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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: June 13, 2020      Views: 49

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Aussie is a wheel - chair person with a passion for poems and short stories about Australia. She likes to express herself through both mediums. She is an an artist who likes to paint in all mediums. Writing has become an outlet for her as she is ext - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #75 position.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Imprisoned and facing death.
"Sword of Vengeance" by Aussie

Her head was singing after the many blows she had received as she tried to fight the Japanese Yakuza. They had found her home in a small village called Tepsu, near the coast. For years she had moved from place to place, fearing this very day.

The darkness was complete. She was sitting on a cold, concrete floor and could smell the coppery smell of her own blood. Her pain was controlled by her martial arts training. After the mafia had pulled her fingernails, they broke her ribs. She was not afraid of death, but dying under their torture was shameful.

Mori had been the keeper of the sword as it was passed to her; next in line from her father. the Sword of Vengeance had taken many heads in battle. Priceless in monied terms; more than money in meaning.

Widowed, she took to teaching martial arts to the local children in her village of Tepsu. A small place where she felt safe, away from the men who would steal the sword and kill her slowly. The terrified woman struggled to free herself from her bonds, chafing skin from her already raw wrists. She would not die in this place. Not like this. Family honor was at stake.

Suddenly, the iron door was opened and a shaft of light blinded her. A tall, unconscious woman was dragged to the cell next to Mori. Then the darkness returned.

She heard the woman moaning and called to her. "Who are you?"

"I am the detective that followed you, I saw the men but they saw me first. My name is Detective Yuki. Don't you remember?"

Tears and blood ran down Mori's face as she remembered Yuki had tried to protect her from the mafia.
"I'm sorry you had to end up here with me. If we don't escape, they will kill us. They want the Samurai sword, we are collateral damage. Can you stand up?"

"No, my legs were broken." Yuki screamed in pain.
"My granddaughter will find us." She spat through broken teeth.

Again the door swung open, this time arc lights were switched on, blinding both women.

A tall, pockmarked man laughed loudly.

"Two for the price of a sword. Ready to tell me where it is?' The Yakuza boss, named Dog had pig-like eyes filled with cruelty and greed. He hated women.

Mori held his gaze, she gagged on his foul breath. His gold-capped teeth shone in the light. He held a dagger in his fat hand, it too shone in the light. She shook with fear. Mori could see his hatred of her in his obsidian eyes.
"You will never find it, you can kill me but the spirit of the sword will have vengeance."

The two henchmen wound chains around their hands in readiness to beat the woman into submission.

"You touch us and you will go to prison for a long time. I am a detective." Yuki spluttered.

She didn't feel her detective shield would protect either of them from these monsters. "We are the Yakuza, and we will find the sword of vengeance. You are just beaten women.' He sneered.

The men opened the prison door, ready to drag Mori out to a table where she would have every bone in her body broken until she talked.

Night had fallen and the granddaughter of Mori, called Misa, well versed in martial arts since she was a child, threw open the steel door as if it were cardboard!

"Who are you?" The big man snarled at the black-clad figure in the doorway.

In her hands, the sword arced and he spoke no more. His decapitated head hit the wall with a dull thump.

Misa cut the power to the lights and she moved like a panther in the darkness.

The other men were sweating now, trying to find the person who had lopped off the head of their boss.

The sword swung again, cutting through sinew and bone of one henchman. The other man screamed in terror.
"Let me go, I have done nothing!" His head rolled across the concrete floor in front of the henchman's body that had been sliced in two. Death was complete.

Silence was complete, except for the sobbing of her grandmother and Yuki.

Misa held her grandmother's head in her small hands and wept with the older woman.

"I taught you well, granddaughter. " She smiled through broken teeth.
"I must go now, the police and ambulance are on their way." Misa kissed grandmother's cheek and wiped her face with her sleeve.

Mori found her bonds were cut and also Yuki had been freed too.

The sword had been cleaned and returned to its scabbard, vengeance was complete.

Horror Writing Contest contest entry

Author Notes
Contest Entry for Horror Story.
A Samurai sword can take up to 10 years to make by a master-craftsman. The steel is folded in the fire up to 16 times. It is believed the sword carries the spirit of its owner.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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