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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: July 15, 2020      Views: 30

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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The Bible condensed into a poem
"Perspectives on torture-" by djeckert
MY child
precious child,
MY most beautiful ONE
How I lament MY Edenic
It's Divinely tied bow,
you nihilistically have undone.

How I wanted to
make You into
But to Your free will-bestowed head,
I will NOT press MY gun!

Because the line between perfect love and justice, free will, can never skew...
When I formed You incredibly into Your mother's great womb,
and then locked you up and clothed you in that earthen jumpsuit
I let you roam freely
in MY green and blue room.

Knowing that a ransom price, needed to be set.
I wrote a long ransom NOTE
for ALL of Creation to see.
I knew that MY tome's conditions could never be met,
without you finding
the sealed- off room's
dispensational KEY.

The pathetic, weak nemesis of MY Gift, pounds and pounds at the chained and barred door.
Offering up trades for his entrance, of baubles, great power, riches and whores.

But you,
in spite-ladened blindfold.
Cloying obediently at the fruit foisted onto thee...
stumbled about the room recklessly,
looking to uncover the wrong kind of KEY.
Mutating vestiges of ME,
that, your small mind, found quite queer.
With a Lame attempt to make ME,
by "YOUR" little hand, disappear.

So after I plunged your perverted giant head under water,
to try to make "YOU come clean".
Even knowing that when you emerged to catch your breath...
and under the prism of a
promising gleam...
I knew that your gestures towards ME would STILL be obscene.

Even after MY blessings, poured through the rooms vents and saturated your room's air...
With the boundless tally of stars, from your seed to share.
And you, being a favored and beloved, stiff-necked, brissed heir:

You lived It, and breathed It, but you still couldn't fare.
So, it was your own stubborn free will, that tied you down to that chair.

...and the nemesis knocks and knocks and knocks at the door...

One of MY bond servants yanked off your blindfold,
and pointed your face
at MY penetrating LIGHT.
You slammed your eyes shut,
and continued on again,
with your non- compliant and free-willing fight.

The pounding! And pounding!
It still echoed through the stark, lonely place.
The nemesis hissing: "Come NOW! Give me that KEY...
...Sssssso I can ssssseeee... your face... Remember that fruit that I gave to thee? I have more of it that you can taaassssssste" ... Now come...let me sssssseeeeeeeeee..."

MY light was so hot, so near
and so bright,
that it gave to your free will an uncomfortable plight.
This searing penetration that you just couldn't stand,
so you covered your eyes in defiance with the palms of your hands.

Still, the pounding at the door continued to commence!
The wantonness,
from that KEY begging nemesis,
growing ever so much more
wickedly intense.

Now, I had to tie your arms
tightly down to your side.
TEN non slacking wraps to them,
I strictly applied.
For not accepting MY Light,
I continued to chide.

But your eyes slammed tightly shut yet AGAIN!
And now, because of your ingenerate pride...
the pounding at the door,
It would NOT subside.

Then I sent one last servant BACK into the room:
"Prepare yourself, you unrepentant one, who refuses to accept the Light!...
For My Master is coming very soon,
into this very rebellious room!
Because of your stiff- necked nature, and your helpless pride,
your willfully closed eyes,
will soon be pryed wide!"

But, you still heeded not,
what MY proclamation shed,
and the GIFT danced a dance
around MY good servant's head.

So, I Gloriously came into the room MYSELF,
and I mercifully pryed
your eyes opened wide!
With unblemished tape,
and MY OWN Blood-drenched gauze...
this elixir-like remedy, transmuted your brow...
Leaving a remnant,
of a Kingdom endowed.

The nemesis wasn't going to "Get to see", Your uniquely made, and lovely face!
NOT if You would FINALLY see MY KEY,
and accept it's unlocking atonement called Grace!

Oh! How I wanted you
to accept from ME,
MY cleansing, forgiving, regenerating Light!
Oh! How I wanted to watch MY angels
dance all around ME
in raptured delight!!

How I wanted
to grab you about,
get inside of You
and THEN, Gracefully turn YOU ...
inside OUT!

you STILL refused to see.
And the evil one
pounding at the door...
you handed to him
YOUR Kingdom's KEY!

MY Precious GIFT!
How IT'S tormenting...

Author Notes
Another rework of one of my favorites. It's getting there

I must point out here, I guess that this "story" is ALL metaphor. God, in no real way tortures us. (Though, some might beg to differ. lol...and truthfully ,this was the original seed planted in my brain, to show how God doesn't torture, but IS tortured by our disobedience to accept His Love and Grace , that was behind this write)

I took great care to include (mostly in chronological order as played out in the Bible) ALL of God's major covenants to man in this piece.

Also, paying special attention to the "prisoner's" eyes, his hands and their relationship to the Light may be helpful in understanding wholly this piece.

There are a Lot of theological and Biblical History themes alluded to in this piece. (So please excuse some of the not so smooth wordiness). I have in fact spent days worth of hours honing this down without sacrificing substance for meter.

This piece too, I think works both on a personal level and a corporate mankind level.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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