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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: November 26, 2019      Views: 10

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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an observation
"The good news about delusion" by djeckert

Sharing The "good news" about our delusion

There is a simple reason for the two, seriously opposing, perceived worldviews we all undeniably witness today:

One group of people repents against delusion, and the other group embraces delusion.

Delusion could be said to be a cognitive state where a person's perception of their three dimensional world is not congruous with their reality.

There are some realities that many men don't want to embrace. This could be boiled down to the simple fact that mankind is irrevocably flawed (Some would call it marred with sin). This "flaw", is man having a natural and undeniable propensity towards doing what every living man can naturally sense as being, what we have come to call "evil". And if man is naturally, a flawed evil-doer, wouldn't it be then, a logical thing to deduce, that there is NO natural thing that any mortal man can do, to fix that flaw?

But the other part of that reality that we ALL, can potentially recognize , is the fact that there IS one and only one REAL remedy for this state. Without this remedy, man of every possible color, race, size, creed, shape, status, age, level of intelligence, level of moral sense, level of wealth, every gender... on and on... is helpless.
Man has been shown throughout ALL of "natural", three dimensional history, to ALWAYS be helpless against this flaw (our sinful nature). Without an "un-natural" remedy, ALL men are still, undeniably flawed (sinners).

In a world where evil is so easily and undeniably recognized, any freely thinking person should be enticed to ask themselves, "WHY would this be?" And then, if there IS a reason (And our ability to even reason at all, and ask THAT very question might be the biggest clue), then, there must be an answer to the question. It's almost like our very existence as thinking and reasoning men, is begging for an instructor, or an "instruction manual" to make sense of an existence that begs for sense. Begging for a way to take what is undeniably evil, and transform it into being, "right", or good. (Another discernible property written upon our hearts). Or, in other words, to make a man that is flawed (a sinner), no longer so. THAT, seems to be our undeniable reality.

So then, what does it really mean to say that a person is embracing delusion?

For any number of reasons, this delusion would involve :
Not being able or willing to discern, or becoming more and more unwilling to even recognize those undeniable faults in themselves or in others. Despite their own natural ability to discern evil, they go against it. They equivocate to it. They say things like, "It is not my place to judge people" (even though discerning good from evil is written upon their hearts). They then go on to say things like, "It is the religious types, who believe in some higher being, that are the deluded ones." (Even though discerning, "unexplainable" good from evil, is written upon their hearts) . Now, in delusion, the undeniable things about our reality , become "deniable" for them (even though they really aren't) They then bathe themselves in more and more of their flaws (sins) and all of their fellow man's flaws. This, to forget about, or comfort themselves about, what is written upon their own hearts. Or, to try to remedy it, by trying to convince themselves that man REALLY is not flawed (Even though History, experience, and their own hearts, as well as that manual, tells them otherwise). But, again there ARE NO natural remedies.

Now, what does it mean that people repent against delusion?
This is very much the "un- natural" remedy.
This is the embracing of our reality. The acknowledgement of our flaws as men. The turning around (repentance) against the delusion (The delusion that man is NOT flawed).
The embracing of Truth (Our undeniable reality) involves embracing :
There is one way to remedy man's fault (sin). Their is one way to Truth. Their is one way to life. There is one way to Liberty. There is one way to God.

THAT, is the jumping off point for us, undeniably, endowed, free-souled beings. Beings who are temporarily stuck in this three-dimensional world, who can go on to those other dimensions that our own souls, as well as our science and mathematics tells us exists in our reality.

Author Notes


Who says that the Gospel can't be preached without mentioning certain keywords, Names, or Bible verses? (o.k, I included the word, "sin" just for its effect.) It just goes, I think, into showing us how, in the near future, Luciferian controlled artificial intelligence will NEVER be able to suppress mankind's creative powers, endowed to them by their boundless, Loving Creator.
Not that it is necessary yet, but this was a self imposed practice "exercise" on my part . I guess, in anticipation of a potential coming day**. Blessings.


Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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