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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: January 27, 2021      Views: 11

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I am a widow. I have four grown children, and three wonderful grandchildren. I have been a teacher, a store manager, and a chef, but my true passion has ALWAYS been writing.
I have one book, A Teacher's Thoughts In Poem, that was publishe - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #70 position.

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A venting of an accumulation of things.
"FLASHing on ANGER" by Monica Chaddick

Okay, so normally I don't get this angry, but there has been a whirlwind of things happening over yesterday and today that have seriously just -- pardon the expression -- pissed me off.

My mother can't seem to give me any accurate information about anything, including when she plans to return to my daughter's, yet she has told literally every other member of the family besides myself and Dillon that she will be returning on Saturday. I haven't seen my youngest son (who incidentally owes me four thousand dollars) since Thanksgiving of 2019. I just found out that he used his gas money for work to drive out and see my mother at my sister's, then called me for gas money to get to work. I told him no. Then I find out that he told my other son that he doesn't plan to return to see me again until my funeral. I told Dillon to tell his delightful baby brother not to bother coming then, either.

Finally, my landlord came to me a few days ago complaining about how my grandson was treating my dog while he was walking her, and basically saying that this isn't the first time she has seen a problem with him and the dog and that he needs to be disciplined (not her exact words, but the implication was there). Dillon went and got my grandson and the dog and made him apologize to the landlord. Today, the landlord goes to my daughter complaining about how we chose to discipline my grandson. The landlord doesn't even have custody of her own child. We didn't even spank him in front of her. Dillon walked him over with his hand on the back of his neck and made him apologize. She told my daughter that Dillon wanted my grandson to get on his knees on a wet sidewalk and that I was just standing there. Some people should mind their own damn business!
Either way, this all accumulated to set me off on this rant. Thank you, Dear Reader, for allowing me to vent. At any rate, my house is now very, very clean.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by VMarguarite at

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