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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: April 10, 2020      Views: 27

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I've had some interesting years on this big blue dot in the solar system. Syracuse area for the past twenty years. Twelve years in Texas. Married for twenty six years. Five children and two grandchildren.

Since winning a publishing contr - more...

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #14 spot on the rankings.

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How some presuppositions inhibited breakthroughs in science.
"The Curious Case of Junk DNA" by forestport12

A Genesis Factor
And the curious case of Junk DNA

Psalm 139:14 (NKJV)
"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works...

In today's world, we often say, "The answer is in our DNA." We trust what the DNA tells us about who we are and where we come from. We trust the scientist who is working on cures and vaccines. There's been much talk about antibodies and how our own immune system comes to the rescue when threatened by an invisible enemy. I'm not anti-science. I just wish they would have abandoned the default basis that all our research with DNA should live or die over the evolutionary model. Had they earlier researched un-coded DNA--it is likely that more lives would have been saved today!

Trial and errors are to be expected when it comes to science and finding cures, but what if the answers were there all along? The evolutionary presumption tells us that most of our DNA is waste from our evolutionary past, a process over millions of years in changes. Therefore, when the genome was mapped in the year 2,000, it was assumed that science should only research the 1 or 2% of our DNA that matters when it comes to medical breakthroughs. Fast forward to today and science has finally rounded the corner to admit that there is a far greater percentage of our DNA that is worth looking into. We have a leading geneticist, Susumu Ohno, who in 1972 first coined the phrase, Junk DNA. And we have been behind the curve, ever since!

If you are like me, I'm a skeptical person at heart. I like the sound of the saying, "The math never lies."

I'd like to give you a historical analogy with numbers. The history of vestigial organs become a good comparison and place to start. This was once the classic argument for Darwin and evolution. He was the first one in his book, "Origin of Species," to claim that man has 86 useless organs or byproducts leftover from evolution. In the 21st century, that number grew to over 100. It's startling, even amazing that the number of so-called useless organs from our evolutionary past has been shrinking! You probably haven't heard about this, because science doesn't like to admit such a profound failed analysis. In other words, science is allowed to take a million wrong roads until they get it right. But just maybe, a creator had it right all along?

As an example: consider the history of tonsils. Do you remember when it was common in the early 1900s for a child to have their tonsils removed? Afterward, the rosy-cheeked child would enjoy a bowl of ice cream. There was a time when removing tonsils was like going to the dentist to have a cavity filled. But all that's changed. Why???

Tonsils help fight infection! They transport body waste after fighting off infections. They act as a filter system and are especially effective at keeping out harmful bacteria that try to enter into the lungs. (1)

STOP! Think about this for a moment. The Coronavirus primarily attacks the respiratory system or lungs. It would be an interesting study to determine how many patients are or have been in ICU with the coronavirus and may have had their tonsils removed.

Consider the appendix. This had been the lynchpin of organs for Darwin. It was thought that the appendix was a useless organ and like tonsils people were having them removed on a regular basis, even when there was no need. If you haven't heard of the latest discoveries for the appendix use in the human body, it might be because it would do damage to the scientific narrative. Simply put, the appendix supplies or stores healthy bacteria when our colon and intestines are compromised from an infection. It sends healthy bacteria to those organs when the need arises.

Now consider the assumption of junk DNA. After the genome was mapped, it was assumed that only a small percentage of our DNA should be explored, because scientists assumed the non-coded or unknown DNA would serve no useful purpose. To them, it would be like going to the county dump to find something spoiled for sustenance. Or it would be like the vagrant picking through the garbage can for something spoiled!

Fast forward to today, and you will hear of breakthroughs in science, regarding anti-bodies, the immune system, etc. etc. Yet some breakthroughs could have been achieved twenty or thirty years ago! We all base assumptions on models that we think help us. But some models are faulty. We've recently learned that earlier models on the spread of Coronavirus were faulty. And as we go into Easter weekend, we breathe a sigh of relief.

And then there is the curious case of mutations. With the help of science fiction, most people are convinced that mutations, for the most part, are a good thing. The evolutionary model regarding DNA needs a tremendous amount of good mutations. It's been considered the engine that drives changes, like anti-bodies and our fight for survival. What the scientific community will not tell you, is that almost all mutations are BAD! Some are neutral, but almost never good. And when it comes to bacteria and viruses, things that alter and change, it is not because there is new information added to your DNA. That is a myth! We already have engineered within us the ability for our chemistry to adapt and change. (2)

What our human body has the ability to do is a testament to our creator who made us a remarkable design, and yes, with a purpose! The more one explores our DNA the more they find that our body is like a computer with certain back-up systems to help fight infections. Instead of a survival of the fittest model, perhaps we should use our gifts to explore the wealth of knowledge available to save our most frail and elderly with weakened immunity. Science and the creation story belong together.

Many a wise Mom have told their child, "God don't make junk." There is another saying that, "Mom's know best." Perhaps we need to go back to a model that invokes the creativity of science, rather than inhibiting it.

This weekend, more than ever it's my prayer and wishes that we look at the miracle of the resurrection. Secondly, I hope you delve deeply into DNA to see it too is a miracle of creation.

Blessings around the bend!

1. What Do Tonsils Do? - Today I Found Out

2. Dr. Georgia Purdom Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics -- Creation ...
Dr. Georgia Purdom is a compelling and dynamic lecturer and well qualified to speak on the relevance of Genesis to the issue of biblical authority. She is the only female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time speaking and research for a biblical creationist organization in North America. Dr.
"Mutations Drive Evolution." " Answers in Genesis

Author Notes
My plan is to do a series of articles that would fall under one titled book called, "A Genesis Factor." I'm convinced its more important today than ever to verify that claims made in the book of Genesis are grounded in reality.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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