"Prayers for Fanstory Family"

Praying for Fanstory Friends

By lyenochka

In times of need or times of joy
Our hearts are moved to pray
These poet friends their skills employ
And share their souls each day

These days are sad and some despair
But we are closely knit
So let us share and care in prayer
And to our Lord commit

Lately, I’ve read some very heartening calls to prayer like Portia’s “Now’s the Time” ( and Roy recently reminded us about how much we’ve become family in his “Fanstory...A Great Place.” (

As many of us are believers who pray, and as I learn of more concerns to pray for, I thought we could share prayer requests in terms of short stories or poems in this Book. 

Each of our “fans” would be notified when we post something and will be alerted to pray. Please be sensitive to privacy. If you don’t want to share anyone’s name in particular, just write a short story or poem with names you make up.God knows who you are talking about.  In your story/poem or notes, please include something you praise God for, what you’re thankful for and a short description of what you want us to pray about. 

This has been prompted by the new concerns that have cropped up because of the Coronavirus. But so many of you have ongoing health struggles and yet you still write beautifully and encourage us. Bless you!!

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Author Notes Notes:
I have learned from Dolly (and she gave permission to share) that her son-in-law has the virus. So please pray for their whole family for healing and protection and peace for their daughter. Thank you!!

Chapter 1
Hail Mary (with text)

By lyenochka

We are building a chain of 1 million Hail Mary prayers for those suffering from the COVID-19 Coronavirus. I need ten Fanstory friends to each say one Hail Mary and send the word on to 10 of their friends who are not in FanStory.

God Bless You All.

The prayer:

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Author Notes How will I know when we have reached 10? drop me a quick word, then I will edit the post.

Chapter 2
I Am With You

By lyenochka

There is one here with hidden pain,
But writing her heart still.
Coronavirus has attacked,
Her son-in-law now ill.

It pains my heart to hear this news,
I worry from afar.
This poet has become my friend,
A precious help by far.

I think how worried she must be,
Also for those around.
The one with asthma quite a threat,
My prayers will surround.

To place her in the comfort zone,
Is what I want to do.
These are from Jesus words I give,
'I will never leave you.'

Author Notes This is for you Dolly! I pray for your family and for you!

Please add a chapter with your poem or prose for someone in particular or for all Fanstorians.

Chapter 3
My Sister's Burdens

By lyenochka

My sister’s burden I’ll help to bear
By lifting up her cares in prayer
For it’s You alone Who has the power
From You alone all blessings shower

Please heal her son, remove the pain
Breathe in his lungs, give health again
We seek Your mercy in our distress
We trust Your love and faithfulness


Author Notes Notes:
I just read Portia's post about her eldest son who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. ( I join her in prayer for his full healing.

St. Paul in Galatians 6:2 says "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." The word he uses for burden in Greek (baros) has the meaning of a great weight. Three verses later when he tells people to carry their own load he uses a different word (fortion) for the individual weight of our confessions to God.

Let us help to carry each other's burdens that are too heavy to bear alone.

Chapter 4
A Prayer for Us All

By lyenochka

Dear God Almighty, Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe, Jehovah God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Great "I AM," who is "from everlasting to everlasting," we come to You because You are good, holy, kind, patient, merciful and loving. You are "not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." *

Dear Lord God, please hear our prayers for those in the United States and around the world:

We pray for all those who are suffering from Covid-19. We pray that You will protect people from its contagion.

We especially pray for those who are hovering between life and death, that You will provide the grace and healing for them to move firmly back into the land of the living.

We pray for the families and friends of those who are suffering from this disease, that You will keep them strong for their loved ones, and safe.

We pray for those who have lost loved ones to this terrible pandemic, that You would give them powerful comfort and help.

We pray for the first responders and public servants, all the medical and hospital staff, the technicians, and our military in all its branches. We ask that you would give them wisdom, guidance and reassurance so that they will not be overcome by fear.

We pray for those who manufacture medical supplies and equipment, that You would help them to increase the production of what is needed.

We pray for our scientists and doctors, that they will find answers and better ways to heal people.

We pray that You will shine a light on the truth, to help put to rest all falsehood, damaging theories or dangerous ideas about this pandemic.

We pray for our leaders on the national, regional and local levels, and for everyone making decisions during this crisis, that You will give them uncommon wisdom.

We pray for all the non-government organizations and volunteers who are helping.

We pray for those who must work as coroners, medical examiners or morticians during this time.

We pray for those who are separated from their loved ones, especially children who can't be with their parents.

We pray for those who are having a very hard time with the quarantine, the isolation and the loneliness.

We pray for those who are frightened and perhaps behaving in irrational ways.

We pray for a stop to discrimination and hate crimes, which have no place in our world.

We pray for those who have lost jobs, missed important opportunities or suffered tremendous disappointments because of this pandemic.

We pray for those who are working in churches, missions, compassionate ministries and other places of worship and service throughout the world, that You will be their Protector, Lord.

We pray that You will encourage and support all pastors, ministers, and their families, through the faithful, and through your Holy Spirit, so that houses of worship will not need to close their doors when this period of isolation draws to a close.

We pray that all believers will maintain bonds of encouragement and fellowship through whatever safe means of communication are available.

We pray that You would give us the grace to use this time to grow in our relationship with You, and that many others will turn to You. May they hear You calling!

We pray for those who must continue working during this time, especially those who work with the public. We pray for the protection of those using public transportation, especially our transit workers.

We pray for those who are stranded in other places and unable to return home.

We pray for those who are working in jails or prisons, or prisoners themselves during this time.

We lift up to You those who are suffering from economic hardship, that You would provide for them, and that no one would go hungry.

We pray for those around the world without access to food, clean drinking water, sanitation, medical supplies and services or other necessities.

We pray for the children and teenagers who don't fully understand the restrictions placed upon us during these strange times.

We pray for those who have service dogs and other animals who may be confused by the changes in routine, and we also pray that you would give peace and stability to the animals and their handlers.

We pray for those who are in nursing homes or other institutionalized care, that You will keep them safe, and not neglected.

Please comfort those who are not allowed visitors, and make it possible, whenever safe, for patients to have at least a single visitor -- especially those suffering from dementia, mental illness or developmental disorders.

Please make it possible, without compromising safety, for those who are dying to see their families at least one last time. In either case, we ask You to be a "very present comfort" to all who are very sick, on ventilators or dying, and their family members. May they turn to You in faith! If they already know You, may they continue to abide in You with ever-increasing trust.

We pray for those with cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and other medical issues requiring special intervention, that their needs will still be met.

We pray for those who are caught in human trafficking.

We pray for those who are homeless or living in shelters, especially those whose homes have been destroyed by natural disasters.

We pray for all the students who continue to study from home, as they may be facing special difficulties.

We pray for the children and youth who are assigned to special schools or day care because their parents have essential jobs, and for the teachers and workers caring for them, as this arrangement may place them at risk.

We pray for the seniors and elderly people who need help during this time, especially those who live alone.

We pray for children, adults and elderly people with disabilities and special needs who need personal care and services in their homes, that they will not be deprived. We pray for their caregivers and therapists, that they will be able to safely provide their services.

We pray for those who are struggling with alcohol or drug addictions during this time, as they may be at special risk or in danger.

We pray for women in crisis pregnancies during this time. We also ask that you would help those ladies who are close to their due dates, and may be asked to come to their deliveries unaccompanied by a husband or anyone else for support.

We pray for anyone who is in a situation of domestic violence during this time.

We pray for refugees and those being held in immigration detention centers.

We pray that criminals and terrorists would not take advantage of this pandemic and that they would not use it as a time to do evil, but that instead, they would reflect on their need of You, a loving God.

Lord God, You see all of these people and You know all of their needs. We pray that You will act on behalf of all the needy, and for the good of everyone, as only You can.

We give You thanks that You have already been merciful and have answered so many prayers.

We thank You for all those working on the front lines of this pandemic, and for those who have shown generosity and compassion to others in need.

We thank You for Your love, goodness and grace. We give You all the praise, honor and glory!

We pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Author Notes *Scripture references for quoted text: Exodus 3:14, 1 Chronicles 16:36, 2 Peter 3:9.


I hope that people visiting this post will pray in agreement with me, even if you don't take the time to review it (or if you have already reviewed it).

I have added several needs and other items to this prayer list, as they have occurred to me, so if you have visited this post more than once, you may have noticed some changes.

I will continue to promote this for awhile, in the hope of attracting others who will join me in my supplications to Our Loving God.

My original Notes, 4/7/2020:

I wrote this kind of quickly, because I wanted to share it as soon as possible, so if I have left anyone out, or any important situation related to Covid-19, please feel free to let me know, and I will consider including it.

I just lost someone to this awful pandemic. She died last night, and I found out about an hour ago. Her name is Tessie. She is the first person I know personally who has died from it -- I hope there won't be any more. It's very painful. She was a phenomenal, encouraging person of great faith and I know she is at peace. I pray for her family.

I want to give thanks to my Lord Jesus, Our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit for healing my husband and I from Covid-19, which we were blessed to have survived without hospitalization or any medical intervention or complications. I am deeply grateful.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 5

By lyenochka



Generations connect in prayer
Though scattered now across the nations
So far apart but love we share
our parents, kids, these relations
weigh on our hearts. We can’t be there
We fiercely pray from locations
that leave us doubting their welfare
But You Who laid Earth’s foundations, 
Your love protects, their burdens bear
for generations

Author Notes So many of us are missing and worried for our children, grandchildren, and elderly parents.

We are thankful that Dolly's son-in-law is recovered but please pray for quick and full recovery for her daughter who has asthma which makes it extra hard to deal with this virus.
Also, please keep praying for Portia's son who now has pneumonia as he is battling this virus.

We thank God that Mary Kay and her husband have recovered from the virus. Please pray for safety and good care for her mother.

We have writers here whose children are on the front lines as doctors and nurses. Please pray for protection for them - Robyn Corum's daughter, Debbie Pope's daughter, DeboraDyess' daughter and for our fellow Fanstorians who work as nurses.

The focus of the poem was inspired by this verse:
"Generation to generation praiseth Thy works, And Thy mighty acts they declare."
--Young's Literal Translation of Psalm 145:4

Chapter 6
Prayers for Miss Cookie's family

By lyenochka

Miss Cookie Attison's last post made mention of someone in her family being very sick from the Corona virus, among other health issues.
She is in dire need of our love and prayers, as well as her baby sister.
I don't know a lot about it, except what I have just written.
Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
She said she did not know when she would be back on.

May God bless and protect each one on this site and the family members too.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for life and for Your precious son, Jesus who gave His life that we might live. Please give us the strength and wisdom we need during this time. Place people in our life to pray for and help when needed. Please give us the grace to stand and be ready to do Your will. I ask in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Author Notes This is free verse. Thank you for starting this book for us all to add prayers in. May God bless you Helen for your kind and loving heart. love, Teri

Chapter 7

By lyenochka

Almighty and Merciful God,

Recognizing you are, Jehovah-Rapha...
God who heals-  I give you praise.

First, I give thanks for your son Jesus Christ,
who died that all may have eternal life.

I humbly petition you today on behalf
of people all around the world, to touch
heal and deliver us from this pandemic.

I pray that you comfort the hearts of
the many who have lost loved ones
from this virus.

I pray for the first responders who
give of themselves unconditionally.
Dear Lord, keep them safe and in your
loving care.

Touch the minds of our children, especially
the very young, keep them safe from harm
and worries of this world.

Touch leaders all around the world,
that they may come together in unity,
peace and love.

Touch the hearts of believers all over
the world that they may come to your
throne of grace and seek you, as we pray
for one another.

Bless the many here on Fanstory whose
family members have been touched by this
virus. Touch, heal, and deliver... keep them
In your loving care.

All that I asked let it be done
according to your will, that you
may be glorified.

In Jesus' precious name, I pray.


Author Notes Special prayers goes out to Dolly and her family, Miss Cookie and her family and the Fanstorians whose family have been touched. I also send out love and prayer for family members who are first responders.

Chapter 8
Cry in the Night

By lyenochka

“Rise during the night and cry out.
 Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord.”
(Lamentations 2:19 NLT)

Our fervent cries
May they arise
And reach Your ear
Show You are near

Rendered mute by desperation.
You understand
Our wordless petition

Author Notes Picture is from Google Images.

Please pray for healing for Mary Kay Bonafante's husband Jorge who is in the hospital now.
Please read her profile page for more information.

Sapphonic Triad

This form is an invention of our own Cliverde (Carol) and Pantygynt (Jim). It is comprised of a two-line quotation (Free verse but the max total of sixteen syllables - must be concise and memorable) followed by a quatrain, four lines each of four syllables finally an 8-4-6 syllable envoi that moves us on should have a satori feeling.

Chapter 9
Seeking Prayers

By lyenochka

A prayer request has been made known
From Mary Kay, our very own
Lord, let her know, she's not alone
As You hear our prayers and our groans

We lean on you to deliver and heal,
Her husband and mother from their ordeal
We give you honor and the highest praise -
For healing her loved ones with brighter days

We ask that you strengthen Mary Ann too...
Giving her a praiseworthy breakthrough
We touch and agree in Jesus' name
Your grace and mercy we shall proclaim

Author Notes 12 days ago Mary Ann posted the comments below on her profile page, asking for prayers from her Fanstorian family:

Mary Kay Bonfante : Again, I am here, asking prayers from my friends (and anyone else who wants to be a friend).

Yesterday my mother, Kay, called Life Alert and the paramedics took her to the hospital for a personal issue requiring attention. While she was there, they tested her for Covid-19, and to her shock and dismay (and mine), the result was positive.

Just over a week ago, she received a negative test result from the Covid-19 community testing they ran in her building. She has no clear Coronavirus symptoms, with the exception of very mild pneumonia that just showed up on a CT scan (which was revealed accidentally, as the CT scan was abdominal) and this was all completely unexpected.

My Mom is 83 and mostly confined to her bed, with severe pain and immobility brought on by age-related spinal deformities.

I am praying that this virus will not take hold of her, because she is at great risk. The doctors prescribed some medications, but she will have to check with her personal physician to find out which ones she can tolerate.

Kindly remember her in your prayers! I thank you, with all my heart.

A few days ago, her mother went into A-fib and almost died. Her husband is in the hospital as well. Mary is going through a difficult time right now, let us lift her up in prayer.

Chapter 10
Praying for Yvonne

By lyenochka

My friend’s great loss shakes up my soul
I tell the Lord how it’s not fair
She’s suffered much in life’s great toll
This loss of child’s too much to bear

I think of Job’s imperfect friends
Who first kept silence at his pain
For only God can spirits mend
As well worn words no peace obtain

In silence, I will offer prayers
For comfort and support each day
Through souls who will her sorrow share
For God our tears will wipe away


Author Notes "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." (Revelation 21:4)

Jannypan let me know today about the sudden passing of Yvonne's son. Please pray for Yvonne (damommy) and her family during this difficult time.

Chapter 11
My Precious Son

By lyenochka

Author Note: ~ My Precious Son ~ Dedicated to Yvonne and Her Son ~ God Bless Both ~

My precious son, a gift from God,
I look at you and feel so awed ~
in life so large with no facade.
You walk among where angels've trod.

In sacred silence, Angels came,
my life will never be the same.
I miss your laugh and call your name,
my love for you I will proclaim.

I know that we will meet again,
although what time, I can't say when.
We'll praise our Lord, then say, "Amen,"
forget the length of time it's been.

My faith, I know, will never flee
as God will hear my heartfelt plea.
I'll pray to Him on bended knee,
with His deep love, my heart's set free.


Author Notes Google image

Chapter 12
Fleeting is the Night

By lyenochka

The hall clock was nearing midnight;
my heart... leaping with joys,
ecstatic with the thought of her,
a girl among the boys.

Then, shivers and fears engulfed me.
A babe with no life breath?
I thought I would die from sheer grief,
prostrate, mourning her death.

Today, a friend has lost her son,
struck down during his prime.
A hard truth has come upon her
with the passage of time.

The only comfort I offer--
Christ--the Eternal One.
In Him--death has no victory,
sorrows He'll overcome.

The fleeting night shall pass away,
the sun will shine again;
in your heart for eternity,
on this you can depend.

Author Notes My poem is for our dear Yvonne, and for anyone who has lost a child.

I speak here of my greatest loss, my granddaughter, Esther Grace in 2013. A woman in my church pulled me aside, telling me sun would shine again. She also shared that she believed there was another granddaughter in the future for me. A year later, my precious Sophia arrived.

God is near to the broken hearted. He really is. Praying for you today , dear Yvonne, and for your family. Your loss is our loss here at FanStory.
Sal XOs....xo....

Chapter 13
God is Near

By lyenochka

Although I did not know her well,
Fanstory members tell her tale.
I only know her sweet replies
would often mist my thankful eyes.
It's now my turn to offer aid
because with poets, friends are made.

Yvonne and family, I am here
to tell you all that God is near.
I don't know what you're going through,
but I know who our prayers go to.
So with that said, and hugs all around,
for you my knees will hit the ground.

Dear Lord, I ask you for my friend
Stay by her side 'til suffering ends.
Give her mem'ries that will make
her pain a bit less of an ache.
Let her family feel the peace that
comes from you, our needs to meet.

Thank you, Lord, for answered prayer.
I know that you're already there,
You're comforting the sorrowed ones
who count their blessings in a son.
His passing takes a toll on them
so thanks for all you do, Amen.

Just one more thing before I go.
I hope that you will let them know.
That even when tears fill the eye,
Hope is found up in your sky.
I can think of no more rhymes,
so please just hold her all the time.

Love you, Yvonne!

Author Notes I love my Fanstory family. It is so encouraging to see and feel the love given back and forth among the members:)

Chapter 14
The Gift of Love

By lyenochka

The flowers have lost their splendor,

The moon its glow.

But leaves in autumn will render

Our memories soft and tender.

Because that’s Heaven’s way to show

That brighter light is up above.

It’s then we’ll learn to trust and know

The gift of love

Will overflow.


Author Notes The image is from Google.

Chapter 15

By lyenochka

A gloom has setttled
on a day once bright with light.
Now only dark clouds prevail~
yet~ sweet memories intrude,
bringing new hope where there was none before.

Author Notes I know, Yvonne. This is inadequate. My thoughts are with you.

Chapter 17
For Yvonne

By lyenochka

My Prayer for Yvonne

When soft, warm breezes feather-touch your face,
When dew drops mist to leave a kiss so sweet,
When grey clouds lift to show a brighter place,
You'll sense him there, as sure as your heart beats.

When searching through unanswered mysteries,
And sad thoughts are creating moistened eyes,
Though gone, he's gifted you sweet memories,
That one day will provide a bright sunrise.

But through your grief, God holds you in His hands,
'Why him, not me?' He's heard those questions, too.
He knows you're angry, this He understands.
We are mere mortals, faith will see us through.

One day, you'll be together once again;
till then my prayers, I hope, will ease your pain.

Author Notes My sincere thanks to Pam Spice and Helen - lyenochka - who both added pumps to this poem, that was so very kind of you. Bless your hearts. xxx

Chapter 18
At This Time

By lyenochka

Gently swirls the evening breeze
caressing over tear-soaked skin,
Softly warms the fading sunshine
reminding light will rise again…
‘Tis simple things throughout the day –
not crowds or friends, though they mean well –
a stark familiarity
that resonates through every cell…
Nobody knows except the One –
Who breathes the breeze and lights the sun –
the true depth of your heart’s despair
or how your world has come undone
So find your solace in each hour –
those common steps your being knows –
let mem’ries come as they see fit:
unbidden . . . fresh . . . as winter’s snow…
And with each one, laugh hard, cry harder –
grant all a place in mama’s heart –
but know those times when nothing works
it’s damned okay to fall apart.


Author Notes Know you're in my prayers, Yvonne.

Image from Google Images.

Chapter 19
Prayers for Our Beautiful Yvonne

By lyenochka

~           ~           ~           ~           ~


We pray for Yvonne,


We pray for Your comfort and solace upon her mind, will, emotions, heart, soul and entire body,

In this, her time of greatest need and distress.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?"1

Oh, Holy Spirit, Mighty Wind, Gentle Dove, Fire in Our Hearts, Comforter of Our Souls, I don't know what other family members fill Yvonne's world, or what friends now grace her company.

But we ask,


That you, the Paraclete, would "come beside her" and be her best friend in Heaven and on Earth, to touch, to heal, to comfort, to strengthen her, both now, when her pain is most cruel, and in the days to come. We ask that Your grace and comfort would extend to each of those who feel grief at the loss of this young man.

"And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever -- the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you."2

Oh Lord, Almighty God, I don't know Yvonne very well, except by her kind reviews, her sweet poetry, her love of animals and her good reputation, and now, by this tragic loss that has blindsided her with unimaginable grief.

But You, Lord, know everything about her:

"O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know my sitting down and my rising up;
You understand my thought afar off.
You comprehend my path and my lying down,
And are acquainted with all my ways.
For there is not a word on my tongue,
But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether."3

And so we pray,
That You would comfort and encourage Yvonne as no one else can. We ask that the people around her would have the right words of comfort for Yvonne. We ask that each of Yvonne's companions would be able to do tasks that she cannot, during this time of great shock and desolation.

Oh Dear God, Creator of the Universe and of All Mankind, All Knowing and All Loving,

I don't know the circumstances of how Yvonne lost her dear and precious son, but we know that You gave Your Only Begotten Son that we might have eternal life by believing in Him! And on that day the burden of sin He carried for us was so heavy, that You had to turn Your head away. The earth shook, darkness fell, and thunder rumbled in the sky!

"Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool bent on folly."4

Yes, the Bible speaks of animals who know grief and rage when their young are taken, and scientists tell us that even the elephants mourn their dead. For so You created them with emotions, Heavenly Father, and so You created us.

You even created us, especially in Your Own image! Lord God, you created us with deep emotions. You created mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, and You know, better than anyone else, how very difficult the loss of a son is to withstand.

You warned Mary, your chosen servant who bore Jesus, of the grief that would come upon her, later in life. Even when her young child was a babe, it was said by the prophet Simeon, "And a sword will pierce your own soul too."5, 6

Oh, Lord, Our Jehovah Rapha, Our Healer God, it's the sword of grief -- so sharp, so painful! Heal your daughter, Yvonne, we pray, IN THE MERCIFUL NAME OF JESUS!

May Yvonne go on to live a beautiful life in the years to come, with the passage of time, as we believe her loving son would want her to do.

"The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace."7


Author Notes 1 - John 14:1-2 NIV
2 - John 14:16-17 NIV
3 - Psalms 139:1-4 NKJV
4 - Proverbs 17:12 NIV
5 - Then Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother: "This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own soul too."
Luke 2:34-35 NIV
6 - I remember when my brother John died in 2005, and it was only my husband and I at the scene, from my family; the others were out of state. Telling my mother on the phone was the worst thing I ever had to do. I told my aunt, "He's gone!" because I couldn't yet bring myself to say the word, "dead." It was unquestionably the worst day of my life. John was less than two weeks shy of his 45th birthday.
And my aunt (Mom's only sister), also not wanting to believe the calamity, answered, "What do you mean, he's gone? He went somewhere?"
Even though my brother died peacefully, in his sleep (although there were some unanswered questions that troubled us, which may never be resolved) it was a tragedy that was very difficult to overcome, especially for my mother and for me. I could see how my mother was suffering, even more than I did. We eventually came to a point of some kind of acceptance, but I know the pain of loss, particularly for a mother.
7 - Numbers 6:24-26 NKJV

Chapter 21
Faith and Sorrow

By lyenochka

No one can know the pain within
where it can spin,
deep under skin,
and hurt.
As grief
and tears
from many prayers
are filled with fears;
let faith begin, to soon divert.


Author Notes Our prayers are with Yvonne.

The Novenary Reel

Introducing a new form of poetry to play with here called (The Novenary Reel). A short poem made up of nine lines. The trick is to keep the shape of the bobbin reel using appropriate words. The first four lines describe the problem or subject and the last five lines, the solution or conclusion. Written in iambic meter, 8,4,4,2,2,2,4,4,8. The rhyme scheme is below:

x x x x x x x a
x x x a
x x x a
x b
x c
x d
x x x d
x x x d
x x x x x x x b

Chapter 23
For Now He Rests

By lyenochka

Condolences are all I have to offer at such news.
My heart is broken for you, friend - we share so many views,
and sorrow, too, for loss like this all mothers understand...
Take comfort in the certainty he's cradled by God's hand.

Author Notes I am so very sorry for your loss, Yvonne.

"The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." Psalm 18:2

Chapter 24
Keep on Praying

By lyenochka

For those you know are suff’ring pain
Don’t let faith wane though answer’s mute
Dismay can dwindle holy gain
The cross of Christ one can’t dispute

Though many loved ones suffer loss
Remember Christ won with the cross


Author Notes Notes:
Some of you know Portia (pharp). She has serious health issues and so have her husband and son. I have not heard from her for a couple of months

The Peppered Pickle is a poetic form created by Dolly with a rhyme scheme as below. The modification is that this poem uses pentameter not tetrameter lines.
x x x x x x x b
x x x b x x x c
x a x x x x x b
x x x x x x x c

x x x x x x x d
x x x x x x x d

Chapter 25
For Jannypan: In Memory of Tim

By lyenochka

You kept a living vigil by his bed,
Seldom had any sister loved so well.
Though we sought God to grant that last reprieve,
His time had come; God took him home, away.
Why such things happen, mortals cannot say;
'Tis ours to only keep the faith; believe!
We know your grief's beyond your pow'r to tell;
Yet God has counted every tear you've shed.

Author Notes I admire and respect your work very much, dear Jan, even though I don't know you personally, very well; and I have learned what you have been through with the recent loss of your precious brother, Tim.

We as your friends and fellow writers on FanStory have been very moved by the story of you and your brother -- those of us who have heard it. We know that he had an aggressive form of brain cancer, and that you stayed by his bedside for a long time, as his caregiver. During that time, when it was quiet and uneventful, you frequently filled the time writing your poetry, even though you couldn't often review or reply. I know that you may still be limited in your activities on FanStory, because you are still grieving, and I am sure that everyone understands that.

You have expressed that Tim had faith in the Lord Jesus, which he lived out in his actions -- he showed his love through the way he lived. You can look forward to seeing him again someday! I know that when we lose someone we love so deeply, this can seem like a very long time. But I also know that you loved him unselfishly, and that you are relieved that he is free from his suffering. I don't know how conscious he was during his last days, but how could he not feel loved, with you by his side?

As I'm sure you know, there are those of us who prayed for you and your brother during those last days, and we continue to pray for you and your family now.

Because you are such a prolific and accomplished poet, I've created what I think might be a new form, in your brother's memory:

Lake's Reflection (for Jan's brother Tim)

The meter should be consistent (same number of syllables per line). The poem can be lengthened by repeating the pattern again, as many times as necessary. New rhymes can be used with each stanza (each set of 8 lines).

Jan, if you think this description of my poetic form can be improved (or likewise, if I have erred in any biographical information), please let me know, so I can tweak it. I've never done this before!

Please note that this work, when promoted, is with the hope that those reading it will pray for Jan and her family. The reviews are greatly appreciated, but your prayers will be the greatest measure of its success.

I wish to express my gratitude to "soulfeeder" from FanArt, for the image used in this post.

Chapter 26
New Light

By lyenochka

a setting sun gives soothing light
our brothers remain in our sight

memories alive, a soul to speak
human form gone, a spirit to seek

missing those who have left this earth
remain in heart and thoughts, new birth

Chapter 27
haiku ( loving memories)

By lyenochka

loving memories
will stay on forevermore
bad times in the past

Author Notes Dear Jan, I'm so sorry for your loss. This 5-7-5 haiku is my tribute to you.

Thanks to awmurray for the use of the artwork.

Chapter 29
Prayer for Spangle

By lyenochka

“My steps have held fast to your paths; my feet have not slipped.”
Psalm 17:5

My feet hold strong
On Your good way
Though night grows long
I will not stray

Though outward body slips and falls
I trust my God
To hold me, soul and all

Author Notes Notes:
Please pray for Janet who fell. She has a shattered kneecap, torn meniscus and sore wrist. Please pray for a successful surgery that can be scheduled soon, and recovery. There are others of us who have suffered falls recently. May God protect us all!

The Sapphonic Triad Is a poetic form created by FanStorian, Ciliverde (Carol) and named by Pantygynt (Jim).

A two line quotation opening is a free verse with a maximum of 16 syllables. That is followed by a quatrain, four lines each of four syllables finally an 8-4-6 syllable envoi that moves us on somewhere with a satori like feeling.

Chapter 30
Continual Prayers

By lyenochka

“Pray without ceasing” -- 1 Thessalonians 5:17

while it is day
we stop to pray
and think with care
for ones not there

may healing rise with our prayers
Our God’s aware,
embracing them with care


Author Notes Thanks to Simonka for the use of the artwork to illustrate this post.
There are several Fanstorians here who are currently suffering from Covid. (I was thinking of DebDyess, Barb H. and Annie Dawn) If you know someone who is ill or noticed a Fanstorian missing for a while, please keep them in prayer. And let's keep praying for a quick end to this pandemic.

A Sapphonic Triad is a poetic form created by FanStorian, Ciliverde (Carol) and named by Pantygynt (Jim).
A Sapphonic Triad contains a two-line quotation opening which is a free verse with a maximum of 16 syllables. That is followed by a quatrain, four lines each of four syllables, and finally an 8-4-6 syllable envoi that moves us on somewhere with a satori-like feeling.

Chapter 31
Prayer for Joy

By lyenochka

We pray for healing for dear Joy
As she has hips replaced
May doctors their best skills employ
As each part is well placed.

We pray recovery happens quick
And soon she’ll smoothly move
She’ll learn the latest dancing tricks
With joy she will improve

Author Notes Notes:
Some of you remember Joy Graham who used to be here on Fanstory. She had her hip replacement surgery today. So if you know her and are so moved, please pray for success in the surgery and quick recovery. She had to wait over a year for this surgery.

Chapter 32
Prayer for Caregiving Friends

By lyenochka

By bedside patiently they wait
For ways to better loved one’s state
With soups and pills and lots of prayer
Lord, bless the ones whose gift is care

Sometimes the stress seems far too much
And they themselves need healing's touch
Or friend with whom their worries share
Lord, bless the ones whose gift is care

And when the chores of care are done
The patient over illness won,
Or You have gently brought them There
Lord, bless the ones whose gift is care

Author Notes Notes:
Bless all the Fanstorians who are and have been caregivers. This poem is dedicated to L. Raven. She has cared for many in her life, including her mother. Please pray for comfort for her family as her mother passed away last week.

Chapter 33
Prayer for Nancy and Janet

By lyenochka

I think of you, my friend, this day
as you’re in pain
and life is strained
I pray relief is on its way
and while you wait
may you create
with words that give you greatest joy
His healing touch
will comfort much
as you your gift of words employ


Author Notes I know many of you struggle with pain regularly, and I admire how you push on and keep creating with your writing and reviewing. Please pray for Nancy_E_Davis and Janet Qually (Spangle). Nancy has been in a lot of pain lately. Janet is still recovering from her knee surgery. They both love horses so that's why I chose this picture.

The amphion form was created byViola Berg.The Amphion is
-- a poem of 10 lines.
-- metered, tetrameter lines alternate with sets of rhymed dimeter couplets.
-- Rhymed, rhyme scheme abbaccdeed

Chapter 34
For Them We Pray

By lyenochka

Our friends are ill, You know that well
Some bodily or deep within
Some have been struggling for a spell
Their patience now is wearing thin

I’m awed that they can write though pained
Poetic spirits’ words unchained
You know the battles of each day
So heal them fully, Lord, we pray

Author Notes Notes:
I admire the writers here who are able to write even when going through so many difficult things daily. Please pray for Dorothy Farrell who goes in for an operation on Wednesday (9/22). Gert had a fall recently due to her blood pressure drop. Robyn Corum and others here have shared about depression during these darker times of the year. And please remember Karenina as she recovers. BeginAgain needs prayer for her family. Others have been dealing with long term health issues and they always amaze me with their beautiful, faithful poems! (Thank you, Portia and Teri!) For those of you who pray, please pray with us for them and others that you know.

Chapter 35
Help us Lord

By lyenochka

Help us Lord to fast and pray,
in the Spirit words to say.
Help dear Lord the sorrowed ones,
those that weep and poor health dons.
Time to dwell in prospered light,
walk in day and not in night,
lift those eyes your joy's in sight.

R.Owen 22/9/2021

Author Notes I have just designed this poetic prayer in the last few minutes in response to a faithful request from our compassionate and deeply caring sister in Helen, (Lyenochka) to pray for those dear brethren who are currently suffering depression, illness and trials. These are beloved of God, and precious, and for us the same.

James 5:16 Confess your faults for one another, and pray for one another that you may be healed. The effectual prayer of a fervent, righteous man availeth much. KJV.

Thanks for reading, R. Owen.
Artwork by google.

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