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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: October 5, 2020      Views: 50

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Retired property insurance underwriter
Have too many cats. kind and sweet husband
HS in 1964
graduated from college in 1999 with a BS degree. (no it did not take me 30 years to get through college) I went 7 years in night school.

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Tales from my grandmother.
"I remember Fogo Island" by Mary Vigasin

I remember Nana telling me of her homeland, Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

Fogo at the time of Nana's childhood relied heavily on cod fishing and was lined with small villages named, Joe Batt's Arm. Tilting, Seldom and Little Seldom. From Nana's tales, you could hear how much she loved her island.

She would tell me a story about how her grandfather, Patrick, injured his hand severely while seal hunting. So, the story goes, his wife made him promise to convert to Catholicism, if his hand, blessed by a priest healed completely. Patrick's hand healed completely, and his wife was able to tell him. "I told you so" for the next 50 years.

I remember her telling me of a family tragedy where her 3 nephews' boat was lost at sea, and only one body was recovered. I thought she was talking about when she was a child. The sinking is still in family Newfoundland history, and I was surprised to learn that the sinking occurred only 15 years earlier.

The stories now I remember Nana telling me:

�???�??�?�¢? Her father was the first passenger to fly off Fogo Island to the Mainland for
medical treatment.

�???�??�?�¢?�??? Her much loved brother Patrick started the first ferry service from Fogo
Island to St. Johns.

�???�??�?�¢?�?? She remembers the first distress signals from the Titanic being
received in Newfoundland.

�???�??�?�¢?�?? Looking for work, she went to St. John's Newfoundland and met her
future husband.

�???�??�?�¢? Back in the 1960's Nana visited Fogo Island. In order get there, she flew
from Boston to Montreal, then from Montreal to St. John's Newfoundland then
to Gander Newfoundland. She then had to wait two days for the next ferry to
get to land on Fogo Island. She had to time her departure home based on the
departure of the ferry.

At the time, I barely paid attention to Nana's tales of Newfoundland. I wish I had her now so with an adult interest, I could hear her stories again, and tell me more of the Icebergs, whales, seals and fishing off her old Fogo Island.

I Remember writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Begin your non-fiction autobiographical story or poem with the words 'I remember...' Complete the sentence conveying a moment, an object, a feeling, etc. This does not have to be a profound memory, but should allow readers insight into your feelings, observations and/or thoughts. Use at least 100, but not more than 1,000 words. The count should be stated in your author notes.

Author Notes
My grandmother came from Fogo Island, Newfoundland. She came to live with us when my mother died and we lost a part time housekeeper. She would tell us before we would go to bed about her homeland, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada.
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