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 Category:  Sports Poetry
  Posted: October 23, 2020      Views: 9

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I jogging, aerobics, water-skiing and swimming but am eager to try new physical things. I also have a really creative mind so it's fun to write poems, stories and songs. Memorizing things also comes naturally to me. I taught myself to type at - more...

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To describe how I feel abot jogging.
"Life From An Avid JOgger's Poin" by Cuz Roye

Life From An Avid JOgger's Point Of View

Jogging's lot's of great fun
when I get out and run
for it keeps my whole body quite loose.
When those muscles are straining
I will do no complaining
firming tummy, hips and my caboose.

It's quite invigorating,
something I won't be hating.
it feels great making those muscles go.
Healthier then to knit
for I don't like to sit
so don't call me an old, "sew-and-sew."

Now, the first thing to do
before starting, it's true,
is to rehydrate. That brings me thrills.
When I drink some cold water
then I jog like I aught 'er.
Too much though, I'll feel like I need gills.

When my feet go to work
then I'm never a jerk
for it makes me feel less blue, you see
so that means when I'm jogging
my whole body's, "Hotdog!" ing,
although "blue" skin looks quite weird on me.

Every time I co out
I've no reason to pout
since it makes me feel less blue, you see.
That means when I am jogging
my hole body's, "Hot dog!" ing,
although, "blue" skin looks quite weird on me.

Jogging makes me feel healthy
plus I'll be much more wealthy
since I won't get sick, that cures my blues.
Doctors don't like that though.
It will cause them much woe.
They'll get mad so their, "patience," they'll lose.

That will make you feel healthy
plus you'll be much more wealthy
since you won't get sick, that cures your blues.
Doctors don't like that though.
It willl cause them much woe.
They'll get mad since their, "patience" they'll lose.

The Lord's blessed me with muscles,
hear, lung, and blood corpussels
so I'll see Him some day, my best dream
since He wants me to use it,
that means never abuse it.
I won't go, "Downstairs," they've no ice cream.

Jogging makes me feel super
then I'm no party-pooper.
I'll lose weight putting my mind at ease.
When on digital scales
they won't let out bad whales
and won't just read, "One at a time, PLEASE!!!!"

It's fun in my opinion,
right here in Old Dominion
and quite often some runners, I'll meet,
but I've warn out my shoes
which does give me the blues.
That could cause, "agony of, 'de-feet.'"

Jog, you'll have energy
then good times, you will see.
It's fun. All of your problems, don't mind them
Try to do it each day.
You'll feel better, I say.
That's great. All those lost pounds, you WON'T find them.

By, Cu Roye.

Rhyming Poem contest entry
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© Copyright 2016. Cuz Roye All rights reserved.
Cuz Roye has granted FanStory.com, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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