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 Category:  Fantasy Fiction
  Posted: October 24, 2020      Views: 88
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I am a semi-retired high school math teacher (part-time only now!) who has a passion for fantasy/sci-fi as well as romance literature. I have three fantasy / sci-fi novels on Amazon or B&N: An Imbalance of Power, Destiny's Heir, and Empress Hid - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #9 position.

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #22 spot on the rankings.

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #5 spot on this years rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #7 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Chapter 27 of the book Renaissance of Enchantment
How is it that is so much familiar and more about him...?
"Chapter 8 - Part 3" by Y. M. Roger

Demetrius and Maggie have a very interesting exchange, but does one of them know more about the other than simply a name? We'll let you decide, for now...

Maggie tried not to frown too pronouncedly at both the loss of the levity in his gaze and his halted statement. In her mind, she tried running back over his last words, but it was difficult as she tried to ignore all those eyes still focused on her. How could she have become such a disappointment to them in such a short span of time? Seemed to be her luck lately with guys or just people in general…
“Uh,” she began on a sigh, her heart suddenly deciding that it had some skin in this game. What the heck..?  “What is it I don’t realize, Demetrius?”
Again, a flash of the desert. She could almost feel a warm breeze and the scent of the air momentarily altered – a strong perfume, perhaps? Then, with another ‘hooting’ call from outside, she was back to the present. What was it about his name – about him – that did all sorts of…
Demetrius glanced toward the window and smiled warmly, although the handsome grin certainly reached no further than those perfect lips this time.
“Tell me,” he paused as if mentally searching for another name before continuing, “Maggie” – Demetrius seemed to contemplate her name, the scrutiny on his face increasing with a narrowing of his eyes – “Where did you go just now” – another slight hesitation – “my lady?”
As he spoke, Demetrius made a hand wave motion directed at the people in the room, his gaze never leaving hers.
Although Maggie found it difficult to break the connection she shared with Demetrius, she caught sight of the motley group turning in all directions to leave, each of them nodding to Demetrius in compliance? In understanding? Or perhaps something deeper? She really wasn’t sure...
“Weeelll…,” Maggie began as she tracked the few that passed by her on their exit, but her eyes quickly returned to his. In fact, she promptly forgot the rest of them to a more worrying thought:  should she tell him the truth? It was a bit on the crazy side…
Demetrius angled his face toward hers, eyebrows rising somewhat - a silent invitation for her to proceed with her explanation.
Maggie sighed once again. There was no way she was going to lie to this… this man. He was too potent to every one of her senses, and simply the thought of lying to him physically repulsed her – a sure sign that she shouldn’t even try.
Clearing her throat and steeling her spine, she began. “It’s the craziest thing, but” – Maggie stopped, wondering the best way to phrase her momentary insanity without sounding insane – “uhmm, I had this brief vision of a desert or something.”
Maggie paused there, trying to gauge Demetrius’ reaction to her strange description thus far. Although his face remained mostly shuttered, she thought she saw a spark of interest in those dark depths… not amusement, per se, but definitely more than the previous disappointment that had affected her so uncharacteristically.
“A desert?” Demetrius prompted, raising himself to his full and undeniably delicious height again. And, okay, yeah, she could suddenly feel that he was definitely interested in her continuing.
That feeling caused a warmth to emanate from deep within, a smile slowly etching itself across her face. Perhaps it was a bit of embarrassment… but, no, not that. No, this man – this Demetrius – did this to her. Even though it made no sense on any level…
“Yeah,” Maggie continued, suddenly wanting to tell him what she had seen, “A desert with pyramids and everything.” Maggie watched a hint of playfulness begin to slowly creep into his eyes, and she was emboldened. “I mean, it was like I was there in some sort of village, but it wasn’t like present-day, you know? It was more like some long time ago.” She saw his lips slowly begin to curve upward again, and oh how she wanted to be the reason for that! “And even though I’ve never been there, it was like… uhm, I don’t know… like I belonged there. Although that really doesn’t make all that much sense, I know…”
Demetrius took another step forward so that Maggie had to look up at him to avoid breaking their visual connection. When he did so, she lost her words as an aroma so much like the one from her vision a few moments ago over-whelmed her senses. She inhaled it, allowing it to surround her being and blend with the warmth already inside of her – the combination producing both a euphoria and a physical desire she had never experienced.
Struck simultaneously by the innate need to reach up and pull him closer and her self-protection warning bells honed by so many years on the streets and on the run, Maggie struggled to find a foothold in the moment. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she clinched her fists tightly. Very, very tightly.
To be honest, though, she was not sure whether the fists were out of frustration of her indecision or to prevent herself from reaching for Demetrius. Either way, she was completely oblivious when the large, hand-carved hat and coat tree suddenly flew across the room at them from beside the front door. In fact, the loud smack! of the notched and varnished stem against Demetrius’ palm shocked her: he had intercepted the heavy stand before it could impact either of them.
Gasping at the loud sound, Maggie’s eyes flew open. She took in the sight of Demetrius holding the hefty object as if it weighed nothing. But, instead of the obvious question being her focus – namely, where had the hat tree come from and how had he caught it – all that Maggie saw was his alluring face now fully engulfed in a smile that melted any sense of anxiety she probably should have felt. Maybe holding the hat tree made him smile like that…?
“Sorry,” she began, not sure at all for what she was apologizing. She watched Demetrius place the tree to stand beside him and take a step back as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Yep, he is definitely pleased with that hat tree for some reason. “Not sure where I went that time.” She returned that beguiling smile of his and relaxed completely as she joked, “But, I promise, there was no desert involved this time.”
Demetrius’ only response was a single raised eyebrow added to his tempting face. Just so sexy…  And although Maggie could almost hear the doubt he was telegraphing with the action, she knew it could probably be her projecting this time. Because, yeah, she was undeniably lost on him and, well, everything he was doing to her. And, really, she had no idea why he’d grabbed that silly hat tree when her eyes were closed or, for that matter, why it seemed to amuse him so…
She chuckled because she felt surprisingly good for the first time in as long as she could remember – perhaps since before Dorothy had died. Why, she wasn’t sure, but she welcomed the happiness. Oh, did she welcome it!
“Well, I think I’d better get some sleep,” she pointed almost giddily in the direction of her suite, taking a few steps back.
Demetrius’ response was to transition his megawatt smile to a seductive grin and nod, the clear delight never falling from his visage. Maggie nodded repeatedly in return, unable to wipe the smile from her own face – although she still did not completely understand the reason or reasons for it.
“Oh!” She caught herself  in mid-turn to leave. “And please tell those people, uhm, your friends, to keep it down after ten o’clock or so.” She smiled again and took another deep breath, the refreshing actions reaching through her entire being. “Addy’s only ten and he needs his sleep.”
This time he did not bow as obviously as the first time, but it was definitely his intent.
“Those people, my lady” Demetrius returned her smile and that mischief took over his entire visage once again. “Will not ever wake Master Addison.”
Maggie nodded and turned to enter her suite.
“Thank you, Demetrius.”
This time she welcomed the essence his name gifted her, even though she was still at a loss for its presence. She breathed in the desert perfume and closed the bedroom door behind her.
Demetrius stepped over to the entrance way to replace the rogue – and previously airborne – hat tree.  She, of course, did not hear his somewhat muffled response to hers.
“Always, my heart.”
Which was probably the Dark Prince’s intention…  For now.

To be continued…

Maggie - Marguerite B. Atkinson. Maggie is Rosemary’s great-niece.
Addison (Addy) Westmorland - little boy with Maggie, being raised by her
Dorothy Westmorland - Addy's mother (deceased). Also raised Maggie until she passed from cancer.
Bongo - Maggie & Addy's large, black cat
Twilight - Great Gray Owl seen outside the diner and at Maggie's apartment in New York. It has somehow found its way to the Refuge.

Rosemary - (deceased) Rosemary Fenna, Sister of the World Wide Hecate Order (WWHO) and Guardian Protectress of The Refuge
Demetrius - tall, mysterious male resident of The Refuge, marked for death (perhaps more) by the WWHO [World Wide Hecate Order] Serves the goddess, Isis
Peadar - Irish male resident of The Refuge, helped Rosemary with upkeep. Definitely not human
Lycaois - (aka Lyca) Goth, warrior-looking female resident of The Refuge. Definitely not human
Freki - Lyca's over-sized pet 'dog'
Koko - Native American male resident of The Refuge, has unending optimism and warmth about him...most of the time. Definitely not human
Kato - large male Refuge resident who wears the clothes of a teenager. Kato is a young lion-shifter.
Memphis - nymph from Demetrius' original homeland, now auberge factotum to The Refuge

Geoffrey Staltson - Rosemary's lawyer and friend to the residents at The Refuge
Stephen - private investigator employed by Geoffrey

Jinx - computer hack/whiz working with Stephen, handles all the tech-forensics for investigations (Jinx and Stephen are also domestic partners)
Charlise Staltson - Geoffrey's wife (they have a three-way marriage - Geoffrey, Gary, and Charlie)
Gary Staltson - Geoffrey's husband


Author Notes
So glad to be back in my 'fantasy mode', folks!! Thanx for checking in on Maggie... And, as always, thanx so much for reading me! ;)

Image of 'Delightful Southern House Plans' at The Image Fixer []

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© Copyright 2016. Y. M. Roger All rights reserved. Registered copyright with FanStory.
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