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Little faces show lament,
awaiting nana's visit.
Animals are not content,
"Our food," they say, "where is it?"
Stuck with lady twice a day,
anxiety builds to peak.
Family is on vaca,
they'll be gone for one more week.
"Come here, my dears," nana coos,
while they stand in line for pat.
Cats have come to join the schmooze,
loud meowing adds to that.
Shy cockatiel bobs and weaves,
looking sideways for a view.
In dribs and drabs cracking seeds,
he eats, doesn't need to chew.
Nana cuddles, talks to each,
consoles for an hour or two.
They settle down, looks beseech,
but nobody's feeling blue.
"Be back tomorrow," she calls,
hoping pets will understand,
"you'll be safe within home's walls
'til nana returns as planned."

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 18, 2019
'It's All About The Animals ~ II'