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 Category:  Writing Non-Fiction
  Posted: March 7, 2021      Views: 4

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Writing and communication have always interested me since High School. It has been a work in progress.

What started out as pursuing my comic ambitions has turned into improving and developing my writing beyond where I was before.

A - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #59 position.

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Tenants doing something about high rents
"Real Estate revolution" by LittleIrishman

Business tenants from small-to-big Australia-wide are getting sick-and-tired of paying high rents for their properties.

With such high business rents and mortgages, in what is really dead-money from a general business perspective, it can be difficult to survive, let alone make profit and be comfortable.

Some smaller business owners, including those that are sole traders, partnerships, and family businesses, have to work 7 days a week just to make ends meet.

There are local business strips, business districts, shopping centres, and warehouses for instance.

The median rents-mortgages for offices/commercial businesses in Sydney/ NSW, and Australia are:
- Around $485, Parramatta region;
- From $675 to $1000 and over, Sydney CBD and fringe areas
Victoria (Vic)
- Outside Melbourne, $400-$500
- Melbourne CBD, up to $700
Queensland (QLD)
- Outside city, $400-$500
- Brisbane CBD, up to $700.

Local Australian councils, as well as real estates need to invest in their businesses, and decrease rents and mortgages to the point where relevant local businesses can survive more freely and smoothly.

Not just this, but especially maintaining, looking after, and investing in businesses in the local area who have been in operation long-term for a number of years.

Some businesses, if they do it properly and correctly, may eventually pay off their business mortgages while they have been on the premises.

However, for the sake of a local council image if business owners own their firm, and are not really directly using it, they should either find another tenant to rent or mortgage the property, sell the property, and if it is quite shabby, old, and rundown to fix, refurbish, or renovate the property.

- Calautti, Lisa. (April 19, 2019) 'How does it cost to rent office space?' Commercial Real Estate
- Personal Experiences:
I have observed and found out how local businesses in my area struggle to pay their rents/mortgages, and some have even had to close shop with recent rises in such prices.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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