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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: November 24, 2020      Views: 51

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This work has reached the exceptional level
prose poetry most recent achievement, almost
"My Pond" by Lulube
The pond that I dug with my shovel
And used variable-sized, orphan rocks
To outline the perimeter and hide
The plastic liner, as well as they can,
I must admit, looks quite intriguing

The plan was, to let it lay and settle
But fill it with water and check for leaks
And when Spring arrives, buy the fish and plants My patience has worn thin
It's only been a month since the pond became reality
I started it quite late cause it's in November now
Weather is unpredictable and there's guaranteed
Days of freezing temps and that brings, snowmen

There's a compulsive urge in my stomach
To go and view what's at the local pet store
Don't know if I'll be able to wait till Spring
I've got a personal bet that I can't
Check watch, stores open for another hour
With a sporadic leap, I was behind the wheel
Once inside, it wasn't too hard looking to my right
At the corner oasis, with a quaint, shallow pond
And a pricey fish list that hung overhead
But where are all the big fish, I only saw babies?

Course it was a Friday night and like
Every where else, short staffed but doing their best
I start browsing and reading label after label on
All the goodies that provide a healthy environment
Shelves and shelves of pumps, filters and chemistry products
Is every fish owner a chemists and environmental wizard
What are they raising in these pet stores?
Wimpy fish that have to be coddled? Catch a cold?

My dad dug his pond with a shovel and used
Cement for the inside and never had a filter
Or oxygen pump or special plants
Mom fed fish for years and years, her pets
It's November and it is starting
To get cold, really cold but I can't wait
I knew it!
I bring two little ones home and slowly get them
Introduced to the water temperature
It was after midnight when I let them out of their bag
They were in their new home, hoping they adjust
Before nights are freezing the top of pond

Next day I go outside to feed them
I can't find them. I spent an hour searching for
The little guys, I lost the little fishies
Did the raccoons smell them out that fast?
I'm a murderer, I should have kept them in the
House till Spring, stuck with the original plan
Or better yet, not even bought them, but I had to
Sorry little fishies, I'm so sorry. You were my first
And I thought you would make it, My bad
I will replace you but I will not forget you

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© Copyright 2016. Lulube All rights reserved.
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