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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: December 2, 2020      Views: 32

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Author/Poet. I have published two books on Amazon. They are the first two books in my "From the Mind of a Poet" series. The latest book is titled: Poems From a Black Life that Matters! Check it out!

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"Say their names" by the13thpoet

On August 28. 1955 a 14-year old boy was killed
In the Jim Crow south all it took was a White man's will
Falsely accused by a White woman, she knew what they would do
Over 50 years later she confessed it wasn't true
They beat and mutilated him before they pulled the trigger
Then shot him in the head and tried to sink him in the river
This wouldn't be the first or last time that Black blood would be spilled
But his death sparked the fight for civil rights, the victim was Emmett Till

November 25, 2006 in the borough of Queens
Party goers witnessed a tragic deadly scene
Three Black men getting sprayed with fifty shots
Another Black life snuffed out by the hands of cops
For the grieving family what can you say?
When his life was taken on his wedding day
This has become a scenario Blacks know all too well
Committed no crime, cut down in his prime, the victim was Sean Bell

The day was February 26th, the year was 2012
A young Black male was targeted while walking by himself
This time it wasn't the brutality of a trigger happy cop
It was an overzealous racist member of the neighborhood watch
Perceived the young man as a threat 'cause his skin was brown
Killed the kid in self-offense, cops said he stood his ground
He put an end to the situation, one in which he started
And took the life of a young Black male, his name was Trayvon Martin

On July 17th, 2014 on the Island of Staten
NYPD killed another Black man, I'll tell you how it happened
A Black male stood on the corner, not posing a threat
Got approached by four officers for allegedly selling cigarettes
He didn't want to be harassed, he just wanted them to leave
Ended up being choked to death after he told them he couldn't breathe
Of course there was no charges brought against the officer
Who took the life of this Black man whose name was Eric Garner

On November 22nd, the year 2014
A Black boy plays was a toy gun, police are called to the scene
Playing alone by himself, he barely saw the cop
Who decided to start shooting before the car even stopped
You didn't even hesitate you murdered a 12-year old boy
Never gave him the chance to tell you it was just a toy
It's clear that protect and serve doesn't extend to Black life
Another Black male gunned down by a cop, his name was Tamir Rice

The year was 2015, the day was April 12 (twelve)
The Baltimore PD make an arrest taking another Black man to jail
They tased and restrained him, charged with procession of a knife
Seven days later the young man lost his life
The officers claimed they never used excessive force
So how'd he end up with a broken neck and spinal cord?
Of course the cops will get off, it always ends that way
We're left with more questions than answers in the death of Freddie Gray

In 2015 on the 10th day of July
A young Black woman is pulled over, she doesn't really know why
She was told it was for a failure to signal when changing lanes
When she refused to put out her cigarette the cop just went insane
Forced her to get out the car, slammed her head on the ground
Three days later, dead in her cell, she was found
Was it depression, racism, or suicide? We may never understand
Again there's more questions than answers in the death of Sandra Bland

July 6, 2016, another traffic stop
Where another Black man will lose his life by the hands of a cop
The officer was informed that there was a firearm
And instantly became jittery, though not threatened with any harm
I guess being Black with a gun is an automatic crime
Is that why the cop felt it necessary to shoot at him seven times?
His girlfriend had to watch him die, imagine how that feels
Black blood spilled, another one's been killed, R.I.P Philando Castile

September 6th, 2018 just before 10pm
Another Black man killed by a cop, here we go again
The officer entered his apartment claiming she thought it was her own
And shot the unarmed man while he was relaxing in his home
Was this intentional or just a tragic mistake?
At least this time the officer was charged, the jury sealed her fate
Was she confused or intoxicated, what was really going on?
Will we ever know why Amber Guyger murdered Botham Jean?

On February 23rd, 2020 while taking a run
An unarmed Black man was chased by three white men with a gun
Three entitled white men decided to hunt him down
And one of them called him a nigger, as he lie dying on the ground
Though there was no crime you took the law in your own hands
Was his brown skin the reason you decided to kill this man?
The racism and injustice are on display for the world to see
More protest and civil unrest over the death of Ahmaud Arbery

March 13th 2020 while asleep in her bed
Police would kick in her door and she would end up dead
They entered her home with a warrant, no knock
And never did they identify themselves as being cops
Her boyfriend opened fire thinking it was an intruder
The cops they fired back, eight times they did shoot her
The sad reality is that the system will surely fail her
That's why we must continue to demand justice for Breonna Taylor

On May 25th 2020, yet another Black man killed
By a cop for allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill
This happens all too often but it's still hard to believe
That you killed this man as he begged for his life and told you he couldn't breathe
You restrained him and held him down with your knee on his neck
For Black Lives it seems the police have nothing but disrespect
After 8:46 you showed us, to you his life was null and void
You casually had your hands in your pocket as you callously murdered George Floyd

The death of Emmett Till sparked the fight for civil rights 65 years ago
But not only does the fight continue, we still have so far to go
Just when you think change may be coming and racism may be ending
Another hashtag pops up, unarmed Black man shot is trending
It seems like the cops, kill Black people just for sport
And most face no punishment when they have their day in court
But we must continue to fight for what is right, no matter how long it takes

The struggle continues as we march on and say a prayer for Jacob Blake

As the country tries to progress and push for change
The President and his minions want to keep things the same
As the police continue to make Black blood splatter
You can't even acknowledge that Black Lives Matter
As another Black name is added to the long list
You refuse to believe that a problem even exists
It's time to stop living in the past and embrace the change
Start by acknowledging their lives have worth and just Say Their Names.

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Author Notes
Image borrowed from the internet.... By Kadir Nelson,
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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