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Drac, darlin', come in,
     where've you been?
Wasn't it last Halloween
     since you were seen?
And with good reason,
     it's your busy season.
Holiday hype,
     bats, gore, bodies ripe!

Say--you look real fine,
     dressed to the nines.
Slicked back hair,
     riveting stare.

Well, don't just stand there,
     take a chair.
You're a bit high strung,
     but the night is young.
Relax my fine Drac,
     you've got the knack.
Slay me with your Slav accent,
     you sexy gent.
I like your style,
     smile, stay a while.

Drop your cape,
     have a bit of the grape.
Perhaps rich red?
    Or plasma instead?
It'll warm your cold heart,
     once the loving starts.

Don't be bourgeois,
     slip into my boudoir.
Count me in,
     for a night of sin.

Intense dark eyes,
     warn of my demise.
But what the heck,
     I'll expose my neck.
Besides, I'm smitten,
     ripe to be bitten.