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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: January 13, 2021      Views: 80

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I write what I think-feel-believe.
Every essay, poem, and tale tells a story.
message dictates style.
I write about what's happening in the world.
I consider my writing more "expressive" than "artistic."

He is a top ranked author at the #10 position.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #84 spot on this years rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #37 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
George Orwell was a prophet. (819 words)
"Who Is Watching?" by Robert Zimmerman

What is happening in our country should be a surprise to no one. This has been coming for years.  I have posted work here describing my opinion of what is happening in America. In high school I read, “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Animal Farm”, “Brave New World”, and others. What I read was shocking to my young mind. Being informed with what was happening in the world from those days forward became important to me.
I realized it was necessary to understand our Constitution and how it guided our society because these books showed me the process of social entropy. Reading these together gave me clear opinions how the country would move.  My first opinion writing was a high school essay in 1962. I explored the differences between the USA and the Soviet Union and how they would change in the future. I believed America would move left and the USSR would decay. My history teacher asked where I came up with those ideas.
On FS, I have written several opinion pieces about what I see happening in the country. The following posts are in my portfolio:
“Welcome to Dystopia”
     (six word story)   
     (October 3, 2019)
     (Orwell’s 1984 prophecy)
“The Tribunal”
     (Short story ~ 850 words)
     (October 10, 2020)
“Valley of the Horns”
     (A sonnet describing the corrosive effect of social media in America)
     (October 4, 2020)
In my opinion social media practices censorship, and has become “Big Brother.” The Constitution does not prohibit private enterprise from censoring speech, so they can censor who they wish. I find it fascinating the American people put up with social media. They are not selling you anything, they are selling you. SM makes billions selling your personal information. A new CD from Amazon is not the product. YOU ARE!!!
They have also declared their political allegiance. Twitter suspended the account of the New York Post because of the Hunter Biden laptop story.  That is the fourth largest newspaper in the country. It is also the oldest. There is a small media platform called Parler. They are a competitor of Twitter. Amazon has denied them server access, Apple has blocked them, Google has blocked them, and android has blocked them. That is censorship and denial of service. The social media cage wants no competition. They own their audience and there is nothing you can do to change that. They can stop competition. I suggest Congress review the Sherman Antitrust act.  Teddy Roosevelt’s nickname was the “Trust Buster.” There were huge monopolies in the early 20th century and he broke them up.
I do not, and will not, have a social media account. It’s bad enough I have to use a service from one of these companies to have a phone. Social media platforms want to control how you speak through their service. They have decided they are the arbiter of truth, just like the news media. They will tell you what they want you to know, not what you want to know.
A few oligarchs in Silicon Valley now control our media. They are authoritarian by nature and they are progressives. If you have ever wondered why the media and social media are so left-leaning, the answer is rather simple. They thrive in the environment of crony capitalism.
It is reported some people used Social media to organize attacks on the Capitol building January 6th. I don’t know for sure, because I don’t access social media and the news/network media is an unreliable source. They will attempt to tell me their opinion, but I won’t listen. The Feds are collecting names and making arrests.  Those arrested need to spend a major portion of their lives in prison. The people rioting all over the country that burned police stations, court houses, and businesses in 2020 should get the same treatment. Principled conservatism believes the law applies to everyone EQUALLY.
A local media outlet in my area has a commercial where the news anchor says, “If you don’t trust the media, you can trust us.” That is hilarious.  It’s like a skunk saying to me, “I promise I will not stink up your house if you’ll let me in.”
I have written several times that the future is predictable. All you need to do is study history. I have a post on here called,
“The Wheel of History”
     (371 words)
     (August 29, 2020) 

Governments crack down on people they disagree with or want to control. During World War II, Roosevelt used internment camps in California for Japanese. It appears social media and the government will squelch speech after the events at the Capitol building. Why do I believe that? Find a history book and look up the “Reichstag fire” in Berlin in 1933. That was the event that prompted the “new” German government’s suppression of civil liberties. Is that the future of America?
China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and others savor the recent events in America. 

Story of the Month contest entry


Author Notes
Big Brother is watching, calculating, counting, censoring, and selling YOU to the highest bidder.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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