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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: January 30, 2021      Views: 186
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My published book: Good Advice Part 5 rated 4/4 by Online Book Club Organization. Full review:
I have worked in IT in the banking industry for over 30 years, working in Hong Kong, - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #90 position.

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Chapter 6 of the book A Pragnant Ghost
Tom got into more troubles.
"Pregnant Ghost Chapter 6" by Goodadvicechan

Mary bought a picture of a Chinese bride for Tom. One night the bride came out from the picture, attacked Mary, and forced Tom to arrange for her, a marriage with her deceased boyfriend.

Chapter 1 to 5.

Mary bought a picture of a Chinese bribe for Tom. One night the bride came out from the picture, attacked Mary, and forced Tom to arrange for her, a marriage ceremony with her deceased boyfriend.

On the way to see the bride's parents, Tom stayed in a haunted hotel and he met a ghost who threatened him to catch the person who killed him.

Tom went to the police station asking for help. Instead of being helped, he ended in jail.

Pregnant Ghost - Chapter 6

The prison was an ugly one story brown building, appearing beaten down and baked by the sun. It stood in the middle of an empty abandoned lot, about three hundred feet away from the police station.

The inside of the building looked like it had not been properly maintained for years. There was one conference room and two prison cells. Inside the conference room was a table with three chairs. Each prison cell had one twin bed, one small desk, one chair, a washing basin and a toilet separated by half wall. The toilet was the most primitive form of nothing more than a hole dug into the ground, over which people would squat.

The officer handed me a pillow and a blanket, put me in the corner cell, and then he left. The place was disgusting. Dust was everywhere and it smelled like rotten fish and over-ripe fruits. I held my breath or used a piece of toilet paper to cover my nose.

The night was a bit chilly. It was noticeably dim and gloomy. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. Through the bars of the dusty window, the only light was the moon, with dark clouds moving. The weather was expected to eventually evolve into storms and lighting.

Since I didn't like any of the prison food, I skipped two meals and by now I felt extremely hungry. I could hear a sound of my stomach like someone hitting a drum. I screamed for help hoping to get something to eat. I could hear the echo of my voice but no one came.

The heavy rainfall finally came, gradually turning into lightning and storm. The wind whipped my cheeks and my fingers were numb. Every time, lighting flashed in the sky, I saw Ah Wong's head, eyes wide-open, bloodshot, staring directly at me, and shouted at me in a scary voice, "you betrayed me. You deserve to starve to death."

"Ah Wong, please get me out of here. I'll do anything for you."

He grabbed me by the neck, raised me up with his hand but I didn't see it. I felt like I was floating and being choked to death.

I screamed, "don't kill me. I'll tell the police what you told me."

He dropped me on the floor and said, "you better."

The lightning struck the building and within a second, he disappeared.

I dared not drink the water from the sink. My hunger made me sick. I wished I could see Siu Feng and ask her for help but she hadn't shown up for the last couple of days. I worried about Mary. I had no way to find out what Siu Feng might have done to her. The police kept my phone, so I couldn't contact Veronica.

I felt so sick that I was about to faint. Someone tapped over my shoulder. I turned around and saw Siu Ming.

I didn't want to see him and certainly I didn't want to talk to him. He was the last person I wanted to see at this hour. He said if I listened to him, he would get me out of the prison cell.

"How?" I said.

"Talk to the police at dawn and ask to see my mother to bail you out of here but you must promise me to go to the Chow Graveyard."


"Siu Feng's relatives might have seen what happened to Siu Feng's body."

"No, I won't go back there. I had seen enough ghosts, enough of this nonsense."

"I won't let you go home without Siu Feng's body, and I won't let you starve to death. Now, you must eat something to keep yourself alive."

"There is no food here."

"What are these?" He pointed to the running cockroaches.

"Are you nuts?"

Siu Ming caught one, walked towards me, forced it into my mouth and said. "Eat it."

"No." I pushed him away and he was motionless. His body didn't move at all. Timidly I stepped backwards till I reached to the toilet. I could not move any further otherwise I would fall into the hole. He forced me to sit on the half wall and pushed the cockroach into my mouth. I spit it out but his hand closed my mouth forging me to swallow it.

"Eat some more." He picked up another one from the floor.

"No. You can't do this to me."

"Yes, I can." He jumped into my body, and possessed me. He started to pick up more cockroaches one by one and put it in my mouth. I tried all my might to spit it out but failed.

I wanted to vomit but I couldn't. Sir Ming took over me and kept on eating until there was no more cockroaches. He then forced me to close my eyes and sleep.


The next morning, Officer Chan came, and said. "You have a visitor. Come to the conference room."

To my big surprise and relief, Mary was sitting in the conference room waiting for me.

"Mary, get me out of here. I don't want to die here."

" Sit down." Officer Chan said.

"Glad you are out of the hospital. How are you feeling?" Instead of being told to sit down, I moved towards Mary, hoping to hug her.

Officer Chan stopped me and said, "Mr. Tsang, sit down."

I sat down and stretched both of my hands to hold Mary's.

Mary said, "I bought you breakfast. You didn't eat your dinner. You must be hungry."

I looked at the food, a coffee and a ham and egg sandwich. To me, it was a meal of royal food.

"I bought this from the train station. There weren't many choices."

"This is heavenly food." I drank half of the coffee at one go to wash down what I had last night, and then finished the sandwich in no time.

"I made a deal with Siu Feng."

"What deal? I don't want you to get involved with her anymore."

"I promised to keep the baby and help find her body."

"I'm glad you agreed to keep the baby. It's our baby. But, you shouldn't get involved in finding her body."

"I don't think we have a choice. What she did to me in your absence scared Veronica so much that she would soon become insane if we don't do something."

"So, what are we going to do? I can't stay here any longer otherwise I am the one who is going to be insane. Are you bailing me out?"

"I can't. They require a local reputable person to be your guarantor. Unfortunately Mr. Chow refused to do it. He insisted you were a cheater and blackmailed him by selling the picture."

"Totally ridiculous."

"The police are talking to Mr. Ho to be your guarantor. There is a chance he may agree to do it."

I remember what Siu Ming said last night. Hopefully he would have done something to make it happen.

Office Tung Senior came in and said. "Good morning everyone. Good news, Mr. Ho agreed to be your guarantor. His wife is on the way here to sign some papers."

He sat down to join us. "Mr. Tsang, I need to ask you some more questions."

"I already told you everything." I was a bit annoyed.

Mary said, "Officer Tung Senior, I'll make sure he'll answer your questions. Go ahead."

His questions included; where I bought the picture? why I was here, and what exactly happened since my arrival? I stayed calm and answered all his questions although I already told him the answers more than once.

He handed me the picture and said, "someone from the hotel turned it in this morning. Is this yours?"

"Yes, the girl in the picture is Miss Chow Siu Feng."

"This is a small town, I recognized her in the picture . She was a pretty girl. Look at all the jewelry she was wearing. They were gone with the body."

"What happened?" Mary asked.

"When the Ho family returned the dead body to the Chow's house, Mrs. Chow decided to bury her as is."

Mary interrupted, "why?"

"Mrs Chow said these were her dowry. They preferred her wearing her wedding dress and taking the jewelry with her. It is a symbol of no return in a marriage."

Mary looked at me, recognizing these jewelry must worth a lot of money and I looked at her in disbelief. We both had nothing to say to each other for a few seconds.

Then Mary said, "what do we do now?"

I said,"Officer Tung Senior, please look into Ah Wong's case first."

"I know what I'm doing. Let's walk back to the main office. By now, the Ho's family should be here."


Part of the bail out agreement was to have us stay behind to help the police investigation for a maximum of 30 days. I was so happy that Mrs. Ho offered to let us stay at her house. I really didn't want to stay in the haunted hotel.

The design of the Ho's house consisted of a square court yard in the middle with rooms around it on all four sides. Flower pots with different kinds of flowers were scattered around the court yard. There was a small pond in the center with fish in it.

Mrs. Ho was very kind to arrange two bedrooms for us, offering a female servant for Mary, and a male one for me. Mary wasn't pleased with the idea of two bedrooms but I was. I was positive that at least one of the ghosts would come to see me. I didn't want Mary to interact with them given what I've been through. I had no intention to tell her what Siu Ming did to me. This was Siu Ming's house, a high possibility that he would visit me at night.

I was right. He came while I was sleeping.



The book continues with Pregnant Ghost Chapter 7. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I apologize for the spelling of the book title. I have tried but can't correct it.

Cockroach as Food and Medicine in China:

Cockroaches when dried are for use in Asian medicine and in cosmetics.

Research is underway in China (and South Korea) on the use of pulverized cockroaches for treating baldness, AIDS and cancer and as a vitamin supplement.

Restaurants around cockroach farms offer fried cockroaches seasoned with salt on the lunch menu.


Tom : a journalist
Mary : Tom's girlfriend
Chow Siu Feng : Pregnant Ghost
Ho Siu Ming : Siu Feng's boyfriend
Mr. and Mrs. Chow: Siu Feng's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ho: Siu Ming's parents
Tsoi Tsoi : Siu Feng's close Servant
Veronica: Mary's grandmother
Au Chung Hing : owner of a gallery
Monk Kong : Ghost Buster
Grandma Miu Miu : Beat the Devil Specialist
Grandma Ling : Ghost Communicator
Ah Fook : Male Servant
Ah Kai : Female Servant
Ghost Number 12 : Sue Fang's Grandfather
Ah Wong: a Ghost ( caretaker)
Officer Ting : a police officer Tung Senior : a police officer
u Chan : a police officer
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at

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