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From the three Americas, we introduce you to a new, weekly advice column where questions to everyday problems will be answered by women who have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk.

From Canada, The CYNIC battled gender bias, fought in the crusade to ensure women received both the opportunity and fair remuneration for equal work. She retired as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, owned resorts, married, divorced and widowed, she juggled family and work throughout her life. Her shoot-from-the-hip style cuts to the root of the problem and she rarely minces words.

The LIBRARIAN was born, raised children and continues to live in the United States. She graduated from college, married a member of the military, and taught in elementary schools all over The States. The mother of three believes in traditional values, discipline and good manners. She lists God, family and country as her core values in life.

The HOOKER experienced childhood abuse that left her with severe personality and mental health issues related to PTSD. She is familiar with the mental health system, and her journey to self healing included prostitution, working undercover as a police informant, and a broken family. This graduate from the University of hard-knocks currently spends her time painting and writing in Mexico

The 'Tres Amigas' have no degrees in psychology nor make any claim to credentials to substantiate the suggestions offered in their weekly column. Their point of view is offered from the perspective of the lives they've lived. Their views and opinions are presented for entertainment purposes only

The first column appears today titled 'Tres Amigas--February 8, 2015.'