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This work has reached the exceptional level
Native animals saved by Aboriginals
Billabong Valley by Aussie
 Category:  Children Script
  Posted: March 1, 2012      Views: 486

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Aussie is a wheel - chair person with a passion for poems and short stories about Australia. She likes to express herself through both mediums. She is an an artist who likes to paint in all mediums. Writing has become an outlet for her as she is ext - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #70 position.

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The westerly wind howled with delight as it roared through the eucalyptus trees setting them alight.
Kenny Koala opened his beady eyes, stretched and looked across Billabong Valley.
"I smell smoke," he yawned. He was so tired that he closed his eyes again and went back to sleep.

Danny Dingo loped towards Kenny's gum tree, placing his huge old paws on the bark he began to howl.
"Wake up! Kenny, the fire is getting closer - wake up now old man."
"What? Why are you disturbing me? I had a late night and lots of gum leaves yesterday, let me sleep."

Giddy Goanna scuttled up the gum tree and shook Kenny by the scruff of his neck.
"Ouch! What did you do that for?" Kenny was mad now; he just wanted to sleep off his hangover from eating too many gum leaves.

"The hills are on fire and we have to leave Billabong Valley," Giddy shouted at the deaf old Koala.
Kenny's grandsons, Curly and Cuddles joined the group gathered below Kenny's tree.

"Come down Grandpa, we have to go to the Billabong." The bears shouted loudly.

Kenny had lived in this old tree for forty years and he didn't like the thought of leaving his place. He scratched his old grey fur and sighed "I'm too old to leave, you go right ahead." He curled his head to his chest and went back to sleep.
Katie Koala threw a gum nut at Kenny. Katie had been married to Kenny for a long time. He always did what she said for fear of not getting his special Ironbark tea. Katie was the best darn tea maker in the valley.

"Alright dear, I'm coming down." Kenny dug his sharp claws into the bark and slowly slid down the tree.

The residents of Billagong Valley gathered together to discuss what they were going to do about the fire that was racing down the tinder-dry hills surrounding their home.

King Brown snake slithered towards the group; he too was worried about losing his home.

Kenny sat with his back against his tree and scratched his belly.

"Not much we can do, seen fires before, guess the humans will come and put it out." Kenny wasn't worried like the rest of the animals, he had seen forty summers and more fires than he had claws.

"Grandpa, the white folk have moved on, they lost their homes in the last fire. No one is coming to put the fires out, we are alone!" The twins cried in unison.

"What about the natives? They would know what to do about the fires, after all, they have lived in the valley forever." Danny Dingo growled.
"I'll go and find Aroona, the head man; he lives down by the billagong. Besides I'm the fastest runner," grinned Danny.

King Brown snake, the most feared, hissed loudly.
"I'm faster than you young one."

"Kook-Kook-Kook," laughed Kristin the Kookaburra.
"No, I'm the fastest and besides - he won't eat me!"

Aroona, head man of the Bunya tribe, stood on the sandstone rocks overlooking the valley, shading his eyes from the glare as he watched the smoke drift towards his home.
Kristin Kookaburra landed not far from where Aroona stood. Kristin turned his head and started to laugh.

"What you laughing at Kookaburra? Rains coming, eh?"

"I'm the fastest bird in Billabong Valley and I come on behalf of all the animals that need your help, Aroona. King Brown snake wanted to come and Giddy Goanna too - I knew you would eat them both."

"I'm too busy to worry about you lot, all the tribes are coming for a corroboree. We sing and dance and roast the Bunya nuts, have a big tucker time."

The Bunya trees were laden with nuts the size of rockmelons and every year the tribes celebrated the harvest.

"Bunya nuts will be the only thing you will have to eat if you don't put the fires out!" Kristin screeched.

"OK, I'll gather my mob and some of the other mobs, wouldn't want to miss our feast and wouldn't want to miss eating my favorite roasted snake and delicious goanna." Aroona loped away in that easy gait that the natives could keep up all day.
Aroona arrived back at his camp to find six tribes gathered for the Bunya Festival. Many tribes had traveled from all parts of Australia. Elders from the Wahroonga, Cooltong, Toowoomba, Narara, Ongerup and Moondarra peoples greeted Aroona with gifts of food and Kangaroo skins. Aroona decided to enlist their help in fighting the fire that was threatening Billabong Valley.

Kristin Kookaburra flew back to Kenny's tree with the good news that the natives were going to help put the fires out.

"I think I'll go back and have a sleep," Kenny yawned.
Giddy Goanna scuttled away, climbed a tree and searched for his favorite food - bird's eggs.
Katie Koala sighed with relief and went in search of some Ironbark to make some tea.
Curly and Cuddles meandered away towards the billabong in search of their cousins.
King Brown Snake slid silently away in search of small bush rodents. And as for Danny Dingo, well, he was a camp dog and so he left to help Aroona and the tribes fight the fire. Billabong Valley was saved that day.

Author Notes
Aboriginal tribes have always cared for the land by back-burning to stop the fires razing the land to dust. The back-burning prepares the land for knew growth. The Bunya Mountains in South East Queensland are now a tourist Mecca. Many moons ago the tribes came from all over Australia to meet on the mountain. They roasted Bunya nuts and feasted on wild game, Kangaroo, wild pig, snake, and so on. The Bunya Nut Festival has long disappeared; the trees are still bearing huge nuts.
Eucalyptus trees are highly flammable because of the oil they exude. Koalas eat the leaves and drink no water. The Koala is perpetually drunk on the eucalyptus oil. He sleeps 23 hours a day!
Billabong: large water hole for fishing and swimming
Dingo: Wild native dog. Goanna: Large lizard up to 4 feet long, lives on bird eggs.
Koala Bear: Australian icon. Much love marsupial that sleeps in gum trees 23 hours a day - sole diet consists of gum leaves. The Koala is drunk on the juice of the leaves.
King Brown Snake: Highly venomous and will chase man. Grows up to 8 feet long.
Kookaburra: Another well-loved icon of Australian birds. He has keen eyesight and will catch and kill snakes by breaking their backs. When we hear him laugh it is supposedly a sign of rain on the way.
Ironbark: type of tree.
I hope you enjoy a little information about our unique wildlife - thanks for reading.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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