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I'd like to think that when I'm long deceased,
and all that's left are embers of my life,
that something of the love I've fiercely felt
remains forever fast in hearts and minds.
I'd wish that something I once thought or said,
so brimmed with wisdom's well of fluid truth,
that others flourished from my whims or words,
and breathed the substance of my strong beliefs.

If I can prove that kindness has import,
that living's not enough without some care,
that empathy's the key to burdened hearts,
but each unlock's a fragile trust to earn...
perhaps I'll prove that gold holds fast to thought,
that glitt'ring gems of good intent are mined
by digging, delving, touching, trying hard
to seize at joy, then seizing, share with world.

But jew'ls are flawed, and joy, like gold, alloyed.
There's always dross with every treasured day:
illuminate the dreary, sad opaque,
then cleave the light when clarity seems lost.
I whisper wishes to the wilds of winds
that my immortal hopes are sentient,
that when I'm gone, the feelings I have felt
remain to nurture-nourish those I've loved.