"Bewitching Halloween"

Chapter 1

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #1-298-B-C

Drac, darlin', come in,
     where've you been?
Wasn't it last Halloween
     since you were seen?
And with good reason,
     it's your busy season.
Holiday hype,
     bats, gore, bodies ripe.
Say... you look real fine,
      dressed to the nines.
Slicked back hair,
      riveting stare.
Well, don't just stand there,
     take a chair.
You're a bit high strung,
     but the night is young.
Relax my fine Drac,
     you've got the knack.
Slay me with your Slav accent,
     you sexy gent.
I like your style,
     smile, stay a while.
Drop your cape,
     have a bit of the grape.
Perhaps rich red?
      or plasma instead?
It'll warm your cold heart,
     once the loving starts.
Don't be bourgeois,
    slip into my boudoir.
Count me in,
     for a night of sin.
Intense dark eyes,
      warn of my demise.
But what the heck,
     I'll expose my neck
Besides, I'm smitten,
     ripe to be bitten.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 15, 2015
Repost October 31, 2018
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes This poem is one of my all-time favorites, so I'm re-posting it. Thank you for reading.

The original movie Dracula, Bela Lugosi, actually born in Transylvania in 1882. He couldn't break out of typecasting as Drac. In the 1930's and 1940's he was a prominent actor in the horror genre and has a star on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame." He was buried in his costume at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, CA.

Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 2
Now and Always

By BeasPeas

I'm a witch,
now and always will be.
Wouldn't switch,
it's in my ancestry.

Take my cue,
attempt to mess with me,
get your due.
Try it and you will see.

Mix a brew,
cast a sorcerer's spell.
I'll find you,
no matter where you dwell.

I'm around,
all seasons in between,
safe and sound,
not just on Halloween.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 23, 2015


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Syllables 3-6-3-6
Image: Vintage art.

Chapter 3
Witchy Changeling

By BeasPeas

Witchy red-haired changeling, living rightly good,
snuggles her black cat as sweetly as she should.
But come Halloween, she dons her pointy hood.

She descends cellar stairs, looking for her broom,
then renders a tune-up by dim candle's gloom,
clears dusty cobwebs where salamanders loom.

Ancient chants she cackles, down through the ages,
crooked finger turns ancestral tome's pages.
Beauty's gone now while transformation rages.

She fires up the cauldron, bubbling boiled potion.
Dancing crone cavorts, wantonly in motion.
Foul writhing spirits join the fierce commotion.

Ghouls, ghosts, and goblins create mayhem and pain.
The witches and warlocks frolic unrestrained.
With darkness as their cover, chaos does reign,
and all that's good and holy must be constrained.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 8, 2016

Author Notes Another witchy poem. Ever wonder what a witch does for the other eleven months of the year? Maybe she lives a normal life next door, but as Halloween nears--she changes. Thanks to Ellen (barkingdog) for the encouragement and thank you for reading my poetry.
Syllables: 11

Artwork: Alberto Vargas, illustration - "Halloween Girl"

Chapter 4
Fashionista Witches

By BeasPeas

Down in the valley, like everybody else,
fashionista witches buy frocks, chains and belts.
Try on pointy pumps and trendy werewolf pelts,
then share a scrumptious lunch of toad-taco melts.

They shop till they drop, try out a new straw broom,
take it for a zoom, fly high across the room.
A few fermented newt brews late afternoon,
after a catnap, they wake to jump the moon.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 12, 2016


Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
Syllables: 11
Image: Thank you bing.

Chapter 5
Forever in Shadow

By BeasPeas

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

Warning ~ A dark Halloween poem

This is the broken man I married.
He's mine, but he walks with slow pace.
With a mortal woman he tarried,
fueling my rage to vengeful embrace.

They dallied alone in the meadow.
Through black magic I acted in haste.
Now he'll walk forever in shadow,
since I obliterated his face.

He needs not a lantern to travel,
although he carries one all the same.
Let his tormented mind unravel,
accursed treachery taking the blame.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 15, 2016


Author Notes Hmmm! Witches don't seem to have much of a sense of humor, do they? They don't take slights well, especially betrayal by their spouse.

My Halloween poems will be included in my own book and this one WAS going to be my contribution to Dean's Halloween book as well. However, I didn't follow instructions correctly and will have to contribute another poem to the multi-authored book.

Image: bing/male witch

Chapter 6
Riding The Straw Broom

By BeasPeas

She's a witchy womanly wonder
with potions to unlock barred blocked doors.
She'll pledge bright skies to stop the thunder,
if you pay for all your heart implores.

But can you afford to put asunder
the woes, the ills your enemies spore?
What price for spells to spoil and plunder,
causing grief to those that you deplore?

If you say yea!
Soon you'll re-knock at her door
to hex again, level a new score.

If you say nay!
Then over the moon she'll soar,
riding the straw broom, to be seen no more.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 19, 2016

Author Notes Using a witch's service of spell-making may be addictive. Can you stop at one?
Once you employ your neighborhood witch, do you go back for another and another? Hmmm!

Thank you for reading my poetry
Image: bing/vintagewitchhdwallpapers

Chapter 7
Killer Jack-O-Lanterns

By BeasPeas

Once upon a vine, innocent pumpkins grew
Harvest pickers came and ripped them all askew

Kids scooped innards, pumpkins' tender pulp did hew
Sharp knives gouged eyes, sinister carved smiles they drew

Wicked kids--take heed from hapless flesh you slew
Killer jack-o-lanterns will now come for you

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 22, 2016
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes Chapter 7 in my book 'Bewitching Halloween.' Thank you for reading my poetry. I made some changes so if you have read this one already, no need to re-review this one.

Chapter 8
The Witch Time Forgot

By BeasPeas


You'll notice I've swept my cottage neat.
Let no stranger find a cobwebbed spot.
There'll be no grace for lies or deceit,
for I know your each and every plot.
Feet firmly planted, there's no retreat.
I am old, the witch that time forgot.

You'll enter to find me in my lair,
among my familiars; mumbling spells.
Candlelight flickers in room threadbare,
where bitter winds blow and darkness dwells.
Here I'll remain in my rocking chair,
then fly away when your death bell knells.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 23, 2016
Bewitching Halloween

Author Notes Thank you for reading my poetry.
familiars - witchy companion spirits
knells - rings/tolls
Syllables: 9
Image: bing/fanpop

Chapter 9
Three Times Witchy

By BeasPeas


In the worst of spirits, being bitchy,
I'm here with my sisters, three times witchy.
Right on the verge, we're a wee bit twitchy,
cooked up a cauldron of pine-tar pitchy.

The brew went fine, but for one small glitchy.
Now frocks we're wearing are scratchy, itchy.
But don't look now for there's one small hitchy,
we stripped naked, took off every stitchy.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 25, 2016
'Bewitching Halloween'

Author Notes These three witchy sisters cooked up a stew, made a mistake and ruined the brew. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Syllables: 10
Image: bing/UK coloring book

Chapter 10
Cat With No Name

By BeasPeas

Mesmerized by the candle,
black cat stares into the flame.
He goes by the witch's handle,
familiar -- cat with no name.

He purrs when his mistress calls,
weaves in and around her legs.
He's alert as nighttime falls,
when ghosts writhe in smoky threads.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 27, 2016
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes A poem for my book, "Bewitching Halloween." Thank you for reading my poetry.
familiar - an animal spirit guide, in some cultures called a totem.

Chapter 11
Snapple and Snickers

By BeasPeas

Ripe for the dunkin',
crisp orchard apples,
harvest from the land,
crushed into Snapple
or sliced, diced and canned.

Sweet pulpy punkins,
happy in a patch.
Along came pickers,
punkins cut down, snatched,
to store your Snickers.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 29, 2016
'Bewitching Halloween'

Author Notes Kids do like to store their Halloween treats inside jack-o-lanterns--at least my grandsons do.

Punkins (I do know the proper spelling of pumpkins) for jack-o-lanterns, apples to bob - collateral damage in a human's Happy Halloween. (Disclaimer: No fruits were harmed in the composition of this poem.)
Thank you for reading my poetry.

Syllables: 5
Image: bing

Chapter 12
Witchy Jewel

By BeasPeas


This is my cat, Jewel,
the blackest of witches.
She's not an idle fool.
Pray when her tail switches.

Save for a holy few,
her magic spells cause strife.
She'll watch all that you do,
in her service for life.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ Halloween 2016
'Bewitching Halloween'

Author Notes This is my Jewel. She is entirely black with golden eyes. I adopted her from a California shelter in 2006. My life hasn't been the same since. She's a witchy honeybun. Thank you for reading my poetry.
Syllables: 6
Image: 'My Jewel' by author.

Chapter 13
Thirty-One Days' Revelry

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #13-298-B-C

To affirm witches' worth,
surrendering to magic's curse,
a new season bursts forth
in the chill of October first.

What will autumn portend,
when warmth is gone from nighttime skies?
Will wicked chills descend,
as daylight flickers in demise?

Clocks fall behind a beat,
rendering eves blackly coolish,
foretelling change from heat
and voices cackingly ghoulish.

Come witches' tour de force
in thirty-one days' revelry,
All Hallows' runs its course
and satisfies foul devilry.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 1, 2017
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes eves ~ evenings
clocks fall behind ~ time change
tour de force ~ powerful
Syllables: 6-8-6-8.
Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: public domain

Chapter 14
Friday the Thirteenth

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #14-298-B

It's Friday the Thirteenth,
I worry what's in store.
Black witches plot and scheme,
no good can come, I'm sure.
To ward off all my foes,
garlic's tacked to each door.
Mirrors hang in windows,
'til Halloween's no more.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 13, 2017
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes It is said that mirrors placed in windows will reflect any evil back to the sender.
Thank you for reading my poetry.
Image: public domain

Chapter 15
Frankie Stein's Boots

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #15-298-B-C

She tossed Frankie Stein's boots out the door,
to quoth Poe's raven, "nevermore."
Love's "finis" between the two.
Drac to her boudoir flew,
morphed from bat to Count,
sampling neck's nape,
vampire's grape.
Drac left.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 24, 2017
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes Thank you for reading.
Image: Movie classic/bing. Bella Lugosi as Dracula.

Chapter 16
Bitter Dregs

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #16-298-B-C

"I'll die before the morn," she said,
while lifting goblet high.
"I've lived too long, soon I'll be dead,"
and wryly smiled goodbye.

"So sip your ale, but save your grief,
of which there's not any.
It appears my passing's a relief,
a view shared by many.

I'd rather die by my own hand,
than hang by gallows' noose.
Hysteria judged I be damned,
God knows that's their excuse."

She touched the poison to her lips,
then swallowed bitter dregs.
"I'll fly to higher realms," she quipped,
and sagged on weakened legs.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 25, 2017
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes My hometown is close to Salem, Massachusetts. From February to May 1692 many men and women townsfolk were charged with witchcraft. During the witch hysteria, twenty were convicted and sentenced to death--fourteen women and six men. Nineteen were hung on Gallows Hill. Giles Corey, 81 years old, was "pressed to death" under a burden of heavy stones. That was called "peine forte et dure." Under the law, this was the penalty for refusing to plead guilty or not guilty. He could not stand trial without making a plea. His reason for refusing to plea ensured that upon his death his property could not be confiscated and his heirs would inherit it. It took Giles two days to die. His wife, Martha, had pleaded innocent but was hung on September 22, 1692.

In Salem, dozens of people were accused. Of those who weren't hung, some were pardoned, some died in jail while waiting trial, and a few escaped.

Witch trials and executions were common from the 1400's through mid 1700's in Europe and England, where most were burned to death, but there were other forms of execution utilized as well. In the colonies of America, those convicted of witchcraft were hung. Salem is a well-known tourist spot and celebrates its history each year on Halloween.
Thank you for reading.
Special thank you to Warren Rodgers and damommy for their suggestions on meter.
Image: bing/Salem witch trials

Chapter 17

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ 17-298-B-C

Magic manifests this time of year,
upon my head to don a witch's hat.
Please don't assume that I'm your cat
for all's not as it seems, my dear.
Safeguard your life; be warned, beware.
Bewitching you, my spell's been cast.
You've dallied long, reprieve has passed.
Merciless eyes of gold ensnare.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 20, 1918
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes My poem was inspired by damommy's (Yvonne) poem, entitled 'A Forest Night.' Her poem is so good, I had to try the quatrain. I don't know if I did it right, but Jewel told me she likes it.

This is my bewitching kitty, Jewel. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 18
October Moon

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #18-298-B

October moon shines fully phased,
alights on fields of farmlands' fallow;
trees unclothed, shiver 'neath autumn's haze.
All Hallows Eve leaves none unscathed.
Ghosts flit beyond graves, cold to marrow,
while sleeting rain muds earth mounds raised.
Dis-ease torments ghouls, unsettled, crazed,
but favors souls meek and callow,
who underground lie peaceful, praised.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 25, 2018
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes callow ~ naive
Thank you for reading.

Chapter 19
Corrupted Ghouls

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #19-298-B

Beyond Heaven's gates of alabaster,
saved souls shed worries and pompous guiles.
There tinkles loving lilting laughter,
with sins forgiven, enjoying smiles.
Pure spirits rest in peace thereafter,
abandoning earthlings' endless trials.

But ~

corrupted ghouls lie ever after
secreted within earth's catacombs,
and on that last day face disaster,
spiraling downward to darker tombs.
Writhing in fear, they'll meet their master.
Salvation doomed, eternity looms.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 29, 2018
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes A rhyming Halloween poem. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 20
Field of Pumpkins

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Bewitching Halloween' ~ #20-298-B-C

Grown in farmer's field of pumpkins,
come mounds of orange-colored orbs.
Picked by hordes of eager munchkins,
they'll choose just one from other gourds.
Once brought home, mom scoops out innards,
grown in farmer's field of pumpkins,
sweetens pulp that's slowly simmered,
ladles custard, filling ramekins.
Kids create their Jack-O-Lanterns,
affix candles to the bases.
Grown in farmer's field of pumpkins,
transforms fruit to monstrous faces.
 Pretentious ghouls, say "trick or treat."
Urban kids and country bumpkins
carry lanterns Halloween week,

grown in farmer's field of pumpkins.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 24, 2019
'Bewitching Halloween'


Author Notes Image: "Harvest Pumpkins." Oil painting by Michael Monaco, mouth painter, a member of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists. I have permission to use.

munchkins ~ kids
ramekin ~ a small round baking dish for individual serving
pumpkin ~ is a fruit

This is a Quatern poem: Syllables 8 per line. Line 1 drops down a line for each stanza. Thank you for reading.

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