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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: September 7, 2020      Views: 503
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Mrs. Wilkey's first novel, Two Tattered Hearts, was published by G and J Publishers and can be found at It's a novel about how Anna, an abused spouse escapes, with her son, the man-made hell she lives in and finds love. < - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #77 position.

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #3 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #5 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 82 of the book St Louis
Logan Leaves.
"St. Louis Chapter 35 part 2" by barbara.wilkey

While wanting to place trust in Logan, McKenzie searches for his sister's murderer. McKenzie doesn't believe anyone would harm her, but Logan feels it's his job to protect her from the threat.

It's early Monday morning. McKenzie and Logan have known each other 20 days.

Sorry for the tardy post. I went to visit my son for the weekend. It's his first time away from home.

Ending of Previous Post:

As Logan walked toward his bag, McKenzie put her hand on the back of the couch, one on the arm, and attempted to push up. She screamed in pain.

Logan rushed to her. "What are you doing?"

He put his arms around her and held her.

"Coming to you." Her arms went around his neck. "I know we need more time together, but I already know I love you. I can't let you walk out of my life like this. I won't allow it to happen."

He kissed her. "Trey's waiting outside. I'll leave once he's inside. He'll take over for me. I've given him instructions."

Tears rolled heavier down her cheeks. "So I was just a job to you? What do you call them 'a mission'?"

"Don't say that. You know how much you mean to me. I don't want to hurt you."

"You're hurting me by what you're doing now. Why can't we enjoy the rest of our time together?"

As their eyes met, tears well in Logan's.

Trey walked in. "Sorry. I thought you were ready for me."

"I am." Logan drew McKenzie close, kissed her again, and then left.

"Logan, no!" McKenzie cried.

Trey held her.



As the sun rose the following morning, Logan and his parents waited at the airport. He hugged his mom. "I'll contact you as soon as I can. I don't have any idea how soon that'll be."

"Do you want me to contact McKenzie after you call?"

Peter hugged his son. "Of course, not. He'll contact her on his own. Right, son?"

When Logan heard the boarding call, he glanced at the door. "I guess I'd better go."

As he gave his mom one last hug, she handed him something small. "I like McKenzie and more importantly, I like her for you. I think you'll need this." She nodded toward three people standing off to the right side.

Logan turned and glared at his two friends, Trey and Simon. "I'll deal with you two later. I need to board." He attempted to walk passed them.

Trey stepped in front of him. "Permission to speak freely, Sir?"

Logan shook his head. "When has rank ever stopped you? Go ahead and say what you want to say. You'd better be fast. I need to board."

"Logan, I know you follow your gut and it's usually right, but this time either your gut's wrong or you're not listening to it."

McKenzie stepped forward. "Logan, I love you with all my heart. It's my choice to say good bye to you in my way. If these guys can tell me when you return, I'll be here. If I can greet you at Fort Bragg when your plane touches down, I'll do that. It's my choice to wait. You can't deprive me of that. You are the one true love of my life. When I told you my idea of a perfect husband, you met every criteria and more. I won't allow you to walk out of my life without a fight."

Logan swallowed hard. "I see that." He walked over to her, and they kissed. "You never did listen very well."

"I listened. I just disagreed." She kissed him.

"When I described my perfect wife, I described every trait in you that I admire." He fingered what his mom had given him. He glanced at his parents and saw joy in their eyes. He knelt on one knee. "McKenzie Joanne Morgan, will you marry me?"

She jumped and grabbed her ribs. "Ouch! Yes!"

He stood and kissed her. "Thank you for not listening." He paused. "Just don't make a habit of it."

"That's not going to happen."

They kissed again.

"I know." He held her left hand. "I hope you like this ring. You're the fifth future bride to wear it. It's been passed down from first born son to first born son." He glanced up as the final boarding warning sounded. "While I'm gone plan the wedding. We'll get married as soon as I return. I need to leave."

"I love this ring. I love you. As soon as you return, we'll work on the sixth son to pass the ring down to."

Logan kissed her and shook his head. "You're a trip. You know that?"

"You've mentioned it before." Tears welled in her eyes. "Please be safe."

He saluted her. "Will do."

Logan started through the gate, dropped his bag, and ran back to McKenzie. His kiss lingered. "I love you more than I thought possible."

As he boarded, tears welled in his eyes.



McKenzie 'Mac' Morgan a 27 year old private investigator
Major Logan Nelson 34 years old and an active duty soldier
Arlo McKenzie's black and tan dachshund
Megan Nelson Logan's younger sister - murdered
The Lou local name for St. Louis
Simon Knight and Sheila Logan's former Army buddy and a Lab technician. Sheila's his wife.
Fan name for the St. Louis Cardinals - a major league
baseball team.
Yadi What Cardinal fans call Yadier Molina - Cardinal's all-star catcher.
Edger McKenzie's black and tan rottweiler
George Whitney A former boyfriend of Megan, early suspect in her murder.
John Benson Man who murdered McKenzie's parents
Bill Abbot A D.A and McKenzie's God-Father; he was a high-
school friend of McKenzie's father. Joanie is his wife.
Jose Lopez his wife is Lucy Chicago Police Department undercover police
Kate Hartford Megan Nelson's friend they taught middle school
Donny Carlton A man Megan Nelson dated.
Mitch Gardner St. Louis Police Department detective who has
partnered with McKenzie's dad.
Ivan Smart A bad guy
Peter and Nancy Nelson Logan's parents
Sidney Parks works for the St. Louis Police Detective with the drug unit.
Mack and Helen Morgan McKenzie's parents - both deceased
Gus Piper McKenzie's abusive grandfather - deceased
Austin Bryant an old boyfriend - McKenzie broke up with him because he's a jerk.
Joshua Davis so far a nobody, but is a neighbor to Donny Carlton
Mark Young an acquaintance of McKenzie, a state trooper, and will become important much later
Trey Walker former Army buddy and now retired, lives in Kansas City and helped rescue McKenzie
Dr. Gray McKenzie's doctor
Commissioner Conley St. Louis Police Commissioner.

Book of the Month contest entry


Author Notes
Thank you google imagines for an image of a broken heart. This post has a little over 500 words. I haven't been able to read this post daily to check for errors. It has been edited repeatedly, but I make many mistakes. I made changes today. I hope I didn't make it worse. Again, I want to thank you for all of your help and support.

Please pray for our children.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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