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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: April 9, 2020      Views: 7

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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A look at our future
"The Foisting of a fear farce" by djeckert

As the evidence continues to mount in regards to the Covid 19 phenomena, the TRUTH about it lies somewhere between the following two paradigms:

1) At it's worst, it is a very virulent strain of an always present (or man manipulated and engineered) Covid virus, that is particularly potentially deadly, only to people who have underlying conditions causing them to be massively immuno- compromised , and/or the elderly. (immuno-compromised? Perhaps, mostly from being nutritionally/zinc deficient, medicinally over laden, or even a compromise brought about by 5G exposure?)

2) It is a strain of Corona that most of the Western world has already been exposed to (Even tigers? An exposure since as early as October 2019... thus explaining the unanticipated huge spike in flu deaths, last flu season), and their bodies are already asymptomatic carriers of it, or acquired an immunity to the particular strain (And now testing positive for the antibody testing of the virus.). This all allowing the very non specific and cross reactive test (a common form of the test picks up all forms of Corona... flu/ cold, and is thus termed 60 percent accurate), and this allows the media/medical/ government complex to report on deaths that would have occurred anyways....but happen to test positive in a worthless test. They can then report people as having died either "From complications caused by the corona virus" - whether it was or was not the cause. Or they can report that a patient, "Died after testing positive for the corona virus." This fact is being reported and admitted to, by the medical profession, more and more every day.* This is simply nothing more than the shifting of many deaths ( that occur all of the time) to being called "corona virus deaths''. That gives them the scary numbers that they want to report for their panicdemic. But I wonder if now they can even call the people who are dying because of staying away from hospitals and Emergency care , ( because of the panicdemic, that implicitly tells them to stay away) as being killed by the virus . (Though, be it wouldn't surprise me at all. )

Of course the Real Truth probably lies somewhere between the two paradigms. ( God help us if there is a number three that we don't even binary bio weapons)

But, if we continue to lay down our Liberty because of fear, what are we next, going to fearfully let the Luciferian powers that be , roll out and thwart upon us ? An implantable microchip, or digital device that indicates our compliance to Luciferian / medical tyranny? Does it have a "beastly" number associated with it? Might it even indicate a love we might have for this Luciferian/ medical system? ( I know that 99 percent of the people working in the medical industry are good and well meaning people. But like a dead fish, the rot starts from the head.) Will this allow us to "carry on our business" in a system we seem to love? All these questions are things worth seriously, seriously pondering.

But, here is a huge silver lining in this panicdemic cloud:
( The Lord works in mysterious ways)

If the reporting on the successful treatment using zinc and hydoroxechloriquine (the synthetic version of the naturally found substance called quinine , that is found in tonic water), and the massive censoring and demonization of this message by the PTB Media manipulators, seems to confirm that this " cure" is true. And if the masses of people who have a corona virus/ flu/ cold are being massively helped by this treatment. Then, Simply putting one and one together would tell us that this corrupt system has shot itself, yet again in the foot, and has gloriously given us an answer for the chronically ubiquitous cold/ flu malady that has been plaguing man for what...centuries? The Lord works in mysterious and glorious ways.!
But of course, this only happens if we quit laying down to the medical/ tyrannical farce being thwarted on to us.

It is paramount for everyone to watch this short video that shows how this fear farce is being thwarted upon us by the medical reporting, and recording of "corona deaths"

Wow, FB tells me it was 6 years ago today that I first posted this Evergreen " ode to V". We have come a long way... Yet, we haven't. But I think much of the battles we face today in regards to this Covid , phenomena panicdemic , is a direct result of the awakening that the poem speaks of. ... And now the POOP are taking their last gasping breaths. ( Perhaps overstressed, and over exerted by trying to capture all of those frogs jumping out of their boiling pot of water. Lol)

A Projectile of "P" onto a potential prison planet."- An ode to "V".

We are perched precariously on the precipice of purely unmitigated evil. The preponderance of propaganda propels people with a propensity for peace, to passively and pugnaciously participate in polarizing party politics that perpetuates us into a potential unprecedented paramilitary, punishing police state.

The public plays, parties, pretends, and lays prostrate, while pretty, profiteering politicians, phony philandering paper printing posterity pimps, compromised pedophiles, perverted, powerless pulpits and prostituted public policy "philanthropists", pilfer and plunder our prosperity and preprogram their prey into proliferating their polluting, poisoning, post- apocalyptic, post- human, population pulverizing plans.
But palpably poised, patient, purposeful, praying patriotic people are preparing to pounce and pronounce to repurchase their LIBERTY.

The profuse price paid by past patriots permits me to present this popping projectile of pendulum pivoting power!
I prophetically proclaim, people! Pray! proficuously pray!, and pray profusciously!
Renew your mind.
Purge apathy.
Purge complacency.
Purge naivete.
Purge passivity.
Purge ignorance.
Purge purposeless pursuits.
Purge pseudo-pride
Pursue righteousness.
Protect life.
Praise God.
Protest injustice.
Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Promote peace, and partake in the republic's pilgrimage back to our God ordained FREEDOM!
Ponder PLEASE!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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