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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: December 6, 2020      Views: 29

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I don't know what I write until I write it. I make mistakes, but what I write comes from my heart. I used to post what I wrote that same day. Now, I take a little more time because I write to make you smile.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #92 spot on this years rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #71 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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A star from heaven coming for Christmas
"Coming Together in the Night" by poetwatch
A star forms in the sky to welcome Christmas.
May it bring us peace and happiness.
Yet, death and chaos ruin our bliss
with war and sin being our kiss.

Instead in living to take care of business,
we go astray in every way,
delighting our eyes as we stay
enthralled when those whispered words say,

"You want to dance with me I'll be your mistress?"
The lure is set; yet, is this angel vicious?

There are countless lies in this world that those seeking truth lose sight.
Yet, I believe the light traveling the cosmos is an angel from heaven
an Alien coming to give us bread.
Not all will dine nor drink the wine only those of one heart, for

a star forms in the sky will welcome Christmas.
It will bring smiles of pure delight into the night
Two bodies in the heavens will become one light.
A bride that greets the groom in paradise
Together, we'll share sight before our eyes.

Yet, if tomorrow we are blind, we die
instead in living to take care of business.

Author Notes
This kind of sonnet is hard to write, but I think I got it. I hope you enjoy my craziness. Sometimes, I don't know what I write. :) Thank you for reading me.

The Fusion Sonnet was invented by Poet Laureate, Sonnet Mondal, an eminent name in the arena of world poetry and literature. He published seventy of them in 2010 in a book entitled Twenty-one lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century.

It breaks several Traditional Sonnet rules. Most notably, it has twenty-one lines rather than the typical fourteen. The Fusion comes from blending in four lines of Free Verse at Lines 11 through 14. It has a strict structure and rhyme scheme but is more flexible in the area of meter where the lines may be of variable length and rhythm. Here are the complex rules:

A 14-line Poem followed by a Half Sonnet of 7 lines acting as a coda or tail to add additional stability to the poem. No particular meter is followed, "fusing" it with the modern Free Verse style.

First fourteen lines:
*Same rhyme in 1st,5th,9th & 10th lines.
*Same rhyme in 2nd,3rd & 4th lines.
*Same rhyme in 6th,7th & 8th lines. So: A1 b b b A2 c c c,

*Rhetorical questions in 9th & 10th lines.

*Negative and pessimistic note in the first 10 lines.

*Free Verse in 11th, 12th,13 & 14th Lines. Relates back to something similar.
* * * * *
*Line 15 repeats Line 1.
*Next seven lines:-The Half Sonnet, which acts as a Coda.
*Same rhyme in 16th and 17th lines.
*Same rhyme in 18th and 19th lines.
*Line 20 acts as a Volta
*Line 21 repeats Line 5. * * * * *
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

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