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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: December 8, 2020      Views: 243

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My published book: Good Advice Part 5 rated 4/4 by Online Book Club Organization. Full review:
I have worked in IT in the banking industry for over 30 years, working in Hong Kong, - more...

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The winning prize is shocking and unexpected.
"Who doesn't want to win" by Goodadvicechan

Standing in front of the mirror, I admired my new red suit for the best dressed competition of tonight's party. It was a two piece suit with small gay flags all over the top jacket. The pants each had one big flag. I put on a white long sleeve T-shirt underneath.

My boots were knee length with belt, and diamonds all over. The belt had six pieces of ruby. I tucked my pants inside my boots.

I have been praying that I would win the best dressed award because the prize was to dance with the best-looking-guy in the party plus one week vacation for two in Hawaii.

The more I looked at the mirror, the more confident I became that I would win. As I was admiring my dazzling suit, the door bell rang.

I opened the door and my ex-boyfriend was standing there.

I yelled at Joe, "We are no longer together. Please go away."

"My dear darling."

"Don't darling me. Just go."I pushed Joe away and he pushed me back.

He said. "Bob, I loved you and I still love you. I have fixed everything you hated, my nose and my eyes. Look."

"I don't want to look."

"I weigh 15 lbs less. No more a fat boy. I can take off my clothes and show you."

"I already said, I don't want to look."


"We are separated already."

"Why? Don't you love me?"

"I couldn't stand your snore. You didn't want separate rooms."

"We only had one bedroom." Joe started to cry.

"I can't stand your crying either. Go away." I closed the door.

I was disturbed by Joe's visit, arrived late at the party, and missed the dance competition of the outstanding looking guys, but was in time winning the best dressed competition.

The MC said. "Will the winner of our best-dressed man, Robert to come up here to help me announce the winner of the Best-Looking-Guy award?"

I walked proudly to the stage with one hand holding up and waving to everyone.

Claps and shouts were the loudest that I ever heard. When I walked up the stage, the MC handed me an envelope, whispering, "You announce the name of the winner."

He then said," Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is ..."

I opened the envelope and was shocked that the winner was my ex-boyfriend.

The MC hurried me, "Robert, tell us who the winner is."

Without saying a word, I fell on the floor. The MC took the envelope and said, "The winner is Joseph Harding. Robert, get up and dance with Joseph. Ladies and gentlemen, please give them a big clap."

Joseph Harding walked to the stage, wearing a silver cape, a silver brief and a pair of silver boots. Cheers, shouts and claps filled the whole room.

I raised my hand inviting Joseph to dance and whispered, "Can we start over again?" Out of joy, he put his hand on mine, and started crying with a big smile.

A good pair of boots can crush exes writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story about meeting your ex, describe the mouthwatering outfit you are wearing with boots, and deliver such a reason why you won't get back together that the ex cries on the spot....

- No swearing
- describe the outfit..
-Must be LGBTQ plus relationship
- 500 words


Author Notes
It was a dazzling and fun party. There were dancing competition and best dressed completion. Yet both winners have mixed feelings when they won.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by cleo85 at

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