"Vignettes of Interesting People"

Chapter 1
Blue Through and Through

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #1-475-B-C

Blue through and through, it's in the air.
Bessie croons bittersweet despair.
Her man is gone, he treats her mean,
lousiest lout she's ever seen.
Whispering bluesy tunes, good memories are few.
Eyes closed, she swoons, she's feeling bad, blue through and through.

Blue memories, some shades of gray,
thrumming bass and saxophone play.
Bessie sings beneath bright spotlights,
of lonesome roads and sultry nights,
hearts won, then lost, while searching for serenities,
of smoldering love, clinging to blue memories.

Blue mood rises; sad lover pleas.
Begs forgiveness, confession frees.
Her man is back, he's had his fling.
Bessie's song is light, glad heart sings.
She belts out jazzy tempo of love's surprises.
Eyes open wide, pride swept aside, blue mood rises.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ February 20, 2016
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes This is a "wrap refrain poem," syllables 8,8,8,8,12,12. Rhyme a,a,b,b,c,c. First four syllables in each stanza are the last four syllables of each stanza.

Bessie Smith (1894-1937) was an American blues singer. Nicknamed "The Empress of the Blues," Bessie was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920's-1930's. She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era, and along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on other jazz vocalists. She was killed in a Mississippi car accident at the age of 43. You can hear Bessie singing on YouTube. Thank you for reading my poetry
Image: Bessie Smith (bing)
Bio: Thank you Wickipedia.

Chapter 2
I'm a Fan of Aunt Bea

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #2-475-B-C

I'm a fan of Aunt Bea.
She reminds me of me.
Bumbling and fumbling,
certainly humbling...
spoiling Andy and Opie
of Mayberry, RFD.

She's the heart of the house,
but doesn't have a spouse.
Bumbling and fumbling,
certainly humbling...
Bea doesn't gossip or grouse,
she's quiet as a mouse.

She scurries with worry,
gets none of the glory.
Bumbling and fumbling,
certainly humbling...
flits around in a flurry,
sweet little old Aunt Bea.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ May 16, 2016
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes Who doesn't love Aunt Bea (also spelled "Bee")? Frances Bavier played the part well, dressed in her cute calico dresses and perky hats, she charmed me--that's for sure. Thank you for reading.

Image: Courtesy of bing.

Chapter 3
Titanic and Unsinkable Molly Brown

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #3-475-B-C

Cold waves devoured the fated Titanic.
A watery grave waited below.
Too few lifeboats on board instilled panic.

But Mrs. Molly Brown, a passenger,
had stuff from which heroes are made,
this lady philanthropist from Denver.

Women and children were loaded first call.
Molly's sheer will kept spirits up.
Steely determination saved them all.

They drifted as far away as they could
to keep from getting sucked under,
but Molly urged they row back as they should.

Insistence finally made victims yield.
Lifeboat No. 6 was rescued
after returning to the debris field.

Captain Rostron took on hundreds alive.
"Unsinkable Molly" gave aid
'til assured someone claimed those who survived.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 15, 2017
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes Molly Brown was a woman of humble beginnings. She worked tirelessly on social issues, was a feminist, suffragette, philanthropist, and became socially prominent in America and Europe. She spoke at least three languages besides English--French, German and Russian. Eventually she ran for Senate but didn't win the election. Her real name was Margaret (Maggie) Brown but was dubbed "Molly" when immortalized in the Broadway play and later the movie entitled, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." She is a true-life heroine of the sinking of the Titanic. In the image she is shown with Captain Arthur Rostron of the Cunard Line who received the Titanic's SOS call.

Molly worked to help survivors, some of which were children who lost their parents, to locate families of lost loved ones and orphans long after the Carpathia (Cunard Line) reached port.
Thank you for reading my poetry.

Image: Molly Brown awarding Captain Arthur Rostron award for his rescue of Titanic's surviving passengers, courtesy of Encyclopedia Titanica.

Chapter 4
women divers of Japan

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #4-475-B-C

beneath roiling waves
women divers of Japan,
harvest lustrous pearls

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ August 23, 2017
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes The AMA (pronounced amah) are "free divers" holding their breath for long periods of time. A bucket is tethered to one ankle in which they place the oysters collected from the sea. It's a dangerous and demanding job, but the women are proud of their tradition. The AMA have been doing it this way for hundreds of years in all types of sea--'roiling' (churning) and otherwise. Thank you for reading.

Image: Toyko Weekender

Chapter 5
The Good Doc

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #5-475-B

Here's to the good doc, a stellar man.
And I'm his patient, an avid fan.
To correct my foot, he had a plan.
When asked to fix it, he said, "I can!"


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 1, 2017
'Vignettes of Interesting People'

Author Notes Many Fanstorians know that I had a foot operation in September. Dr. Martin was recommended to me by a friend who had similar surgery. Doc agreed to let me take his photo and share it with you. He is an exceptionally nice person and a very good doctor. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 6
Storyteller Amanda

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #6-475-B

Amanda, like a cool summer breeze,
welcomed by midday heat of August,
gives gift of fresh air ~ graceful at ease.

Stunningly tall, tells tales that enthrall,
vivacious, costumed like a goddess,
while children gather around in sprawl.

From the depths of her heart to her tongue,
she speaks Mother Goose fables and strums
magical lyre with fingers and thumbs


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ December 6, 2017
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes I met Amanda through her mom. Mom and I are in a tai chi class together. One day last summer, in came this lovely girl, dressed as you see her here. She is 6-1/2 feet tall, a musician and storyteller. She performs at street fairs and public events while playing her lyre. Thank you for reading my poem for Amanda.

Chapter 7
Unique Uribe

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #7-475-B-C

Repurposing the ordinary,
Colombian, Uribe's skill
stretches imagination
altering the mundane
in playful whimsy
fooling the eye.


Author Notes Please note: The artist's last name is 3 syllables and pronounced OU-rE-bay.
Yesterday I visited the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin to view the exhibit of Colombian artist, Frederico Uribe. His whimsical, colorful 3-D art pieces are constructs, made with recycled 'junque' and/or ordinary objects that 'fool the eye' when viewed 'in toto.' The jaguar in the foreground is constructed entirely of spent shell casings. Some of his work is assembled from old tires, athletic shoes, horseshoes, curly phone cords, scissors, coat hangars--there's no end to his imagination. His talent is the subject of my nonet. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 8
She Dances, Belly Bare

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #8-475-B

This lovely lady, smiling sweetly,
Ghawazee steps on the village square.
It's true she's costumed indiscreetly.
Her aim? To ensnare eye-catching stare.
Ghawazee steps on the village square,
each brassy bell on ankles jangles.
Seductively dancing, belly bare,
gauzy bloomers, bright beaded bangles.
It's true she's costumed indiscreetly,
undulating between hips and bust.
Spectators watch enthralled completely,
tension-raptured, upward pelvic thrust.
Her aim? To ensnare eye-catching stare.
Snake arms reach out, tip-toe walks to tease.
She displays seductive savoir faire,

muscles ripple, shimmying to please.


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ August 20, 2019
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes Ghawazee step ~ a belly dance move
Snake arms ~ a belly dance move

Image: Taken by author on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at the Waupaca, WI street fair, called Arts On The Square. It's a week-long event with all sorts of entertainment, poetry reading, jazz, symphony, triathlon, food, arts and crafts and many more interesting things.

This is one of the Shuvani Retreat belly dancers who performed at the fair. I don't know this artist's name. Belly dancing is for all shapes and sizes. Movies have played this traditional art form as 'stereotypically' seductive dance performed for men. It can be that, but it's a joyful practice for women to celebrate themselves, young or old, every size and body shape.

My poem is written in the Retourne form. I've used 9 syllables per line. Drop first stanza lines down by one for each subsequent stanza. The poem does not have to rhyme, but mine does.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter 9
Artist David Nolt~Mouth Painter

By BeasPeas

Author Note:'Vignettes of Interesting People' ~ #9-475-B

Here we see the talent, the drive,
his art comprise;
brought forth from mind
to painting, signed.
Skilled moves direct his willing brush
in purposed hush.
With strokes he takes,
image awakes.
Passion cannot be quelled, you see.
Create, break free.
Embrace, enchant.
Don't say, "I can't."


Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ October 9, 2019
'Vignettes of Interesting People'


Author Notes This is a post, in particular, for our Picture This club members. David Nolt, the artist shown here, is the man whose painting, "Balloon Ride," inspired our poems for October 7th. He is a member of the Foot and Mouth Painters in Atlanta, GA. I've received permission to use his image. Members: Please PM me to let me know if you will allow me to send your Picture This poem to the artist. Thank you for reading.

This is a Minute poem. A traditional Minute poem has three stanzas with a total syllable count of 60. Syllables are distributed 8,4,4,4 for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is aabb, ccdd, eeff.

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