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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: November 23, 2020      Views: 56

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Vampire walks into a bar full of geriatrics
"Midnight Blues" by Cascade1

I walk in the bar with my thigh high boots. And find the place overflowing with a crowd of over 80's. I had planned this to be my big night out celebrating my birthday as a newly born vampire. I was a klutz in my previous life and it looks as though my lousy sense of timing has been carried over into my new life. This room full of geriatrics in their bright baggy tracksuits and cheap flip flops is not exactly my idea of a smorgasbord.
I let them get a good look at my thigh high boots in midnight blue leather, my silver mini skirt and a low cut v neck top. The only sound in the dim light is my six inch heels slowly click clacking over the smooth surface. I can feel all their rheumy eyes gawk at my every movement and lucky there are no flies in here because with all the open mouths I see, a lot of old folks would be choking on bugs right now. I take a seat at the counter and cross my legs exposing more skin. An elderly gent at the far end of the bar drops his glass shattering the silence.
A few gasps, oohs and aahs later has the ancient crowd shuffling around again murmuring like some rusty machinery kick started into action.
I order a beer, ( yes vampires really can eat and drink normal food if they wish). The barman, in between drooling at my cleavage explains that the tour bus broke down stranding the old people here. As if on cue, a man old enough to be my great grandfather props himself up on a bar stool next to me. "Hello there", he rasps out. I am too mortified to speak. Is he really trying to engage me in conversation? Does he really think he has a shot with me??
For one furious second, I feel like slashing his throat wide open for his audacity. That sight
alone should have a few grey haired men and women drop dead from fright. Easy pickings if I want it. Before I decide on my next move, someone finds an old Elvis song on the jukebox and I have hideous images of wrinkly couples slow dancing to "Love Me Tender" and am wishing I am dead again.
Oh well, at least the beer is cold and the barman is starting to look tasty......

Thigh High Boots contest entry

Author Notes
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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