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For Sarah
A Wedding Suite
On the Occasion of Her Wedding Day

I   Dawn’s Light Pierces
dawn’s light pierces
night’s veil with radiance
new beginnings
as you venture forth with Hunt
on this your wedding day
II   Remembering
Remembering when you were born o’er comes
me now, and takes me back to bright spring day
when life was fresh and I was very young.
You were so beautiful, and life’s bouquet
thus flourished with such wonderful ballet
before my eyes as you grew into you.
O, I remember how we would delay
the Sandman as we’d read a book or two,
and play in autumn’s colorful leaves strewn
and piled high ‘neath the ancient Chestnut tree.
Do you recall when we bid home adieu
to visit Mickey Mouse?  You screamed with glee!

Such memories now fill your father’s heart
with joy as your new married life embarks.
III   Moon and Sun
moon and sun
tango in dawn’s embrace
in life’s balance of love
that will carry you forth

IV   ‘neath Astral Light
As I stand ‘neath the astral light and gaze
upon you sitting there by your sweet knight,
I cannot help but think and be amazed
at how fast you’ve grown into beauty’s light.
It was but yesterday we played the court
and watched the Open at  grand Flushing’s green,
and dined atop the Center now aborted;
its stark memorial is e’er serene.
But now you’re married to a man named Hunt,
one whom I do respect and trust to love,
protect and care for you and ne’er affront
with actions that will harm your love now wove.
            A daughter’s marriage to a worthy man
            results in such rejoicing of God’s plan.
V   Astral Light Shines
astral light shines
bright in heaven’s canopy
is a father’s love
for his daughter throughout all time
VI   A Father’s Dance
O, how I think upon the times when you
were young and life was simple and carefree.
You are the apple of my eye and times
we shared were filled with fun and such delight.
You were a debutante so beautiful
and graceful back in two thousand and five.
I was so very proud to dance with you
that night and gaze upon the beautiful
young woman you’d become.  But now I dance
with you as father of the bride and you as wife
of Norman Hunter Wysche, a goodly man
of virtue that will care for you henceforth.
            A father’s dance with daughter, then and now,
            is sacred as he ponders time’s ellipse.

VII   The Father Adores
the father adores
and protects his child
is always yours
and I shall always love you
VIII   Night Succumbs to Dawn
night succumbs to dawn
as sunrise cast brilliant colours
is this wond’rous evening
of love and union e’er divine