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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: November 30, 2020      Views: 22

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You are enjoying another piece of writing penned by the NUMBER 5 RANKED SCRIPT WRITER OF THE YEAR FOR 2019!!!

My reviews are mere suggestions. Feel free to use anything that provides assistance and/or chuck the whole shebang.

For 2 - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #29 position.

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Those Coronavirus Gloves You Wear
"Jaw Jacks Number Five" by Brett Matthew West

Tell me you're kidding, right? I almost want to say even if you have to lie to me. But, I won't. Seems that is what our government may have been doing all along. However, that's not anything new. Is it? While I probably would never write about Covid-19, I recently came across this information and thought it important enough to pass along.

The world's largest rubber glove, and disposable glove, manufacturer is located in the Third World country of Malaysia. That's no real big issue, at least not until you hear the rest of this. Then, you decide. This enterprise is known as Malaysia's Top Glove.

The company has shuttered 20 of its factories. Just since November 17th. Why? Because, count them, more than 3,000 of their workers tested positive for Coronavirus. Eight more of their factories are running below 20 percent capacity and will be closed to quarantine workers.

According to Lim Wee Chai, their Executive Chairman, their only concern is that supply will be affected "somehow" and that glove prices will go up, not if their gloves are contaminant-free. Give me a frigging break! What about all the people around the world, who uninformed about this potential health risk, have unknowingly used this manufacturer's possibly tainted gloves? Were you aware of this occurrence? Have you heard as much as one cautionary peep from anyone about wearing, or not wearing their gloves? Perhaps I should have labeled this posting as Horror instead of Commentary.

Making approximately 90 billion of these gloves annually, Malaysia's Top Glove accounts for about 25 percent of the world's global glove market and has received ZERO glove order cancellations. You did not misread that.

Klang, where the Top Gloves' factories, and employee hostels are located, has reported 4,036 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. In all, Malaysia has reported a current windfall of 59,817 cases. That does not include people who may have been infected by the virus being spread on gloves sold. Think about that prospect.

With using products of this nature as PPE is it any wonder the battle with the pandemic rages on, and the world is coming out on the short end of the war? For your own safety, the next time you put on gloves in an effort to help protect yourself from Coronavirus maybe you should find out who made them and where they are from?

Something to contemplate.

Author Notes
the young motorcyclist, by supergold, selected to complement my commentary.

So, thanks supergold, for the use of your picture. It goes so nicely with my commentary.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by supergold at

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