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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: January 17, 2021      Views: 11
Prologue 1 2 3 4 

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Seshadri Sreenivasan is an engineer by profession. He holds a degree in electrical engineering. He worked in Steel Mills in India and abroad for 40 years before hanging up his boots.
This background might seem entirely unconnected with the world - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #6 position.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #33 spot on the rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #29 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Chapter 3 of the book BioConflict
Dr.Schmidt narrates his encounter with the Russian
"Experiment Horribly Gone Wrong" by Seshadri_Sreenivasan

Dr Schmidt continues his narration about his encounters with the Russian mafia and identifies the corpse and the cause of death

Igor Ivanovo, the Russian, head of the Russian Social Service Organization in Goa, left in a huff after giving a stern warning to Dr Schmidt.

Dr Schmidt went near his window and peeked outside. He saw Igor in some animated conversation with two other Russians and often gesturing towards the house.

Dr Schmidt was still fuming and unable to come to terms with the impending threat to his life. He sat down with his head in his hand and wondered how to handle the complicated situation. Anger boiled deep in his system, as hot as lava. He was well aware that the Russians could hurt people.

For the first time in his life, Dr Schmidt felt helpless.

Two Russian thugs came at the specified hour the next day and took the files he had copied on to a couple of high-speed and high-capacity pen drives. He also handed over the typed lists of contents running to several pages.

Igor, the Russian, called him soon after. “Is that all?” he barked. “I will hand over the information you have given me to my scientists and find out what they have to say.”

“As you wish,” Dr Schmidt retorted, “but please note that genetic engineering could also create unknown side effects or unpredicted allergic reactions in some people. It could also result in the toxicity of an organism to humans or other organisms. So be careful when you conduct experiments on humans.”


Shirodkar was spellbound as he listened to Dr Schmidt’s narration with rapt attention. He thought these things happened only in gangster movies. He could hardly contain his shock and disgust.

“What are you going to do now, Dr Schmidt? Your work of 40 years is in the wrong hands. “How can we stop them from putting to fiendish use?”

There was something about the way Schmidt smiled. “No. They won’t be able to do it without understanding my work thoroughly. It isn't effortless. I am sure they will try it on themselves first before going in for some human trials on the locals. They will try to modify my formulae. But their experiments are sure to end in a disaster.”

Dr Schmidt halted and took a deep breath.

“I have inserted a worm gene into its DNA, and the plants and foods modified this way acquire the power to fluoresce. When they are illuminated with blue light, they acquire a bright green hue – an unsettling ability. After all, who needs anything like a plant, meat that can shine a light on itself? And who would like to have worms grow in their stomach?”

Schmidt looked at Shirodkar in the eye. His lips twitched, and he was trying to fight a smile.

Shirodkar sat up straight.”What? I can now guess what they were trying to do! They have tried to experiment with the genetic engineering on one of their ilk. And without any clue about the antidote should anything go wrong.”

Schmidt nodded in agreement and tried to smile. It transformed him from a soft-spoken scientist to someone menacing.

“Their experiments must have gone wrong with half-baked reports I gave them. They must have made the subject of their cruel experiment eat some food modified to acquire fluorescence in bright green, and created living organisms like worms, which must have developed rapidly. When they couldn’t develop an antidote, they let him die and dumped the body near the river.”

They remained silent for a couple of minutes in deep thoughts.

 “I know what you are thinking, Shirodkar, ” Dr Schmidt gulped down his beer. ”I have already informed these incidents to Inspector D’Souza and have sounded him on these experiments' repercussions when unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. I have strongly advised him to keep it under wraps and cremate the corpse immediately. He has assured me he will conduct raids on the Russian mafia, seize all my materials and destroy their labs. In a small way, I feel relieved that I can contain the damage.”

Shirodkar wiped his sweating eyebrows. He shook his head, obviously still distraught by the mere thought of it.

”These are disturbing and unnecessary developments. After all, who needs poultry or an animal that shine in the dark? What kind of people with the right mind, would want to mix the DNA of two such dissimilar creatures in the first place? These are GM horrors.”

“Don’t take too much to heart,” Schmidt advised. “Because of these adverse developments, I have decided to move my base back to Germany and restart my Biotechnology teaching. I am winding up my establishment here and am donating my lab and all my work to the university. I see that the younger generation is smart and eager to learn. I am always available to help them out in their research activities.”

Shirodkar shook his hand firmly and hugged him.”Take care, big fellow. Keep in touch. Probably I will see you in Germany next year.”

“I will look forward to that day, Mein Freund.” Schmidt said.”No harm will come to me here. As they say, a man who lives fully is not afraid of death.”

As they approached the gate, they heard the telephone ring in the hall. Schmidt ignored it. But it kept ringing incessantly.

Annoyed, Dr Schmidt said a quick ‘Auf Wiedersehen” and rushed inside. Shirodkar got into the car with an uneasy feeling and left for the airport to head back to Mumbai.

to be continued in the final chapter-5.

The book continues with The End Game. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Dr Schmidt continues his narration about his encounters with the Russian mafia and identifies the corpse and the cause of death.
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