the door.

A man with brown hair and a carnation in his button hole will approach you. He will ask you the time.

“Sorry I don’t have a watch,” you will reply.

You will then get up to leave but not before you drop your purse on the floor. He will pick up the purse and follow you upstairs to your room.

Once you have shut the door, there will be a knock on the door. It will be the man in the bar. He was my partner and your contact now. He will expect to see me but when I don’t show up and you do he will know I’m dead or captured. He will tell you the rest of the information that we have and what the next part of the mission.  

Good luck Jet. I know you can do this.”

The DVD came to an end, but I didn’t get up for a while.

Tears were streaming down my face, I didn’t wipe them away.

Tears poured down my face as I sat there, and stared into space. I eventually got up and pressed the eject button on the DVD. The disk slid out and of the player. I walked to the kitchen and placed the disk in the microwave. I had read somewhere that this erases any information on the DVD and destroys the disk in the process. There was no way that data could ever be seen by anyone, as Helen had told me- trust no one.

Glancing around the room one last time, I left the house,

The car was still parked where I had left it, which was unusual in this part of the neighbourhood; I got in and started the engine.

My thoughts were still processing the information and Helen’s revelation about being a spy, it was a lot to take in, and so you would not be too surprised that I didn’t notice the black sedan that slipped into the traffic behind me.

I arrived at the precinct and ran up the stairs to where my department was situated and knocked on the captain’s office door.

“Come in.” The captain growled.

Nervously I opened the door and walked in. The captain, a grizzly middle aged man, looked up from what he was doing.

“Hi jet,” he cheerfully said, “how can I help you?”

“I want an leave of absence.” I told him, my nervousness making me tap my foot on the floor.  

The captain looked at me, his eyebrows raised.

“Why now?” was all he said.

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Chapter 5
Leave of absence

By dmt1967

“I have some leave due and I was hoping I could take it,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

The captain looked at me and sighed.

“Ok Jet, when do you want it?” he asked, giving me a funny look.

“Well, I was thinking tonight.”

“TONIGHT,” the captain roared, as he slammed his hand hard on the desk.

“I only have to finish the reports on my desk; there are no more open cases then.” I pleaded.

“Ok Jet, if that’s how you want to play it.”  

He put his pen down, got up from his chair, and walked to the window.  He stared out of it for a few minutes. He turned back slowly.

“I can’t help you if you get into trouble,” he sighed.

He looked at me then, a strange look on his face. I stared back, trying to look as if I didn’t know why I might need his help.

He shook his head and sighed, deeply; he then walked back to his desk, and sat down. He turned his head slightly, and stared at the door. It was as if he knew something I didn’t, he went to say something then stopped, something had really freaked him out- something or someone.

“Ok Jet,” he uttered with a false smile, “I think we can manage without you.”

The captain looked down at the reports on his desk, which I took to mean that the conversation was over.

Walking to the door, I had just put my hand on the door knob to turn it when the captain spoke again.

“Jet,” he whispered.

My hand was on the door handle when I heard my name; he had a queer look on his face. If I didn’t know the captain better,

I would say the look was pity mixed with fear, but nothing scared the captain- ever.
“Be careful, please,” he advised.

Then he put his head down, concentrating on the reports on his desks. I took my leave, closing the door quietly behind me.

Walking to my desk I started working through my reports. My partner came up and sat down next to me.

“Hi Jet,” he said quietly. “How have you been?”

Looking at him, I smiled. He was a quiet man, very soft spoken and gentle.

He was the only one in the precinct that didn’t have a problem with my sex change. He was the one I most feared would as we worked so closely together.

We had known each other since police academy. We had started at the same prescient, both of us were promoted to plain clothes detective at the same time and then we became partners. He was the closest thing I had to a brother and I was scared of his reaction and even more terrified of his rejection.

There was no need to worry, he was fine with it and he was very supportive.

“It’s your life and you must live it your way.” Was all that he said?      

“I’m ok Tom,” I said with a smile. “I’m just going away for a while so I’m trying to get my desk in order.”

Concentrating a little too much on my paper work, so as not to meet his eye, I hoped that when he found out that I has just lied to him, he would understand why I had to and forgive me. As I said Tom and I go back a long way and I would hate to lose him as a friend.

Tom had been on sick leave when Helen was murdered and had just got back so this was the first time we had talked in about six months.

“I was sorry to hear about Helen,” Tom whispered in a sad voice.

“Thank you,” I answered, hiding my face so he couldn’t see the pain in my eyes.

“I heard they turned up some queer stuff at the house a load of passports and a gun.”

I just nodded as I knew what the very next question would be.

“So do you have any clue why those items were in the drawer?” Tom asked perplexed.

Not knowing what to say, I shrugged, and looked at the floor. I wanted to tell Tom all about it but couldn’t.  Helen told me not to tell anyone and I didn’t want to disobey her last wish.

Going back to my reports on my desk, I hoped Tom would take the hint.

After a few moments he sighed, got up and walked away.

The pang of guilt that coursed through my heart just then was almost too much to bear.  I hated lying to Tom after all we had been through, but I couldn’t tell him the truth either. Besides that what could I tell him, I didn’t know what was going on me yet?

The last of my paperwork completed, I cleared my desk.

Walking out of the precinct, onto the sidewalk, I crossed the road to my car.

Suddenly I felt someone watching me. I looked back but all I saw were kids, people, and a blind man with his dog. They all looked harmless enough although that dog looked familiar.

That uneasy feeling, however, wouldn’t go away, so imagine how relieved I was when I reached my car. I got in and drove home as quickly as my old, beat- up Chevy could.
I closed the door to my apartment, and made a coffee. Now I was safe in my apartment my feeling of unease had evaporated almost immediately. I had to keep it together. I was not going to be any good to Helen or myself if I let my imagination run away with itself.

I drained my coffee and gently put the coffee cup down on the table. Even on the way home I thought a car was following me, but when I looked in my mirror I saw nothing at all.

The whole day had been a nightmare, I mentally exhausted, and needed some sleep. I had been living on adrenaline for three days and it was getting to me. That was why I was seeing things.

After the coffee was finished, I made for the bedroom got into bed and went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

That night my dreams were filled with running after headless people, desperately trying to find Helen’s killer. 

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Chapter 6
The flight

By dmt1967

The noise in my head just wouldn’t go away. What was that? It took me a good minute or two to realize it was the alarm clock-6:30 it read. I reached over and hit the button on the top of the clock, the noise stopped. I lay there for a moment, relaxed and peaceful, and wallowed in that early morning glow. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and put on some house shoes. I padded to the bathroom to take a shower.

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me, and toddled into the bedroom to get dressed. What to wear? Once this business was over, this girl needed a serious wardrobe shopping spree. I took a top and skirt out of a drawer and put them on, looked in the mirror, and decided that would have to do. After putting on some make up, I threw some clothes into a weekend bag, and got ready to leave the room. I glanced around the bedroom one last time, and closed the door.

Walking up to the phone in the hall, I phoned for a cab. The operator said it would be there in half an hour.

While waiting for the cab to arrive, I walked to the kitchen, made a coffee, and had just managed to gulp down a few mouthfuls, before the cab turned up.        

On my way to the front door I grabbed my holdall, and taking a final look around, I turned off the light and closed the door behind me as I ran down the stairs and out into the street, where the cab was waiting. The cab driver opened the driver’s door and got out of the car. He took the holdall from my out stretched hand, opened the trunk and placed my holdall in there, before slamming the hood closed. He opened the back door to help me into the back seat of the cab. He then ran around to the driver’s door and got in himself.

“Where to, lady?” He asked as he gunned his engine into life.

“JFK International airport, please.”

Helen didn’t specify in her instructions which airport I was to travel to Las Vegas from, but as it was the airport we usually used when we had travelled to LA, JFK was a calculated guess. I just hoped I was right.
As we pulled into the early morning traffic of Brooklyn, that  feeling of someone watching me, their eyes burning into my skull  came back again.

The hairs stood up at the back of my neck as I looked around hoping to spot someone, but everything looked perfectly normal. Apart from the normal neighbourhood kids, the only other person out at this time in the morning was a blind man and his dog. The dog did look familiar though.

Although I tried to convince myself of that fact, I didn’t relax fully until we had turned the corner of my road and we were well on our way to the airport.  

The cab eventually arrived at the airport. The driver saw a parking space at the drop off point and smoothly pulled into it. He jumped out of the driver’s side, ran to the passengers door, where I was sitting and opened it. He then took my holdall out of the trunk and handed it to me. After giving him a big tip, he got back in his cab, gave me a wave and drove away.

There didn’t seem to be any porters around so I grabbed my bag off the sidewalk and made my way to the check-in desk.

“You have some tickets reserved in the name of Cooper?” I asked, smiling at the woman.

The woman smiled back and after making me sign for the tickets, gave me a boarding card.

Walking for what seemed like an eternity, I finally arrived at my departure gate. The woman on the tannoy had put out the last call for my flight by then, so I was a bit flustered when I got there. Going up to the security desk and putting my holdall through there x-ray machines, I emptied out all my pockets, put them in a box and walked through the metal detector. Once through I put everything back in my pockets and collected my holdall then boarded the plane. My handbag was in my holdall as I was only taking hand luggage on the plane.

The steward showed me to my seat. My seat was by the window, but there was a middle age woman sitting there.

“Excuse me,” I said, “I think that is my seat.”

“Sorry,” the woman stammered, “it’s just that, I get sick on aeroplanes and sitting by the window helps.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied, “what if you stay there and I sit on the aisle.”

“Thank you so much,” She gushed.

Turning to the stewardess, I smiled.

“Is that allowed?” I asked giving her my most charming smile.

The stewardess nodded her head and walked away. Sitting in my now new seat number, I put my seat belt on, and waited for the flight to take off.

Two stewardesses stood at the front of the plane, giving the safety drill like they always do. They had just finished telling us, that in the unlikely event of a crash, we were to make our way to the exit doors. They indicated with their hands where these doors were. Everybody looked in the direction they were pointing, except one man. He was looking directly at me. When I stared back however he looked quickly away. How very odd, I thought.

This type of behaviour didn’t faze me though; I was used to people staring at me. I looked good but some people still guessed that I was a transsexual. I didn’t mind that too much now, but before it used to upset me a lot. That was until I realised, it was their problem not mine.

There was a throaty roar as the engines started up; the plane was moving now, down the runway. Then it took off, the air pockets lifting the plane high into the air. The green light came on a little while after that and I took my seat belt off.

“Can I have a gin and tonic please?”

“Yes Mrs Cooper,” the stewardess said as she beamed at me. “Is there anything else you would like?”

“Can I have a magazine as well, please?”

As the stewardess went to get my drink and magazine, I looked around to see what my fellow passengers were doing. 

There were some kids running up and down the plane, their mum trying to get them to sit down and behave. All the other passengers were either asleep or reading.

The man that had been staring at me earlier got up and made a bee line for the toilets. I smiled to myself, weak bladder or plane sickness, serve him right for being so rude.

Just then the steward came back with my drink and magazine. I thanked her and started reading while sipping my drink.

The sound of the engine and the fact of my early morning wakeup call must have had an effect on me, as I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I remember was the stewardess telling me to put my seat belt on, we were about to land.

Groggily I reached for my seat belt, when I heard the commotion by the toilets at the front of the plane.

“What’s going on?” I asked, now fully awake.

“A man has been taken ill in the toilets Mrs Cooper,” She said aggravated.

That forbidden feeling in the pit of my stomach was back. I looked around; starring guy was nowhere to be seen.

Getting up, I pushed the startled stewardess out of the way. I ran to the toilets, just as one of the stewards got the door open.

There was the guy who had been looking at me when the safety instructions were being given out, lying on the floor. From what I could see his throat had been cut and he was dead. Looking around I projected from the amount of blood he had lost and the colour of the blood, he had been dead a few hours. The flight was approximately five hours long, so I calculated he had been murdered about two hours ago.

The steward that opened the door turned away and was promptly sick. Everyone was just staring at the body in shock horror.

Although I was deeply shocked myself, my police instincts kicked in.

“Someone go tell the captain.” I said, taking charge. “Tell the captain to radio ground control. Explain the situation to them and get them to inform the cops. Get the cops to meet us when we land. Get the passengers back in their seats, and no one touches the body or anything related to the crime scene.”

Nobody moved, they just stood there.

“PEOPLE, MOVE,” I shouted.

I expected them to argue, to ask who put you in charge, and was ready to show them my badge. Ok my shield didn’t cover here, but no one knew that, at least I hoped no one did. No one questioned my authority, however, I think they were too relived that someone was taking charge-which meant they didn’t have to.

A male steward went to clean up the sick, but as it had mingled with the blood by then making it part of the crime scene, I ordered him not to. I didn’t want him contaminating the crime scene any more than it had been already.

While the crew were obeying my orders, I pulled the head steward to onside.

“Why wasn’t this spotted sooner?” I asked, sceptically. “Someone must have spotted the blood seeping through the door.”

The steward looked at me, a worried look on his face.

“No one uses this toilet, madam.” The steward said, shuffling his feet as I stared at him.

“Why not?” I asked, looking at him with a puzzled expression.

“Well it’s out of bounds for the passengers. The crew use the other toilet; unless it’s occupied then they use this one.” He explained, giving me a nervous look.

“So he could have been dead for hours then?” I said, shocked.

The steward shrugged, looking nervously around.

I dismissed him, and told everyone to go sit in their seats as the plane was about to land. I had just reached my seat and put my seatbelt on, when I felt the plane descending, and the landing gear being activated.  

As we came into land, I saw the police and coroner’s cars drive onto the airstrip to meet us.      

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Chapter 7
The hotel of memories

By dmt1967

The police questioned everybody, but no one seemed to know the man’s identity, let alone who killed him. No one claimed to have seen anything. This is not unusual as some people might think. When questioned, most people don’t take much notice of what has happened around them if it doesn’t affect their lives.

I looked out of the window. The coroner’s team lifted a bag into their car and drove off. Who was he? What did he want? Did he intend to kill me? If so, the person or persons who killed him, were they on my side? My brain was already fuzzy with all these questions; and I hadn’t even started the mission yet.

The police had entered the plane once more and had started to interrogate both the passengers and crew. One by one they were questioned, their particulars taken down, and then allowed to leave. Soon it would be my turn. I hoped they would get to me soon, I was tired, it had been a long day, and it looked like it would be an even longer night.

“Did you see anything?” The first detective asked.

“Did you know the victim?” his partner asked.

Eventually it was my turn. After asking the same couple of questions, and taken down some personal details, they finally let me leave.

With a sigh of relief, I hailed a passing cab. The cab driver, a cheery man, jumped out and picked up my luggage. He jumped back into his vehicle, and I wearily climbed into the back and settled into my seat. The cab driver waited for a moment, then pulled swiftly into the late afternoon traffic of Las Vegas.

Just as I was about to relax in my seat, I glanced out of the window and saw a blind man with his dog. They looked familiar,

I was sure I’d seen them somewhere before. Shrugging off the feeling that this was important, I soon forgot about them and settled back to enjoy the rest of my journey.

It was a very enjoyable drive to the hotel. Once we arrived, I paid the cab driver, giving him a big tip, and collected my luggage from the trunk.

Walking up to the automatic doors of the hotel, I entered. I followed the instructions that sent me, approached the hotel receptionist and asked for my usual room. The receptionist smiled and gave me the key. I smiled back, took it, and headed up to my room.

This city held some good memories for me.


 It was where I first met Helen. I was here on a break from cadet school. A group of us had been invited to this party. The party was quite lame and I was about to leave until I saw her. She was laughing with her friends. She looked up. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight.


I let my mind wandered back to another happy memory.

We had been going out for about a year by then. I had just got my first promotion and we had both decided to have a holiday before I started my new job. I had taken her to see the Grand Canyon.

She had never looked so beautiful. and my heart soared with love and tenderness for this woman.

We gazed at the view; she turned her head and looked at me.

“It’s beautiful,” Helen had said with a smile.

“Not as beautiful as you,” I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips.

Then I got down on one knee, and taking the ring out of my pocket, asked her to marry me.

She had just nodded as I placed the ring on her finger. Then we hugged and kissed tenderly and hand in hand walked back to the car.

I smiled as my mind wandered back to our wedding day and the surprise I had organised, with the help of her mum.

Her mum packed the clothes Helen would need.  She also organized her friends and family. Helen’s mum persuaded her it was a good idea to go on one more holiday jaunt with me before the big day. We were set to give Helen the biggest surprise of her life.

The surprise and delight on her face when we pulled up at Graceland wedding chapel and all her friends and family were there was priceless.

We had the wedding she always wanted. We booked into this hotel of all places. We drank champagne and danced all night.

We explored each other’s bodies, thirsting for more, until the early hours of the morning. Finally, totally exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, content and happy.

Then I remembered- it wasn’t only happy memories. This city held some bad memories as well.

This was where I had turned Helen’s world upside down. This was the very room I told her I was never the man she married, that deep down I’d always been a woman.

I walked to the bed, laid down, and gazed up at the ceiling. My mind wandered back to that fateful day ………..    

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Chapter 8
Bad memories - revisited

By dmt1967

My mind wandered back to the last time we came to Las Vegas. That was the start of my new life and the end of the marriage.

We both took time off work for this holiday, my idea.

“My promotion came through,” I said with a smile. “We both need a holiday.”

She just stared at me, disbelief on her face.

“Ok,” she said, sceptically, “so what’s the real reason?”

The trouble with Helen, I thought, was she knew me too well.

I grabbed her and gave her a cuddle. How could I tell her the truth?  Break the news and tell her our life, marriage, and happiness were going to end tonight?

What would she say when I told her the man she had married wasn’t a man after all, but was in actual fact a woman, on the inside at least.

That was the idea behind the holiday and Las Vegas. A place we had happy memories in would be a better place to tell her the news, I thought. It would be better for Helen and hopefully her reaction to the news would be better as well.

“I have something to tell you,” my voice cracked with emotion.

She looked at me and I almost backed down, but, couldn’t, not now, not when I had come this far.

This moment had been on my mind for months. This scenario had been played out so many ways, since deciding, I couldn’t go on living a lie anymore. The truth had to be told.

She was looking at me and smiled.  I almost backed down again but knew, that was not an option.

“I’m a transsexual,” I blurted out.

That had not gone to plan. It wasn’t the gentle, tender way I wanted to tell her but at least it was out in the open.

“Ok,” She laughed. “You got me, some joke.”

I looked at her; she stared back, in disbelief.

“Why are you saying me this?” she shook her head. “It’s not funny.”

“It’s no joke,” I looked at the floor, “I’m so sorry; I never meant to hurt you.”

She looked at me up and down, and blinked back the tears as the realisation of what I said was indeed the truth.

She got up then, came around the bed and looked me square in the eye. Then she raised her hand. I felt this stinging sensation as she slapped me across the face.

“GET OUT, “She screeched at me over and over again.

She physically attacked me. I just stood there, unable to move or defend myself.    

I left the room, went to the downstairs bar, ordered a drink, and swallowed it in one gulp. Ordering another, I starred at the glass for some time; where had it all gone wrong. When I had told her in my dreams, she had been fine with it, it should have happened like that in real life too. I drained my glass, ordered another drink, and sat at the bar feeling sorry for myself.

Finally I staggered back to my hotel room in the early hours of the morning very drunk.

Letting myself in the room, I tried not to make a sound, scared that I might disturb Helen. I didn’t fancy another fight; I was definitely not in the mood for that! I need not have worried however, Helen was nowhere to be seen, she had packed her bags and left. There was an envelope on the bed. I picked up the envelope, and tore it open. Inside was a note. Taking the note out me read it.

I am going home; I will send your clothes to your mom’s.
Do not bother coming home. I hate you, how could you
 do this to me. Rot in hell.
Checking out of the hotel, I travelled home the following day. The journey home was a miserable one as I pictured the reaction that was waiting for me at home.

I parked in the drive, got out of the car, and walked to the door. The key was in my pocket; I pulled out my key and tried to open the door. When nothing happened, realization set in, she had changed the locks.

True to her word, all my belongings were at my mums with a letter that she had written….

…This is just to say I don’t want you anywhere near me. I loved you with all my body and soul and I trusted you. You have betrayed my trust and I hate you.
You are low life scum and I am better off without you…..

My mom said I could stay with her for a while; she was alright about everything after the shock wore off and said I could stay as long as I liked. I started my two year real life test as a woman.

Soon after moving in with mom, I found my own apartment, got a divorce and finished my two year test, then had the operation. After that I started to talk to Helen again, she forgave me. She stopped hating me and we became best friends, which was more than I could hope for. I was the happiest I had ever been. My life was complete.

The knock at the door woke me up from my dream state.

“Come in,” I called out.

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Chapter 9
The hunt is on at last

By dmt1967

The maid poked her head around the door with an apologetic smile on her face.

“I am sorry miss, but do you mind if I come in and tidy up? It wasn’t done this morning.”

“Yes,” I replied, grabbing my car keys and handbag off the bed. “I am just on my way out, actually.”

The elevator doors were just about to close so I ran to catch it, just managing to get there in time, and squeeze in before the doors shut completely.

“Which floor, miss?” the bell boy asked.

“Reception please,” I said with a smile on my face.

The reception desk was on my way to the bar, so I handed the keys in, giving the lady on duty a big grin, and walked to the bar where I ordered a drink.

The bar tender was cleaning a glass. He looked up from what he was doing and smiled. I ordered `my usual`, as Helen had instructed me to do on the DVD. When it came, `my usual` turned out to be a blue cocktail with a multi-coloured umbrella which poked out of the drink and an olive balancing precariously on the glass. I popped the olive in my mouth, and sniffed the drink. I took a very cautious sip. The drink was so horrible, it tasted like penicillin, the urge to spit it out was immense but didn’t. Instead, taking my drink, I got off the bar stool and made my way to the table as directed by Helen on the recording. The excitement was building up in the pit of my stomach as I waited for the brown haired man to make his appearance. I was near to breaking point when he finally arrived.  

He had nice, short, wavy hair, and was extremely good looking. If he was going to be my partner on this mission things were certainly looking up.

He looked in my direction and smiled, and started to walk over. He got to my table, stopped, and looked down at me.

“Do you have the time?” He whispered in a husky voice.

He was so hot, with his lovely brown eyes and sexy smile. Lost for words, I stared up at him in wonder.

To hide my confusion, I forgot myself and took a big gulp of the cocktail in my hand. The revolting taste brought me back to my senses very quickly.  

“Do you have the time, miss,” he said, a bit louder this time.

“Sorry,” I stammered, “I don’t have a watch.”

The room started to spin as I got up to leave. I stumbled, and fell forward. He put his arm out to stop me from falling. He had the loveliest brown eyes. I smiled up at him, and shyly apologised. I made my way to the door, dropping my purse as instructed. He picked it up and started to follow me up the stairs.

Making my way upstairs, without any mishaps thank god, I got to my hotel room first, took out my key and opened the door. My hands were so sweaty with anticipation, the key nearly slipped out of my hand. Catching it before it hit the floor; I opened the door and walked in before closing the door quietly behind me.

Moments later, there was a knock on the door.  I got up and opened it. Standing to one side I admitted the man into my room, He even walked with a sexy swagger.   

“Hi, I’m Ben,”

“Jet,” I managed to get out.

He smiled, took a gadget out of his pocket, and then began to sweep the room for bugs.

When he had completed his search, he stopped and looked at me.

“Where’s Helen?” he asked, looking worried.


“I knew something was up when she didn’t report in and when you turned up instead of her,”

He looked at me sadly and sighed. He went over to the dressing table and hit it. A secret compartment flew open and he reached inside the compartment. He pulled out a 38 police special and some ammunition. He loaded the gun and handed it to me. I took the gun and popped it in my handbag.

“Come on,” Ben got up to leave.

“Where are we going?”

He was at the door by then and almost out of the room.

“Cheetahs,” He said, over his shoulder. “It’s a topless bar. We’re meeting the boss. Come on we will be late. I will tell you all about it in the car.”

I sighed, grabbed my handbag and keys, and then followed Ben across the road to his car.

As I got into the car, I glanced across the road. There was that blind man with his dog again. It was the same man I had seen at the airport, I was sure it was. Ben turned the corner at the end of the road. Ben started explaining about the boss and I was soon so engrossed in what he was saying, that the dog and the man were soon a distant memory as Ben explained all…

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Chapter 10
The bar

By dmt1967

“We are meeting The Boss at a place called Cheetah’s.” Ben explained. “I might do certain things that you might not understand, but you have got to trust me Jet.

There was intensity in his eyes I had never seen before. He grinned at me, looking me directly in the eye.

“You do trust me, don’t you?”

My mouth went dry, what kind of trouble had I got into this time! I licked my lips, and nodded. What else could I do? It was too late to back down now. I was committed to this scenario. Whatever happened, I was stuck.

Even if I had wanted to dig further into what he had said, I couldn’t as we had pulled up to the bar and Ben had gotten out. I sighed, got out of the car and followed him into the bar. Ben walked over to a table that was situated by the door. He chose the chair facing the door, and sat down. He called a waitress over, and ordered our drinks. Sitting next to him, I glanced nervously around. My body was tense, ready for action at a moment’s notice. Whatever was making Ben this nervous, I was ready for it.

The drinks came and Ben swallowed his in one gulp. He then ordered another one. I glanced at him; he seemed nervous and very on edge. He glanced at the floor, looked at me, and smiled, sheepishly. He was looking very guilty and I didn’t have a clue why.

My heart pounded in my chest, whatever was about to happen had better happen soon, and I didn’t know how much more of this I could take.

Ben’s eyes were glued to the door; his hands shook slightly as he sipped his drink. Suddenly he became very tense; his hands had started to shake so much he split some of his drink on his shirt. I glanced in the direction of the door and saw two men walk into the bar.  They were both big, muscular men and by the bulges inside their jackets, I could tell they were packing heat.

The two men looked in our direction and smiled. They walked over to our table; pulled up some chairs, and sat down.

“Gentlemen.” Ben nervously said, nodding

Watching Ben out of the corner of my eye, I saw how nervous these guys made him. He shuffled his feet as he sat there, then he wrapped his knuckles on the table and he wouldn’t look me in the eye.

The more nervous Ben became, the more anxious I got, tensing up, as I waited for the trouble that was about to come. The atmosphere in the bar suddenly getting a lot more electrifying.  

 “Who’s she?” one of the guys asked, nodding in my direction. “Where’s Helen?”   

 “I don’t know. When I got to the hotel bar she was sitting at the table. She says Helen’s dead.” Ben said, looking at the floor.

This was not happening, I felt betrayed and hurt. What the hell was he playing at?  Why was Ben suddenly acting like we were enemies?

The two guys looked at each other, and then glanced at me. Suddenly in a wink of an eye I had two guns pointed at me from under their jackets. They drew their guns so fast; I had no time to react.

“Right,” one of them said, “you are going to get up and move slowly to the door. Have you got that?”
I stood up, slowly.

“Don’t try anything foolish,” the other guy said, “we don’t want to hurt you.”

I tried to catch Ben’s eye, I wanted to ask what the hell was going on.  After a few seconds I gave up trying to get his attention and made my way to the door as the two guys and Ben followed closely behind me. Ben kept his gaze firmly ahead of him, avoiding my gaze at all costs.

Was Ben the traitor? Was he the one who killed Helen?  Was he the one that had cut Helen’s throat? I couldn’t believe it, but what other explanation was there? It was just unbelievable, her own partner. In a job like this, you trusted your partner with everything and that included your life.

These were the thoughts going through my head as we all walked outside and a van pulled up.

It stopped and a pretty blond lady got out, she walked towards us, looking puzzled.

Is this the boss? I wondered.

“Who’s this, Jason?” She asked, looking at me. “Where’s Helen?”

The guy who nodded to Ben shrugged.

“I don’t know Mary,” he said, looking anxious. “She says Helen’s dead; well that’s what Ben says she says.”

The woman named Mary stared at Ben.

“Is this true?” She asked her eyes boring into his.

“That’s what she says,” Ben said, anxiously.

The colour in Ben’s face had gone and he looked as white as a sheet. Good I thought, maybe if he has messed up really bad they will shoot him. Save me doing it later.

“The Boss isn’t going to like this. You know how he gets when things don’t go his way.” Mary said.
Mary looked around.

“Throw her in the back, Tel; you’ll have to ride with her to make sure she behaves.”

The guy called Tel, with a sinister smile, did as he was told. . He opened the van doors and with his gun gestured for me to get in.

Tel climbed into the back of the van with me. He pointed his gun in my direction, we both sat on the floor as the others got in the front, and we drove away.

Mary put the van in gear and pulled into the ever flowing traffic of Las Vegas. My brain was focused only on two things. The first was getting out of this mess alive. The other was the revenge I was going to reek on the people that had killed Helen; her team, but most importantly Ben.

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Chapter 11
The thugs

By dmt1967

Mary started the van up and slowly maneuverer it into the late night traffic of L.A.

Tel never took his eyes off me; the gun never wavered for a minute. He just sat opposite me, his eyes filled with hate and contempt.

The van wasn’t particularly comfortable either. It was a hard metal floor we were sitting on. This was a workers’ mode of transport, no creature comforts at all.

The floor felt cold as I moved, trying to get into a more comfortable position, my mind in turmoil with questions, but no answers. Who were these people? What did they want? Were they Helen’s people? If so why did they kill her? Were they all traitors? Were they going to kill me?

The van made a sharp turn and the road became bumpier as we turned off the main road and headed out of town. The journey started to get uncomfortable and even more unbearable at every turn we took. My body was flung one way and then the other. Feeling very bruised, I shifted my body slightly, so it was wedged into a corner of the van to stop this from happening.

“Stop moving.” Tel barked, pointing the gun at my mid-drift.

“I’m trying to get comfy.” I explained with just a tinge of anger creeping into my voice.
Tel just snorted.

“Where you are going, that’s the last thing you should be worried about.” Tel laughed a sinister edge to his voice.

A cold shiver went down my spine at his words, he looked at me coldly. There was pure hatred in his eyes. Come to think of it, there was hatred in all their eyes. Why did they hate me so? Another question I couldn’t answer, would I get to find out the answers to these questions before I died?

Tel closed his eyes, I moved slightly, stretching my legs. As soon as he sensed movement however, his eyes snapped open, and he was fully alert again. The gun came up, pointing at my stomach.

“Where do you think you are going?” He sneered.

“I’ve got cramp.” I whispered. “I’m only stretching my legs.”

“Just stop moving, I’d hate to shoot you before the boss has a chance to speak to you.”

My mind was in turmoil. By the look of things the door was my only means of escape. For a second I felt elated, but my hopes were soon dashed as it dawned on me to escape that way would mean jumping Tel. The guy was huge, I didn’t stand a chance.

The van sped up, and I knew the only hope of escape was when we had reached our destination.   

Instead I settled back, smiled sweetly at Tel, and closed my eyes. My mind wanders back to the beginning of the night and Ben’s strange behaviour. This in turn opened up a whole lot more questions that I didn’t know the answer to. How could Ben betray me like this? How could he betray Helen, his own partner?

Partners trusted each other with their lives. They were closer to you than your family. Hell, they were your family. Being partners in this line of work, was a lifelong commitment. To be a traitor to your country was bad. To betray your partner and get them killed was ten times worse.

The thought of Ben, made me start to think of Helen and the way she had betrayed me. Ok I didn’t tell her about my secret either, well not straight away. To be fair though, my secret had not got me killed. If she hadn’t been killed, would she have ever told me? I wondered.

She should have told me. I might have been able to help, might have been able to save her life. That last thought brought a tear to my eye. I opened my eyes then as I felt Tel’s eyes bore into me. Looking him straight in the eye, I saw bewilderment in his eyes as he looked at me.

“Why are you crying bitch. You feel remorse for killing Helen, do you?” He said in a scornful tone.

“What are you talking about? I never killed Helen. You or one or one of your buddies killed Helen.” I stammered unable to hide the anger in my voice.

Tel stared at me for a moment, and then stood up, using the walls of the van for support. He pointed the gun at me and gestured for me to do the same. He kept a close eye on me, and edged towards a small glass window that separated us from the rest of his buddies. He knocked on the window and someone from the other side slid the window open.

“What’s up?” Someone shouted, above the noise of the car engine.

“Stop the van,” Tel shouted in a worried, “something’s wrong.”

Tel waited for the van to stop, but instead of stopping the van seemed to speed up.

“I said, stop the van, NOW.” Tel yelled as he was flung to one side.

“Mary can’t,” Ben stammered. “The brakes aren’t working.”

“What do you mean the breaks aren’t working?” Tel cried.

“When Mary tried to stop the van, the brakes failed,” Ben explained

I was looking at Tel; he had gone as white as a ghost and was trying not to show the fear that was written all over his face. I caught a glimpse of Ben and Jason, from what I could see they looked as scared as Tel. Something wasn’t right, why had
Tel changed his attitude? Could I have got it wrong?  

At that moment the van must have gone round a bend. All I could hear was swearing coming from the driver’s seat as we lurched to one side and both, Tel and I went flying into the side of the van.

“Is everyone ok?” Ben yelled through the glass window.

I looked around and saw Tel in a heap on the floor, he wasn’t moving.

Scrambling to the glass window I poked my head through.

“Tel’s hurt, I think.” I said, trembling with fright.

Ben looked at me helplessly, and then we heard Mary scream. We looked in the direction she was looking, straight ahead. We understood why Mary had screamed, there was a sharp turn in the road and the wheel had just locked.
Tel groaned, managing to make my way over to him just in time, we both braced for impact, I felt the car roll as we hit the barrier and drove over the edge of the embankment.

My cop instinct kicked in as I scrambled towards Tel as fast as I could.

The last thing I remember was throwing myself on Tel to protect him as much as possible, his face swimming before my eyes, and then everything went black as darkness engulfed me.

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Chapter 12
Let's go for a little car ride

By dmt1967

There was a smell of petrol coming from the area where the car had finished up; we had to get out; not knowing how bad the petrol tank was damaged this van could be a fire ball in no time.

Someone next to me groaned. I opened my eyes to see Tel, who looked pretty beat up. His arm hung limp as though broken. Rolling away from him, a sharp pain run down my side, it was so bad; it was hard to breathe let alone move. I knew the danger we were all in, staying here too long was not really an option.

Ok Jet you can do this.

The pain was excruciating and any kind of movement was extremely difficult but I managed to crawl to the van doors and push them open. Luck was with me, it seemed, as they opened without too much trouble.

On hand and knees I made my way over to Tel and grabbing his jacket. I pulled him little by little to the open doors. It was hard work, each time I moved him, he yelled, and the feeling that someone was stabbing me repeatedly in the side was really intense; but eventually we made it. I pushed Tel out of the van and followed him. We both hit the ground at the same time. The sheer force of the velocity as we hit the hard mud knocked the breath right out of me. Wanting so badly to stay where I was, but knowing the others were in danger, I reluctantly got up and glanced at the van. A fire had started at the back of the van, the flames moving hungrily towards the front, looking for fuel to satisfy its appetite.

The others didn’t have much time. If they were going to be saved, I was going to have to spring into action-now.

Very carefully I made it to the driver’s side first, and peered in.  Mary was out cold, but Ben was conscious. I tried the door, but it was stuck. The flames had crept up the van, nearer and nearer to the petrol tank. Thinking fast I broke the window.

The glass cut my hand, and blood started to escape from the wound, but I hardly noticed. All I knew was I had to get these people out-now.

“Ben, are you ok?”  I shouted as the smoke hit the back of my throat.  Ben shook his head, as if to clear the fogginess, and nodded.

“Can you open your door?”

Ben pushed at his door, it gave a little. He scrambled around to the passenger side, and I helped him open the door. The gods must have been on my side because we managed to get it opened enough so he could get out. Ben fell out of the van and onto the ground.

“You look like shit,” he said, with a faint smile plastered on his face.

“Thanks,” I muttered.

The flames were near the front of the van. We only had a few minutes to get Mary to safety.

“We need to get Mary out NOW!” I yelled in a frantic voice.

Ben nodded, holding onto the van door for support, he managed to stand.

“We can get her out of this door,” he declared, he leaned into the van to undo her seat belt.

The flames were almost upon us now. Ben frantically tried to unclip Mary’s seat belt.

“Come on,” I yelled, “there’s not much time.”

“The seat belts stuck,” Ben desperately shouted.   

Although it was painful to move, I managed to make it to the other side of the van.  I put my hands into the broken window and tried to help Ben free Mary.

The flames were near now. The flames were licking at Mary, trying to suck her in. Mr Fire wanted Mary for its supper, and well he wasn’t going to get her, not on my watch.

With one last tug the seatbelt undid and Ben pulled her out of the van. I ran to help him, and between us we managed to half drag, half carry Mary away from the van and to safety. Just in time as the fire got to its intended target and the van exploded with a big bang, knocking me unconscious in the process.


The noise was loud in my head, I heard Ben’s voice.

“It’s ok Jet. You are going to be ok.”

I opened my eyes and saw lights and people in uniform, everywhere.

“She’s awake,” One of them shouted.

I shut my eyes again. ‘This is too much. I’m trying to sleep people.’


I’m in a dream state. Floating on air, but what’s that noise, someone’s calling my name.

I opened my eyes and saw Ben peering at me anxiously.

“She’s awake,” Ben Cried.

I tried to sit up in bed but every time I moved I got a sharp pain down my left side, and had a sick, dizzy feeling.

“What happened?” I asked.

 Holding my head in my hands, I groaned.

“We were all in a car accident,” Ben explained, looking at me with a worried expression on his face.

“Ok,” I stammered, “what was it? Faulty breaks.”

My mouth felt like sand paper and my head was still pounding. Ben seemed to read my thoughts; he got up, came over, and poured me out a glass of water. While Ted helped me to sit up, Ben put a straw in the glass and held it to my lips. The water trickled down my throat, relieving the dryness and I felt a bit better. It took a lot out of me and I was relieved when Ted lowered me back down.

Glancing at the two men, who stood by my bedside, I saw the bandages on their arms and the cuts and bruises on their faces. That bought me back to the matter in hand. I looked at them, waiting for my answer.

“The forensic boys think the brake line was cut,” Ben began. He paused for a minute as if he couldn’t think what to say.

“Not all the way through though, just enough to snap if we braked heavily,” Tel carried on.

Ben gave him a dirty look, and then carried on as if Tel hadn’t spoken.

“The fuel went all over all four of the brake discs. The friction of the discs made the discs spark. This ignited the fuel and that’s how the fire in the back of the van started.”  He broke off there; looking at the floor like it was an interesting bit of architecture.

“Ok,” I whispered.

There was still something at the back of my mind, nagging away at me. Suddenly it came to me- petrol tanks don’t explode, well not like that anyway.

“What caused the van to explode like that?” I asked looking at the two men with a puzzled expression on my face.

“We think there was dynamite taped to the underside of the petrol tank. Once the fire got to the petrol it ignited the fuse and BOOM.” Ben finished speaking and walked over to the window.

When it looked like he wasn’t going to say anymore Ted continued.

“The forensic boys’ found traces of dynamite around the blast area.”

The two men were by my bed again. I stared at them, horrified, this was no accident; someone had tried to kill me. There was only one question that flashed in my head at that point, why?

Someone was missing; who was it, then it came to me in a flash.

“Where’s Mary,” I whispered trying to sit up. 

The effect was almost too much for me and I nearly blacked out. I steeled myself to stay conscious however as I waited with baited breath for the answer.

Tel was sitting across the room; he had his arm in plaster and cuts on his face and hands. 

“Where’s Mary?”  I screamed at them.

Tel and Ben looked at each other and Ben shrugged.

“She will have to know sooner or later,” he whispered.

“She didn’t make it,” Tel answered. “The medics did everything they could, but she was dead on arrival to the hospital.”

I turned away, and stared at the wall. A distant memory stirred in the back of my mind.

“Jason,” I yelled. “I never saw Jason in the van. Where is he?”

“Don’t know, wish I did,” Tel said, a hard tone seeping into his voice.

“When I woke up he was no longer in the seat next to me,” Ben explained.

I lay back in bed, wondering, did that mean Jason was the traitor?

Just then the doctor and two nurses came in.

“Well Miss Cooper,” he said, “apart from a few bruises,  stiches for that nasty cut on your hand a couple of bruised ribs, and a twisted ankle you are in the clear. You are a very lucky lady. “

“When can I leave, doctor?” I asked, smiling up at him.

“I’d like to keep you in overnight, but your brothers said that was not possible. So as long as you take it easy, you can leave now if you like. I will prescribe some pain killers and then you are good to go.”

He smiled at me, nodded to Tel and Ben, and then left the room.

I got up gingerly and went to the closet. Taking my clothes out, I turned and looked at the boys. They got the hint and left while I got dressed. When I was ready I walked to the reception desk and checked myself out. Ben was waiting for me by the main door.

“Shall we go? Tel has the car outside.” He said, taking my arm.

“Where are we going?” I asked, letting him lead me to the car.

“You want to meet the boss, don’t you?” he stated looking around.

With that he opened the door, helped me into the car, and wouldn’t answer any more of my questions.       

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Chapter 13
The boss

By dmt1967

The rhythm of the engine must have made me doze off,

“We’re here.”  Ben shook me awake.

We all got out of the car and walked up to this big building. The automatic doors slid open to reveal a foyer and as we walked up to the reception desk I had a chance to look around. The building looked more like a bank inside than a top secret facility, with desks and chairs everywhere. People were walking around in suits; they looked more like bank managers, not spies serving their country.

Ben was in a conversation with the woman behind the receptionist desk; she nodded, and then picked up the phone. Tel had disappeared.

Ben finished speaking with the woman. He smiled as he made his way towards me.

“We can go up now.” He said, “The Boss is expecting us.”

“Where’s Tel?” I asked as I glanced up and down the foyer.

“Somewhere around, I expect.” Ben mumbled as he looked at the floor.

My shoulder’s sagged, as I followed Ben up a flight of steps to a big office; not more secrets, I thought.

 Ben knocked on the door, loudly.

“Come in.” boomed a voice.

Ben opened the door and we both walked in.

A man got up and came towards me. He was a big man with sandy hair and walked with a limp. Tel was standing to his left, a frown on his face. He was looking to the right of the big man. Looking in the same direction, I understood why he looked so unhappy. For standing on the right was Jason, the man who had left us to die in the burning van, the man who we thought was the traitor.

“I’m so glad everyone is ok.” Jason gushed as he walked towards us.

“Not everyone.” Ben shouted.” Where were you and why did you run.”

“I went to get help.” Jason stammered. “I saw you all unconscious and I thought you were dead.”

Ben and Tel looked at each other, from their faces I could see they didn’t believe him, but the big man was talking, so they didn’t say anything more.

“Well Jet I bet you want to know what this is all about. Tel go pour some drinks while I fill the little lady in.” he commanded.

I decided that this guy was a jerk. He was smiling at me, but his eyes were cold and calculating. I knew at once, this guy would step over his own mother to get the job done.  

Tel came back with the drinks, he glared at Jason, then he and Ben left the room.

“We are a secret organisation, dealing with world peace.” The Boss began to explain. “We are so secret that no one apart from the team you are working with knows who the other members are. We deal with corrupt ministers and politicians that can’t be brought to justice because of who they are.”

The Boss took a sip of his drink.

“So if you can’t bring them to justice, what do you do with them?”

The Boss gave me a look that chilled me to the bone, and then smiled.

“We kill them.”

The look in his eyes and his cold smile sent a shiver down my spine. I took a sip of my drink to calm me down and stop myself from shaking, uncontrollably.

“Helen was one of our finest operatives. Ben and Helen were partners. They were working undercover to find a traitor in this department. The traitor is in this team, which one of them it is; your guess is as good as mine.”

The Boss paused there, as if waiting for me to say something. There was complete silence in the room. When it was evident to him that I wasn’t going to speak, he sighed, and carried on with his story.

“We were going to intercept an enemy spy tomorrow night. This spy has a diary with the traitor’s name in it, and the names of every American spy from this organisation in the world. Helen’s and Ben’s objective was to intercept and destroy the diary, after finding out the name of the traitor.”

The Boss drained his glass, and got up to pour himself another one. He offered to pour me another drink but I refused.

“So what do you want from me?” I asked, although I had already guessed the answer to that particular question.

“We want you to partner up with Ben, flush out the traitor, and destroy the diary.” The Boss stated, looking at me, intensely.

To be honest, I didn’t care about the traitor or the diary that was not on my agenda. The only thing on my mind was bringing Helen’s murderer to justice, but as we were probably looking for the same person, I nodded in agreement.

The Boss pressed a button under his desk and seconds later there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” The Boss shouted.

The door opened, and in walked Ben.

“Is everything ready?” The Boss asked.

When Ben nodded, he turned to me and smiled.

“It was nice meeting you Jet and I hope to see you again.” He heartily said, shaking my hand warmly.

I shook his, it was hot and clammy, I was glad when he let it go.
Ben took me down this long corridor. At the end was a lift. We got into the lift and Ben pressed the top floor. When the doors finally opened, we were on the roof. Ben lead me out of the lift and down a few stairs, directly opposite the stairs was a helicopter with its engine running. Ben helped me climb into the passenger’s seat and while I buckled up he ran around the other side, climbed in, and did the same.

I glanced at the pilot and found, to my surprise-that it was Jason. I turned round to see the guy that had the seat directly behind me was Tel. He smiled.

“The gang’s all together again.” He yelled over the noise of the rotary blades as they turned.

I settled back in my seat, looked out of the small window, and smiled with satisfaction. The helicopter’s blades got faster as we started to lift off. I felt much closer to Helen’s killer, and the end of my quest; justice for Helen.

Chapter 14
The Informant

By dmt1967

“Where are we going?” I asked, looking out of the window.

“Hollywood,” Ben said, he smiled at me.

“What’s in Hollywood?” I asked, trying to contain my excitement.

“Not what, who,” Ben said, grinning at me with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Settling back seat, I listened to the drone of the helicopter, and felt the tension in the air. One of these men was the traitor, but which one?

My head felt like lead. Sliding further down in my seat, I tried to get as comfortable as possible. I was so tired and my body felt like lead, it was a struggle to keep my eyes open…

I was awakened by someone nudging me in the ribs. It was Jason, we had arrived.

Would there ever be a proper bed with my name on it again.
I stretched my legs and braced myself for the plane to land.

When the plane landed, I saw there was a car waiting for us. We jumped in, and drove off. Jason and Tel were left behind to look after the helicopter. As Ben said we might have to leave in a hurry and if that was the case the helicopter had to be prepped and ready to depart.

The car sped out of the airport and as we moved into the stream of traffic I couldn’t keep the questions in any longer.

“So where are we meeting her?” I asked

“At school,” he muttered, looking straight ahead.

I looked at him, that didn’t make sense. What school? Why a school? Why did I get this weird feeling that I wasn’t being told the whole truth? All this case seemed to be was questions; would I ever get any answers?

He must have sensed what I was thinking as he turned his head and giving me a sheepish smile, started to explain.

“The diary was sent to an operative of the traitors.” He began, “we tried to intercept the diary there, but we arrived too late.

The woman must have sensed we were on to her as she sent the diary to her kid at school, telling her to keep it safe until parents evening, which is tonight, and she will collect it. We are going to arrest her when she comes out of the school and intercept the diary.” Ben finished, and grinned at me.

We had arrived at the school, Ben saw a parking space, just opposite the education facility, and he pulled into it and cut the engine. It was a waiting game now. I hated stakeouts, they were not glamorous as the movies made them out to be, they were boring and tedious as hell.

We waited for the woman to come out of the school. It was hot in the car and I found myself once again getting drowsy and falling asleep.

“It’s go time.” Ben shouted, waking me up with a jolt.

Fully awake now, I jumped out of the car, followed quickly by Ben. We crossed over the road as quickly as we could, and made our way to the intended target. She was busy in conversation and didn’t see us at first. She looked up just as we were almost on her, and spotted us. She stopped talking, turned, and ran.

We were about to give chase, when the lorry hit her. One minute she was running across the road, next minute she was gone, it happened that fast.

Frozen to the spot, all I could do was stare at the truck. The driver got out of his cab and came around the truck to see what he had hit, and then pandemonium commenced.

People were screaming, cars had screeched to a stop, and hysteria was brewing.

I came out of my dazed state straight away, and ran over to the body, pushing people out of my way in the process. Ben was already there, he had checked her pulse for any sign of life. He turned to me and shook his head.

I scanned the street for her kid, to get to her before she saw her mum lying dead in the road. This had always been part of the job I hated. Just hoped the person that did break the news would be gentle and kind.

Looking down at the woman, I saw a trickle of blood had escaped from her mouth and had run down the side if her face.

Her whole body was twisted and broken like a child’s doll that had seen better days. I had to look away, the sight of that beaten up; bloody body was making me sick.

“I didn’t see her,” the truck driver kept crying. “She came out of nowhere.”

Ben went over to comfort the driver while I stayed with the body. I was just about to walk back to the car, when something caught my eye. I bent down to get a better look, and saw something sticking out of the woman’s inside pocket of her jacket.

Using my body as a shield I extracted the item and, casually slipped the content into my handbag.

My heart racing, I made myself walk casually back to the car. Ben was already there, waiting for me. I got in next to him; he gunned the engine into life, and pulled out of the parking space into the flow of traffic.

“The boss isn’t going to like this,” he stammered, with a worried look on his face.

“Pull over,” I commanded, unable to keep the excitement out of my voice.

Ben looked at me, a puzzled expression on his face, but he did what I asked.

He pulled over to the side of the road, he turned and looked at me; I could see he wasn’t happy.

I opened my handbag, which was on my lap, and extracted the item I had taken from the traitor’s operative and held it out. It was a small thin note book. Ben took the book from my outstretched hand, and opened it. We both peered at the contents, and then we looked at each other and smiled. We had attained the prize. In our hands we held the diary.

“Now let’s find out who killed Helen.” I whispered, unable to contain my excitement.  

Chapter 15
The traitor is one of us

By dmt1967

Ben pulled over and parked the car. My hands trembled as I opened the diary, there were quite a few names in it, but I was only interested in one of them, the traitor and the murderer of Helen.

The name was in there, in big red capital letters, but I still had to read it twice. It was not possible; I couldn’t believe it, not him. Shock must have been written all over my face as Ben’s face was full of worry.

“What’s the matter?” He asked. “Who is it?”

I handed him the book, to stun to speak, he looked at the name and froze with shock. Then his face turned from shock to anger.

“I knew it!” He thundered.” How could he?”

Even though it was bad for me, it must have been worse seeing that name written in the book for Ben. I had only been working in the team for a few short days; Ben had worked with this team for two years. They were his family, his friends, and his life. To be betrayed by one of your own was the worst thing ever.

A thought struck both of us then.

“TEL!” We both yelled.

Ben started the car, pulled out of the parking space, and stepped on the gas-hard.  We drove there at breakneck speed, weaving in and out of traffic at an alarming rate.

We got back to the airport in record speed, and oddly enough, alive. With a squeal of the tyres, we pulled up outside the hanger, where we had stored the helicopter and jumped out of the car. Each of us withdrew our guns from our holster, and released the safety catch, in case there was trouble.

Ben was the first to spot the two men, standing by the helicopter, talking. They didn’t see us until we were standing in front of them; our guns stretched out in front of us, and pointed at them.

“What’s going on?” They both blustered in unison.

“Move,” Ben commanded. “We know who the traitor is?”

“Who is it then?” both men said, an impatient look forming on their faces.

“It’s Jason.” Ben accused.

“What!” Jason yelped. “Don’t be absurd. I’m not a traitor.”

“Drop your weapon on the ground and take a step back, NOW,” Ben ordered.

Jason sighed; he undid his holster and made to take his gun out. Ben waited for him to drop it, but instead of dropping it, he stepped behind Tel. Using Tel as a shield, he pushed the gun into Tel’s back.

“I tell you what,” he snarled, “why don’t you put your gun down and let me walk out of here; I think that’s a far better plan than yours.”

Ben didn’t move, his gun still pointing at Jason.

“Give it up, Jason.” He demanded.

He held Tel close and used him as a human shield, he backed away towards the exit door, Ben and I followed at a steady pace, our guns still at the ready. Ben was the nearest to him suddenly, without any warning, he gave Tel an almighty shove, and catapulted him into Ben with such force that they both collapsed. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react, and before I knew what was happening, Tel had disappeared through the door.

I sprung out of my daze, just in time to see him disappear into the hanger opposite. Running after him, in hot pursuit, I heard Tel and Ben close behind me. As we entered the hanger, I saw it was filled with old machinery and engines not in use. It was a good place to hide and ambush someone, I thought.

Ben indicated, for me to go left, and Tel to go right. Holding his gun out in front of him, he made to go down the middle of the hangar. Jason was trapped; there was no escape, unless he got to the exit door and freedom.

We fanned out, hoping to catch a glimpse of him, hiding. I was the first to see him; he was making a dash for the exit door.

Gun at the ready, I chased after him. He had just reached the door and was almost through it, when he did a funny thing, he stopped and turned round.

He pointed his gun and I went into a roll for fear of being shot, coming back up almost immediately, and shot from the hip. I must have missed, because before I had a chance to blink, Jason was out of the door and gone. Looking around I saw Tel on the floor, blood sprouting out of a hole in his chest. Ben was bent over him, as he tried to stop the flow, but failing. Tel was whispering something to Ben, he nodded.

“Stay with Tel,” he yelled, “I’m going to phone for the ambulance.”

I walked over to Tel and took over from Ben, who walked outside to make his call. I presumed that was because there was no signal in the hanger.

Tel convulsed a few times, a small trickle of blood escaping from the corner of his mouth, and then he was gone.

I just stood there, and looked down at him, reflecting on the circumstances that surrounded his death, when Ben came back.

“The ambulance will be here in a minute,” He muttered.

“It’s too late,” I said, choking back the tears, “he’s gone.”

“I think you shot Jason,” Ben whispered, “there’s blood on the floor, by the door.”

I nodded, not really caring at that precise moment, my thoughts filled with Tel. Although I hadn’t known him long, I had formed a strong bond with him and his needless death had upset me greatly. There was something else nagging away at me, Jason had not fired at me, although I was his immediate threat, why? He had aimed and fired at Tel. Tel could not have shot him, I was in the way, the only person that was in danger of being shot by Tel was me.

I then had another memory stir in my brain, I turned to Ben.

“What did Tel whisper to you before he died?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Ben muttered, looking everywhere but at me.

I looked at Ben and every bone in my body told me he was lying.  

Chapter 16
The hunt for a traitor

By dmt1967

Ben pulled over and parked the car. My hands trembled as I opened the diary, there were quite a few names in it, but I was only interested in one of them, the traitor and the murderer of Helen.

The name was in there, in big red capital letters, but I still had to read it twice. It was not possible; I couldn’t believe it, not him. Shock must have been written all over my face as Ben’s face was full of worry.

“What’s the matter?” He asked. “Who is it?”

I handed him the book, to stun to speak, he looked at the name and froze with shock. Then his face turned from shock to anger.

“I knew it!” He thundered.” How could he?”

Even though it was bad for me, it must have been worse seeing that name written in the book for Ben. I had only been working in the team for a few short days; Ben had worked with this team for two years. They were his family, his friends, and his life. To be betrayed by one of your own was the worst thing ever.

A thought struck both of us then.

“TEL!” We both yelled.

Ben started the car, pulled out of the parking space, and stepped on the gas-hard.  We drove there at breakneck speed, weaving in and out of traffic at an alarming rate.

We got back to the airport in record speed, and oddly enough, alive. With a squeal of the tyres, we pulled up outside the hanger, where we had stored the helicopter and jumped out of the car. Each of us withdrew our guns from our holster, and released the safety catch, in case there was trouble.

Ben was the first to spot the two men, standing by the helicopter, talking. They didn’t see us until we were standing in front of them; our guns stretched out in front of us, and pointed at them.

“What’s going on?” They both blustered in unison.

“Move,” Ben commanded. “We know who the traitor is?”

“Who is it then?” both men said, an impatient look forming on their faces.

“It’s Jason.” Ben accused.

“What!” Jason yelped. “Don’t be absurd. I’m not a traitor.”

“Drop your weapon on the ground and take a step back, NOW,” Ben ordered.

Jason sighed; he undid his holster and made to take his gun out. Ben waited for him to drop it, but instead of dropping it, he stepped behind Tel. Using Tel as a shield, he pushed the gun into Tel’s back.

“I tell you what,” he snarled, “why don’t you put your gun down and let me walk out of here; I think that’s a far better plan than yours.”

Ben didn’t move, his gun still pointing at Jason.

“Give it up, Jason.” He demanded.

He held Tel close and used him as a human shield, he backed away towards the exit door, Ben and I followed at a steady pace, our guns still at the ready. Ben was the nearest to him suddenly, without any warning, he gave Tel an almighty shove, and catapulted him into Ben with such force that they both collapsed. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react, and before I knew what was happening, Tel had disappeared through the door.

I sprung out of my daze, just in time to see him disappear into the hanger opposite. Running after him, in hot pursuit, I heard Tel and Ben close behind me. As we entered the hanger, I saw it was filled with old machinery and engines not in use. It was a good place to hide and ambush someone, I thought.

Ben indicated, for me to go left, and Tel to go right. Holding his gun out in front of him, he made to go down the middle of the hangar. Jason was trapped; there was no escape, unless he got to the exit door and freedom.

We fanned out, hoping to catch a glimpse of him, hiding. I was the first to see him; he was making a dash for the exit door.

Gun at the ready, I chased after him. He had just reached the door and was almost through it, when he did a funny thing, he stopped and turned round.

He pointed his gun and I went into a roll for fear of being shot, coming back up almost immediately, and shot from the hip. I must have missed, because before I had a chance to blink, Jason was out of the door and gone. Looking around I saw Tel on the floor, blood sprouting out of a hole in his chest. Ben was bent over him, as he tried to stop the flow, but failing. Tel was whispering something to Ben, he nodded.

“Stay with Tel,” he yelled, “I’m going to phone for the ambulance.”

I walked over to Tel and took over from Ben, who walked outside to make his call. I presumed that was because there was no signal in the hanger.

Tel convulsed a few times, a small trickle of blood escaping from the corner of his mouth, and then he was gone.

I just stood there, and looked down at him, reflecting on the circumstances that surrounded his death, when Ben came back.

“The ambulance will be here in a minute,” He muttered.

“It’s too late,” I said, choking back the tears, “he’s gone.”

“I think you shot Jason,” Ben whispered, “there’s blood on the floor, by the door.”

I nodded, not really caring at that precise moment, my thoughts filled with Tel. Although I hadn’t known him long, I had formed a strong bond with him and his needless death had upset me greatly. There was something else nagging away at me, Jason had not fired at me, although I was his immediate threat, why? He had aimed and fired at Tel. Tel could not have shot him, I was in the way, the only person that was in danger of being shot by Tel was me.

I then had another memory stir in my brain, I turned to Ben.

“What did Tel whisper to you before he died?” I asked.

“Nothing.” Ben muttered, looking everywhere but at me.

I looked at Ben and every bone in my body told me he was lying.  

Chapter 17
The team are all dead-boss

By dmt1967

It was not the cheeriest of journeys back to Las Vegas. Ben flew the helicopter, while I sat in the back, pondering on what had occurred in the last couple of days.

What started as a routine investigation had turned into something far bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’d been kidnapped, the van that I was in had crashed, I’d nearly been blown up, and I’d been in a shootout. What would happen next? I wondered.

All the team were dead, apart from Ben. Had we killed the traitor or was he still alive? Was he flying the helicopter? I didn’t know or care at this precise moment. To be honest I was too tired to feel anything, the only thing on my mind at that specific moment was a hot bath, and a nice warm soft bed.

As I looked out of the window, I could see the landing lights of the airport coming up fast. I heaved a sigh of relief-we’d be on the ground soon.

I heard Ben on the radio, asking for permission to land. They must have said yes because we landed soon after, Ben turned off the engine and we waited for the rotors to stop turning. We got out of the helicopter and he walked around to stand by me.

“I am going to headquarters,” he began, “to make my report.”

I just nodded.

“Do you want to come or shall I drop you at the hotel?” he added, as an afterthought.

“Can you drop me at the hotel please?” I answered. “I am dead on my feet.”

“Certainly, Jet,” he replied, “I think that’s a good idea. You look all done in and a few good hours of sleep will be the best thing for you.”

He looked concerned, but I saw relief in his eyes. Why was he so eager that I went back to headquarters? Was it because he was concerned for me? Or was it something much more sinister than that? At this moment in time I didn’t have a clue and, to be fair, I didn’t really care. 

When we arrived at the hotel it was just getting dark. It had been a long day.  Harry stayed in the car, while Ben got out and walked me to the door of the building. He said goodbye then and as he and Harry left, I entered the hotel.

The walk up to the reception desk was long and tedious. I pressed the bell, and the receptionist appeared. From the look on his face he was surprised to see me, but he smiled and gave me my key.

The lift came as soon as the button was pressed, and I got in. As the doors opened on my floor, I staggered to the door, opened it, and collapsed on the bed. I was hungry, tired, and my whole body hurt. My bruises had bruises. I ran a bath, and while waiting, phoned for room service. Stripping my dirty, smelly clothes off, I got into the bath, and slid into the warm water. The water relaxed and soothed my battered body. Everything that had happened in the last 48 hours washed away.

This felt good. For the first time in ages, I felt like a woman. Dirty and grimy, always made I feel real- guy like and I hated that. Living as a guy for most of my life, but being a woman inside had been tough. When I had the operation I was free to live my life as the true me, but when I felt the other way, for me; it was like I was reverting back to my guy stage and that was not going to happen-not in this lifetime anyway.

I was deep in thought when there was a knock on the door. I put on the bathrobe, and wrapped it around me. I went to open the door, room service had arrived.

The waiter came in. He put the food on the table in my room, and left.  I went to the bedroom to get dressed. The door closed behind him. A few moments later it opened again. Thinking the waiter had forgotten something I paid no attention to it.

 I walked into the other room; the waiter must have come back for his tip. He was nowhere in sight. As I turned around to go back into the bedroom and finish getting dressed, something caught my eye. I half turned, and felt this blow glance off my head. Falling backwards, momently stunned, I caught a glimpse of a knife coming towards me. Groggily I scrambled to reach my gun which was in my handbag on the bed, but the guy was too quick for me and reached out his hand grabbed my leg. I kicked out in a blind panic, and must have made contact, as he grunted and released me.

My handbag lay on the bed. I dived for it. In my haste I fumbled with the clasp. The masked man recovered from the kick. Knife in hand, he charged after me. I slammed the door shut, hoping that might give me more time. I managed to open my handbag and reach for my gun. With the gun pointed it at the vicinity of the door, as it opened, I fired. He stepped into the room, his knife glittered in the moon light that shone into the bedroom; I shot him at point blank range. He looked down at the hole in his chest, surprise in his eyes, and then he fell to his knees and hit the floor. He was dead before he hit the ground, blood poured out of the chest from the bullet hole.

I sat on the floor, my whole body shook like a leaf, my relaxed feeling well and truly gone now. A nasty thought crossed my mind. No one knew I was here except Ben and The boss. Which means, the masked man must be one of them, but which one was it? At that precise moment I was too scared to find out.

Chapter 18
The truth or is it?

By dmt1967

Eventually, I got up and walked to the body, I rolled it over. My legs still felt like jelly as I stood over the lifeless corpse as it lay in front of me. I reached down, and hesitated. Which one of them was it? I wondered, Ben or The Boss. Whoever it was it left a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach that either one not only betrayed me but quite possibly killed Helen as well.

I reached over and pulled off the mask. I stared at the body, startled by who it was. It wasn’t Ben and it wasn’t The Boss, it was Harry, the driver. This investigation was getting odder by the minute.

I couldn’t move. The shock paralysed me; my eyes just stared at the body in disbelief- where did he come into it? After a while-it must have been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours- I rang the police. As an afterthought I phoned Ben.

Although Ben was as untrustworthy as the rest, I just killed a man, and he was with the law enforcement office. The captain had told me to leave this case alone, so I didn’t want to tell them I was a cop.

The police arrived first, as they entered the room; a very irate hotel manager followed them in.

This has never happened before,” he blustered. “How am I going to explain this to the other guests?”

The police detectives reassured him that they would be as discreet as they could be, but there was a murder committed here and a few unhappy guests were the last of their worries. Still fussing, the hotel manager was politely and firmly shown the door. When he left, the two detectives got their team working on a meticulous search of each room and the body. One detective stayed with the team and the other walked over to talk to me.

“Hello, miss,” he began, “would you tell me what happened in your own words, please.”

“I had just finished my shower, and I rang for room service. The guy left it but I thought he came back for his tip, so I entered this room to give him the money, when I was attacked.”

I saw the sceptical look in his eye and sighed. This was going to be a long night. Then there was a knock on the door. One of the detectives opened it and Ben walked in.

He spoke to the second detective for a short time and showed him some papers. He then saw me standing with the first detective and walked over.

“She has answered enough questions for one night, I think.” He said in a voice filled with authority.

The detective talking to me went to protest but his partner shook his head and handed him a bit of paper. After reading it carefully and giving Ben a dirty look, they both walked away, muttering to themselves about some law enforcement agencies thinking they were above the law.

Ben went and got my coat, he put it around me, and we left the room and walked to the foyer. He looked at me with worry in his eyes, but whether he was worried that I had nearly been killed or was still alive? I hadn’t got a clue.

We got into Ben’s car and pulled out of the parking lot.

“I’m taking you back to my place,” he explained as he started the car.

I sat back, clutching my handbag, tightly. I still had my fully loaded 38 special in the hidden compartment of my handbag, if there was still more trouble to come, I wanted to be ready.

We had been driving sometime, when   Ben pulled up outside a tatty, derelict house. He can’t live here, this places is about to be demolished.

“We just need to stop here a minute,” he told me with a smile.

I got out of the car; my handbag clasped in my hand. I had a funny feeling the night wasn’t over yet, there was more danger to come.

We walked into the building, the door was off its hinges and the walls were crumbling, I prayed the building didn’t collapse on us. It would be just my luck to have diced with death so many times this week, only to be killed in a freak accident, like a rundown old building collapsing on me.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, turning around and smiling at him.

The smile froze on my face. Ben was standing a few feet away from me, gun in hand. He had it pointed directly at my heart.

“Killing you has been the hardest mission I have ever been given… why won’t you just die?”

I was frozen, too shocked at the turn of events to move.

“It was supposed to be so easy,” he muttered before he pulled the trigger.           

Chapter 19
A wolf in sheep's clothing

By dmt1967

My mind sprang into action at the precise time that the bullet left the chamber of the gun. I jumped to one side, and felt a sharp pain in my arm. There were spots of blood on the sleeve of my blouse. There was no time to dwell on this as he was taking aim again. I ran to the nearest pillar and hid.

Thankfully my handbag was still tightly clasped in my hand. Reaching into it, I unzipped the secret compartment and, taking the gun out, discarded the bag on the floor. Pity that as it was my favourite bag, but carrying it around while being shot at wasn’t very feasible.

“Come on, Jet,” Ben snarled. “Make it easy on yourself. Just come out, and just let me shoot you.”

He made it sound like a normal request, as if he was doing me a favour.

“I promise to make it a quick, painless death if you do,” he promised in a pleading tone.

I needed to keep him talking, needed to think of a plan- fast.

“Did you kill Helen?” I asked, peeking out from behind the wall, trying to pin-point his position.

“Me? No,” he said, firing off a shot in my direction.

The bullet bounced off the wall beside me and imbedded itself in the pillar I was standing behind.

An idea was forming in my head; I had to keep him occupied while I worked out all the details.

“So who did?” I asked.

“Don’t know; all I know is it wasn’t one of us. We were going to but someone beat us to it.”

If my mind wasn’t so full with the implemented with my plan; to get out of here alive, the thought that this was not the only team of traitors’ might have registered. As it was my mind was focused on how to slip around him and attack from his flank, hopefully taking him by surprise. It was risky but worth a try. Besides, if I was going to die I’d rather die trying than just stand here and wait for him to kill me. The trick was to make him think I was still behind the pillar.

When I went into hospital for my sex reassignment surgery, in the next bed was a ventriloquist. I know right, weird. The point was after surgery we couldn’t do anything much and we were bored, so she taught me how to throw my voice. We were in that ward for about a week and I got quite good at it, never thinking I’d ever get to use that particular skill. You never know when something will come in handy.

I left the safety of my wall, trying not to make a sound; I crawled round the building until I was almost behind him.

“Ok, why?”  My voice still sounded like I was behind the pillar. 

“What do you want me to say?” He laughed. “Do you want me to say it was because I am disillusioned with this government or some other romantic reason? It was the money, pure and simple.”

“Was Helen a traitor as well?” I inquired, shaking with sheer terror that the answer might be- yes.

“No, that’s why she had to die. She knew too much, little cow was going to snitch on us.” Ben sneered.

I could feel something at the back of my mind, a memory that was trapped there. Then it hit me like a tidal wave.

“You said others,” I stammered,” how many of them are there?”

“There are members in every law enforcement agency in the country… People that are willing to sell this country down the river. You would be surprised at how many law enforcers are fed up with the lousy pay and conditions we have to put up with. We all banded together and decided to form our own organisation, and work for the highest bidder; makes life so much fairer that way as well.”

I was flabbergasted, Ben was a traitor yet the way he told it you would think he was a hero of the people. I had no time to dwell on that however, as I was directly behind Ben, hiding behind a pillar.

I stepped out, and pointed the gun directly at Ben’s back; my hands shook slightly, as I tried to hold the gun steady.

“Drop the gun,” I ordered.

Ben whirled around, firing his gun in blind panic. I dodged the bullet, rolled, came up on one knee and fired off a round. The bullets hit their mark, Ben dropped to his knees; he was holding his chest, blood seeped through his fingers and dropped onto the floor. He fell, face first onto the hard stone floor of the building. He was dead before he hit the floor.

I walked over to him and looking down, there was no compassion in my eyes for the man who had betrayed Helen and so many others, all I felt was hatred and contempt. A corrupt Cop was the worst sort of criminals in my book. When we took the oath, that oath meant something-to protect the public, it was that simple. The men and women who put their lives on the line and abide by the oath were the ones being betrayed by their own people here. The thought of it made me sick to my stomach.

I looked down at my arm, and saw the blood had stopped. It hurt a bit, but after a quick check, decided to sort it out later. The bullet had just scratched the surface of the skin. I bent down and retrieved my handbag from the dusty floor, opened it, and took out a handkerchief. This would have to do for now, I thought, as I made a bandage out of it, and tied it around my wound.         

The search through Ben’s pockets resulted in the location to the keys to his car, which was still parked outside. I walked to the car, and leaned in for the radio, I put a call through to the police, told them to get a meat wagon here as fast as they could, and there had been another shooting.

I got in the car and gunned it into action. The police would be here in a minute and I didn’t have the time to wait around and answer a lot of questions. There was one more person on my hit list The Boss. He was the one I really wanted to nail to the wall. He was Helen’s boss, and in my opinion, the worst traitor of them all.                   

Chapter 20
The shoot-out

By dmt1967

I pulled up outside headquarters, parked the car, and walked into the building. The receptionist looked up from her desk and smiled. The smile soon dropped when she saw the sight of me, well there was blood on my clothes, sweat poured off me, and dust covered my whole body.

 I walked to the desk hard. My arm had started to hurt from the bullet wound, and there was a pain all down my left side.

“Can I see The Boss, please?”

I smiled.

She looked at me for a minute, the wheels turning in her head. She didn’t remember who I was, awkward.

“Is he expecting you?” the receptionist asked, looking at me with a distasteful look in her eyes.

“No,” I replied in my most benign voice, “but I was here yesterday.”

She looked at me, puzzled, wondering if I was telling the truth, then her face suddenly cleared.

“Certainly, Miss Cooper,” she said with a smile; let me inform him that you are here.”

“There’s no need for that, you can just buzz me in,” I muttered.

She reached under the table and pressed a button. The door opened, I walked through the door, and glanced at the receptionist; she was picking up the phone. There goes my element of surprise. My mind was focused on one thing now;

The Boss. Whatever the cost and safety to me, he was going to pay for the way he betrayed Helen, and bringing about her demise.

I walked up the flight of stairs and entered the department where the team was situated; I put my hand in my pocket and felt the cold, hard, metal in my hand. It was lucky that I was wearing my big double breasted jacket today. It was relatively easy to pull my gun out of my pocket and hide it under the big flappy jacket. The only thing pointing out was the tip of the barrel, but unless people looked closely, they couldn’t even see that. I felt a lot better with the gun in my hand as I walked to the office. I opened the door quietly, stepped in, and closed the door, just as quietly.

There was no one sat at the desk, I was just about to turn around, when I heard his cold voice in my ear and I felt the point of a gun in the groove of my back.

 “Hello Jet,” The Boss whispered, “give me the gun like a good girl and turns around real slow. I will shoot if I have to but I really don’t want to kill you in my office, I’ve just had this rug cleaned.”

There was nothing I could do but comply; he had the drop on me. How stupid you can get girl, I thought. It was obvious the receptionist phoned through, and warned him- yet you still walked in.

“So what now?” I asked, trying to think of some way to turn the tables.

“We are going for a little drive.”

He waved the gun in the direction of the door.

 “Move,” he commanded. “Don’t yell or do anything stupid.”

I moved towards the door. The Boss was right behind me, the gun hidden in his jacket pocket. I could have made a run for it, but there were so many people around, I didn’t want anyone else to die on my account. The Boss was not averse to killing his own team, as I had discovered with the murder of Helen and who knows how many others.

We were on the street by this time and walking rapidly to his car. He was walking beside me now, he was so close I could smell his stale breath and bad body odour; I don’t know how I stopped myself being sick.

I had to make my move soon, if we reached the car and got in my only hope of escape would be gone forever, and I might never get another chance.

While we walked a plan was beginning to hatch and by the time we reached the car I had worked it out in my head. It was risky, but it was my only real chance of getting out of this alive.

I was about to make my move, when….

“Drop it,” I heard someone shout from behind us, “or we will fire.”

The Boss turned around quickly to see where the voice had come from. Seeing my opportunity, I pushed into him, sending him flying into a parked car, his gun shot out of his hand. Picking up the gun I dived over a parked car, just in time, as I heard shots fire and The Boss hit the deck. Miraculously they only hit him in the leg, as he pulled out my gun from his pocket, dived behind another parked car and fired back.

He was pinned down but so was the person firing at him. I could see other law enforcement officers also firing but not the person who had started this standoff, he was hidden from view. If I ever got out of this alive, it would be down to them, they had saved my life for sure, and I hoped I would get a chance to thank them.

A sudden thought flashed into my head. Everyone was pinned down, but me. If I could get to the car parked behind The Boss, I could then get the drop on him and hopefully bring this shootout to an end.
I crouched down, made my way cautiously around the car, and tried not to make a noise, but I needn’t have worried. The Boss was too busy to wonder where I was.

When I got directly behind him, I stood up slightly, making sure I was protected from the bullets, the last thing I wanted was a stray bullet hitting me.

“Drop it,” I yelled, pointing the gun at him.

The boss stood up and shot in my direction, I dived for the ground and stayed there, waiting for him to shoot me dead.

When nothing happened, I ventured to look up. The Boss was lying face down in the dirt, pools of blood on the ground next to him and riddled with bullet holes all over his body.

I crawled my way across to the body, and looked down. I felt no sorrow or remorse for this guy lying on the ground, dead.

The only thing I could think of was Helen. Helen had trusted these guys. Her own team had gotten her killed. They might not have pulled the trigger, but they hadn’t stopped her from getting killed either. This man, her leader was every bit as guilty of her murder as the person who slit her throat.

“That’s for Helen,” I spat with utter contempt.

Standing up, I threw my gun over the car, it landed with a clatter on the ground,

“Don’t shoot, I’m coming out.” I yelled.

I stepped out from behind the car, the police moved cautiously towards me. Then all commotion broke loose, they handcuffed me, Went and checked on The Boss, and surrounded me in a circle.

“Release her at once, “a command came directly behind them.

They all turned, I couldn’t see who was talking as there were too many bodies in the way. I recognized the voice though; it was the first shooter, the one that had most probably saved my life.

“WHO MADE YOU BOSS,” the chief boomed.

The man, who I still couldn’t see, must have shown the chief his credentials.

“You heard the man,” the chief said in a change of voice. “Release her and snap to it.”

The chief took the handcuffs off me and walked over to The Bosses body, his offices following suit.

I rubbed my wrists.  My arm had started to hurt from the bullet wound.

“Hi Jet, how is your arm,” the man said in a jovial voice.

“It’s ok.”

The man must have called someone over, because next thing I knew there were a couple of hospital staff with bandages.

They quickly fixed my arm, and then dispersed.

I looked in the direction of the voice, and gasped in shock. There, stood directly in front of me was the blind man, but he didn’t have his dog and he defiantly wasn’t blind.

“There’s a coffee shop across the road,” he said, taking my good arm. “Let’s go and have a coffee and I will explain everything, promise.”

With that he gently steered me across the road and into the coffee shop, sat me down, and went to get the coffees

Chapter 21
The story and nothing but...

By dmt1967

He came back with two cups of coffee, and put one in front of me.

“I didn’t know how you liked it”

He smiled at me.

I didn’t care, it was wet and hot, and that was how I liked it at this moment in time. I sipped my coffee, and stared at him in bewilderment. Who was he? Why was he following me? He must be someone very important to make the chief of police obey his commands.

He sat opposite me, looked me in the eye, and smiled. When I didn’t say anything, he sighed.

“You must want to know what all this is about. So where do you want me to start?” He asked, looking expectantly at me.

“Who are you? What are you? What was Helen? Why did she die?”

When I stopped to catch my breath and before I had a chance to ask him anything else, he put up his hands in protest, and laughed.

“Stop, I will answer all your questions, but first I want to ask you one. How much do you know?”

“Not much,” I pondered, “I know Helen wasn’t shot by her team. I think they were all traitors, and I know this is big. Much bigger than this team. It involves law enforcement agencies all over the country. That’s all I know.”

“Well then, I think I’d better answer your questions and start at the beginning. My name is Bud and I am the director of a task force called Elate. We deal with traitors to our country. We answer to someone higher than the president of the United States and Helen was one of us.” He paused then and took a sip of coffee.”

I was speechless; Helen was a super spy, who would have thought it?

“Go on.” I whispered, enthralled.

“We found out that this organization had a traitor in it, Helen went in undercover as part of the team to flush him out. We found out then it was a lot bigger than we thought. Helen found out who the ultimate Boss of the traitors was, but before she could tell me, she was killed. Before she was killed, she sent me a coded message saying if anything happened to her I could trust you to take her place and finish what we started. She thought the world of you, Jet.” He paused.

I took a sip of my coffee, it was cold by now, but I didn’t care. Helen still thought so much of me; after all I had put her through. I felt the tears at the back of my eyes. I blinked them away, wanting to hear the rest of the story. Bud saw how upset this had made me and went to get up to comfort me, but I stopped him before he could.

“Go on, please.” I muttered. “I’m ok.”

He sat back down, patted my hand awkwardly, and then continued the story.

“Helen told me to keep you safe, so Henry and I started keeping tabs on you and the team. Henry is my dog by the way, he is also the finest police dog ever but I could be biased.”  He laughed.

I smiled politely, and wished he’d just get on with the story.

“I saw the van; there was someone under it while Mary was in it. Mary wasn’t a traitor by the way, thought you might like to know that.”

I hadn’t known Mary at all but for some reason I was glad, maybe the thought of her betraying Helen as they were both women was a little hard for me to take.

“Before I could do anything however, you had come out and driven off. I followed the van and saw it crash, saw you pull everybody to safety. Jason climbed out to go get help like he said. He wasn’t a traitor either by the way.”

“Then, why did he run?” I asked, looking puzzled.

“I’m getting to that,” Bud explained in a kind and gentle voice.

“I followed you to their headquarters and to the hangar. I saw you go off in a helicopter and that’s where you were on your own for a time. I didn’t know where they had taken you. I asked around and found out about the informant’s daughter. I hired a helicopter and flew to Hollywood. I got there just as the informant died. I saw you take the diary and you and Ben drive off.” He stopped there and sighed.

“Go on,” I shouted, excitement getting the better of me, “What happened next.”

“I need another coffee. Do you want one?” he muttered, getting up and stretching.

I just shook my head. This guy was annoying. I didn’t want a coffee. I wanted to hear the rest of his story.

He got up, and glanced at his watch.

“No time for coffee, we got to go,” he exclaimed.

Go? Go where?

He paid for the coffee, and headed out of the door.

“Come on, I will tell you the rest of the story in the car.”

I sighed, opened the door, and followed him out.  

Chapter 22
Is this the end

By dmt1967

Bud marched briskly to a parked black sedan; I had to run to keep up with him.

The car seemed familiar, a memory pricked my brain, and it tried to push itself into my tired and confused mind but couldn’t quite get there. Bud must have seen the puzzled look on my face as he smiled at me while unlocked the car.

“Yes,” he said as he held the door open for me, “it was me following you the day you caught your flight.”

At least that was another bit of the puzzle that was explained

Bud pulled into the early morning traffic with ease, and started to tell the story again.

“I got to the hangar but the shoot-out had finished. I saw just the end of it. Tel would have shot you if Jason hadn’t shot him first.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“I think you worked that one out for yourself though. Helen was right about you, you’re good.”

Helen thought I was good
. The tears welled up in my eyes again but I fought to control my emotions.  I wanted to hear the rest of the story. When I didn’t say anything Bud continued.

“I saw Jason take off and Ben going out to phone The Boss. I followed Ben and crept as close as I could. I couldn’t hear all of the conversation but the bit I did hear was Ben being told you must die. Knowing you were in danger, I kept a closer eye on you than ever.”

Bud glanced over his shoulder as he over took a car.

“When Ben and you took off in his car, I followed at a safe distance but I think Ben spotted me as he seemed to speed up a little. I lost you at the junction. I frantically searched the streets for the car and finally spotted it outside a derelict building.
Pulling up next to the building I saw you jump into the car and drive off.”

He looked in his mirror, did he think we were being followed.

“Being in two minds, should I follow you or see where Ben was, I sat in the car a minute thinking, I saw the police arrive with the coroner, and surmised that Ben was dead and you were going after The Boss. I phoned for back up and drove to the premises of the team, just in time to see The Boss walking beside you to his car. I figured he had a gun and you were not going along for the ride so I crept behind that pillar and, well you know the rest.”

I nodded. What a story. At least most of my questions had been answered. Most, but not all; who killed Helen? I still didn’t know the answer to that one, I wasn’t even close to finding out. All I had been through, and I still didn’t know the answer to the most important question on my mind- it was so frustrating.

Bud pulled up to a big building and parked the car directly outside it. He turned to me, an intent look in his eye.

“Helen trusted you and I do too. There are still traitors out there. We’ve only scraped the surface with the team. The organization is very large; we don’t know who we can count on anymore. I want you to join in the fight; the law enforcers took an oath to serve the public. The ones that don’t care about that oath are betraying the ones that do. They must be stopped at all costs. We can stop them, Jet, you and me, working together, if you join me in this. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help you find out who killed Helen and bring them to justice.”

Bud got out of the car, walked around to my door and opened it for me.

“What do you say?” he asked as he extended his arm to help me out.

I looked up at him, standing there, waiting for my answer and sighed.

“The answer’s yes,” I replied taking his hand so he could help me out of the car.

He beamed at me as we walked up the steps to the building and my new life. The only thing on my mind was my promise to Helen, to complete her mission, and in the process bring her killer to justice.


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