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I see the four leafed clover turn their faces to the sun,
I'm sure they search the universe and Heavens for the one
Whose smile delights to see them, and they wonder where you've gone
Are you the brightest star tonight that we'll all wish upon?

I see the dandelions sway in fields like ocean waves
As breezes gently blow them in the sunshine's warming rays
They smile to see the clouds of white, float in the sky of blue
How can we look upon them all and not remember you?

I see the rainbow in the sky lead to the pots of gold
That are the gates of Heaven and the love inside they hold
As they swing open so the sound of music filters through
And angels play their harps and smile a welcome just for you.

Adewpearl, Brooke, now that you're well again you can be sure,
We'll miss you here on Earth-until we all meet up once more.