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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: February 18, 2020      Views: 21

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
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Observing the swamp through a Biblical worldview
"Spiritual impotence at the Mall-" by djeckert

The giant obelisk of a Luciferian "erection"*, stood proudly over the mall.
The mall: a place where all matter and manner of things are traded, bartered, sold and swapped. Things, like political favors, coersion, secrets and lies and blackmail. Power grabbing and power granting, wares of every kind and flavor.

This "mall", with its narcissistic "reflecting pool" got to be so famous for containing or "reflecting" the festering of, and breeding of, the slimiest, most disgusting of cold-blooded critters known to man (The politician, and his unelected bureaucrats), that it also got to be called, just by the name, "The swamp."

The lofty, proud and mighty monumental obelisk, stood next to the swamp. Standing (In name only), for the Revolution of America, through the mighty man of its (in name only) heroic namesake, George Washington. This Luciferian Obelisk that stood there still, (and only still) for its real king, king Lucifer. It stood there mocking the God of the American Revolution. The Revolution for ALL of mankind, and the Revolution for God ordained Liberty. It stood there mocking George Washington, the Sons of Liberty and ALL of the Patriots that gave their pre-ordained lives, for Liberty. It stood there even mocking the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. It stood there for ALL to see, and for all to unknowingly and sub-consciously, be "turned-on" by the mocking, new "revolutionary" nature of its erection.

One day, though, when the moving (And always steps ahead, moving) Holy Spirit of Truth, got to blowing just right, it did a real number on that old obelisk.
The Spirit of Truth blew so hard that it spiritually knocked that old tower, limp. And the obelisk laid there, helplessly across part of "the swamp". It lay there, unwillingly pointing its attention grabbing capstone arrow, right at the house of the Presidency.

What should happen to... then, and only then... emerge from this White House?
A giant, golden Toad. A totally unique critter that is seen as beautiful to some, but as ugly to others. This golden Toad, then hopped right up, and onto that spiritually limp, impotent obelisk that extends out over the swamp.
This golden Toad croaks and croaks and croaks some more. Brazenly hopping up and down the now impotent shaft of the obelisk. The Toad even extends its powerful, new found legs out over the edges of the obelisk. Offering hope that some daring swamp creatures would latch onto the life saving efforts, to pull themselves up and out of the quickly draining swamp. (For it had been cracked wide open by the "impact" of the "falling tower".)

But most of the swamp critters are too afraid. They often find themselves intertwined together, almost as a single, slimy organism, that could never "survive" separated from its collective whole. Even when trying to envision the Toad's offered-up rescue, and then fathoming a rediscovery of the God ordained sovereignty of a free-willed man as, a Son of Liberty, or a Son of God, conjures up deadly fear in the minds of the swamp critters. They are afraid that they would have to walk much too narrow a path, up onto, and then OVER the threatening obelisk, and back into God's land of Liberty. If they take even one step too far one way, they fear, they would expose to the world, their own lies and complicit part in being a swamp creature. But, they also know, that by various means and threats, that if they take one step too far in the other direction, then they would expose to the world, all of the other swamp creatures for THEIR complicit parts and disgusting deeds in building up and festering in, "the swamp". The path back to Liberty, to them (Without God's help) seems impossible.

So, the swamp creatures, in hopeless desperation, continue to brew in their disgusting, yet quickly draining stew. They continue dreaming up incantations, from the power of the obelisk, to try to make the Toad just "Go away!" Many of these incantations, and the stench of the rotting swamp, "off-gassing", will surely be quite frightful and ugly for ALL of mankind. (Of pandemic proportions, perhaps?)
But, the swamp creatures don't even stop to realize that, ultimately, the Toad is irrelevant. They don't, or they can't even notice, with their blinded eyes, that as the swamp drains, and as the Spirit of Truth continues to blow over the swamp, and as the hard, exposing, "Light of day", continues to expose the swamp creatures to everybody more and more, that they will just, eventually continue to shrivel. They will shrivel up into a dust that the Holy Spirit of Truth will then blow away, into the ether of eternity.

And here we ALL stand, or sit, watching and noticing (or failing to notice) this next level of this Historic "game", that is playing out in front of us. That same old, ancient game of "Good versus evil", and the part that we, mere mortal men, were ordained to play in it. (For right HERE and for right NOW, "THY Kingdom come, THY WILL be done... On Earth as it is in Heaven', as Jesus taught us ALL to pray)

Author Notes

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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