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 Category:  Humor Non-Fiction
  Posted: August 6, 2018      Views: 88

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Married to an artist and have two grown children (a pigeon pair) and two beautiful grandchildren, Isabella and Abigail.

I Love making things from old junk.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my favorite writer. I just love the way he manages - more...

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Humorous dialogue contest.
"The joys of motherhood..." by trimple

"Mum, can you buy me some shoes like Sally's, at school?"

"What shoes?"

"The ones like Sally has."

"What do they look like?"

"They look like Sally's"

"Can you describe them?"


"Okay, well go on then!"

"What, like right now?"

"Yes!. If I don't know what they look like I won't be able to get them for you, will I?"

"But I can't do it now."

"Why not?"

"Because Daddy is taking me to buy a new dress, like Claires."

" Who is Claire?"

"Claire is Sally's best friend."

"I see... and what does Claire's dress look like?"

"It's a bit like mine, only it doesn't have all this frilly stuff down the front of it or a stupid bow, and the pattern is different and it isn't pink!"

"But you like pink!"

"I don't like pink anymore."

"Why not?"

"Because Claire never wears pink and she is really clever at school!"

"Let me get this right then... So what you are saying is that if you like the colour pink, then you're stupid?"

"Well you like pink, don't you?"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Well... You know who Sally is because she came for a sleep-over last week!"

"That may well be the case, but I didn't notice her shoes!"

"She wasn't wearing them then, that's why!"

"Okay, so, why don't you ask Daddy to buy you some shoes like Sally's as he is also taking you to buy a dress like Claire's?

"Because Daddy doesn't like shoe shops, he says that they're boring and when he has to go with you, you try on every shoe on in every shop and still don't buy any of them!"

"But I'm not going! He is! For you!" Tell Daddy to go to the shoe shop as you will be there with him and you can show him exactly which ones you want. Okay?"

"I'll ask, but..."


"Well? What did he say?

"He says he will take me but you're not allowed to come with us."



Well? Did you get what you wanted?"

"Yup! Look!"

"Oh, wow they're lovely! Now listen to me carefully. You are not to wear those shoes anywhere near the stream at the end of the garden. Got it?"

"Got it... but can I just show, Marie, my new shoes? I promise I won't be long and I won't go anywhere near the stream. Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Go on then, but be back quickly as I'm dishing up dinner soon."

"Okay. Cya later. Love you, Mum."

"I love you too. Now hurry up and come back home."


"I thought I told you not to go into the water with your new shoes on!"

"I didn't! "

"But look at them! They're soaking wet!"

"But it wasn't my fault. Honest!"

"So who's fault was it?"

"My feet"

"What do you mean, 'Your feet?" Look at them, Emma, they're completely ruined!"

"Well, what happened was, I was watching the tadpoles from the edge, near where all those long brown, sticky-up things are, Bullbushes I think they're called when suddenly, my feet went swimming in the water and I had to go in with them!..."

"I give up!"

Humorous Dialog contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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