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 Category:  Supernatural Fiction
  Posted: April 2, 2021      Views: 168
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My published book: Good Advice Part 5 rated 4/4 by Online Book Club Organization. Full review:
I have worked in IT in the banking industry for over 30 years, working in Hong Kong, - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #99 position.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 9 of the book A Pragnant Ghost
What happens in a Ghost Courthouse
"Pregnant Ghost Chapter 9" by Goodadvicechan

A pregnant ghost and her boyfriend committed suicide to protest an arranged marriage. She asked Tom to arrange a marriage for her to marry her deceased boyfriend. She also forced Tomâ??s girl friend

Chapters 1 to 8

Mary bought a picture of a Chinese bride for Tom. One night the bride (Sie Feng) came out from the picture, attacked Mary, and forced Tom to arrange for her, a marriage with her deceased boyfriend ( Siu Ming).

On the way to see the bride's parents, Tom stayed in a haunted hotel and got involved in a murder case. At the same time Siu Feng's dead body was stolen.

Tom was accused of stealing Siu Feng's dowry, ending in jail. Siu Ming's parents bailed him out and now he and Mary went to the Chow Graveyard to look for Siu Feng's body. They discovered two caretakers stole Siu Feng's dowry.

Chapter 9

I woke Mary up to have breakfast. She looked more like a human being this morning and recovered from being frightened by Ah Wong's ghost head in the courtroom.

We had a traditional Chinese village breakfast; white rice porridge, salted peanuts, preserved vegetables, preserved boiled salted eggs, and fried Chinese donuts.

After breakfast, we headed to the Dragon Temple, praying for advice about whether we should continue to get involved in Siu Feng's case or not.

The temple was located about 20 miles on a hillside with north-south axis. North-south was considered to bring good luck for worshippers.

Farther up there were a pagoda, a shrine for general services and another one for tablets (a common praying area whereby an ancestor's spirit is transferred to a wooden tablet). The two shrines were of similar size. They were connected by a covered bridgeway. The tiled roofs were green and sat atop eaves, which were decorated with religious figures. The roofs were supported by magnificently carved and decorated beams, which in turn had intricately carved dragon stone pillars.

Chinese from the older generation traditionally believed that the heavens were round and the earth was square. This pagoda, which was like a tower, had five stories with windows, a hollow structure made of bricks. It had a square base rooted to the ground, but an octagonal plan on each story so it looked round when viewed by the gods above in the sky. There was a staircase that connected to each story, all the way to the top.

In front of the pagoda stood a big Buddha of mercy (Guanshiyin Bodhisattva). Guanshiyin was one of the four great bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism. According to legend, his name means "the one who listens to the world and weeping." This Buddha was known as a compassionate and saving god. When people were faced with all kinds of sufferings and horrors, they prayed with a sincere heart and their pain and sufferings would be relieved.

The place wasn't crowded. There were some people lighting bouquets of smoking joss sticks, saying prayers, leaving jade orchid blossoms as offerings, throwing sheng bei (fortune-telling wooden blocks) and donating ghost money to a variety of ancient gods in return for things like good scores for children on important exams, good marriages and good businesses.

We made a quick tour of the pagoda and climbed to the top. The scenery was beautiful. There were houses surrounded by acres of land. A few horses were running on the grass. We could see the river at a long distance.

Then we went to the shrine to perform our throwing sheng bei. We knelt and shook a container of fortune-telling wooden blocks. We continued shaking the container until one block came out. Mary asked for the safety of her baby. She got wooden block number six. I wanted to know the result of finding Siu Feng's body and I got number sixty two.

We paid a service person to explain what the numbers meant. Each number was associated with the life story of a known person in history. In summary, Mary's baby would be fine. Mine wasn't as smooth as I would like it to be. I had to go through a lot of hurdles before it would work out. I was advised to tell Siu Feng's parents to perform a ghost chanting ceremony.


At midnight, we went back to the courtroom. Mary thought she could handle it, but was more scared than last night when Ah Wong came out with a head, two fire eyes and two hands carrying his wife's head. His wife had no eyes, but two holes with blood stains on her face.

Ah Ying continued his story and said. "I asked Ah Wong for half of the jewelry but he said he lost the bag on his way home. I didn't believe him. We grew up together in this town and became partners as caretakers. I knew he had a greedy character. I searched the house. He stopped me and kicked my right leg. I fell on the floor. He went to the kitchen and grasped a knife."

Ah Wong interrupted again, "It wasn't me holding the knife."

Officer Tung Senior said, "Ah Wong, stop interrupting, otherwise I won't be able to help you."

Ah Ying continued, "I got up and kicked his left leg, throwing him off balance. His knife fell out of his hand. He himself fell onto the curb side of the kitchen door. Blood came running down all over his face. A five-foot ladder nearby fell onto his legs. He couldn't move. Ah Wong's wife came out from the bedroom to help him to remove the ladder. I grabbed the kitchen knife and threatened Ah Wong that if he wouldn't tell me where the jewelry was, I would kill his wife."

Ah Wong flew in front of Ah Ying and raised his wife's head, yelling, "You killed her."

Grandma Ling raised her voice and prayed. Ah Wong's head withdrew from Ah Ying. Officer Tung Senior asked Ah Ying to continue.

Ah Ying said, "Ah Wong grabbed my leg with two hands and pulled me so hard that one of my shoes fell off. I lost balance and fell onto his wife and the knife stabbed her chest. Ah Wong lost too much blood and died. The whole event was an accident."

Ah Wong flew around Ah Ying shouting with tears, "You killed us both." Ah Ying was speechless.

Fire came from Ah Wong's eyes and blood came out from his wife's eyes. Mary covered her face and put her head on my chest.

Grandma Ling started praying and holding a wooden sword to control Ah Wong's emotion and silence him.

Officer Tung Senior called another witness. "Can you bring Grandpa Sing up here."

Grandma Ling burned a few more yellow banners and said her prayers. Grandpa Sing came out from the basin. He was about five feet four, wearing a long black gown. He had a kind face, looked like over eighty with long silver hair.

"Grandpa Sing, did you tell Mr. Tsang, you saw Ah Wong bury the jewelry under the dining table."

"Yes, I did."

Officer Tung Senior asked the clerk to bring out exhibit 1; a jewelry bag.

Mr. Chow was asked to confirm that the jewelry inside the bag was Chow Siu Feng's dowry. Mr. Chow confirmed it was.

"Ah Wong, this jewelry was found under your dining table. Now tell us where is Siu Feng's body?"

"I have no idea. When I left the graveyard, the body was in the coffin."

Officer Tung Senior asked for the second exhibition. It was the right side of a pair of shoes and a kitchen knife. He asked Ah Ying to put on the right shoe.

"Does it fit you?" Ah Ying nodded his head. "Is this shoe yours?" Again he nodded his head. "Please answer yes or no." Ah Ying said yes.

Officer Tung Senior turned to Ah Wong. "Do you recognize the kitchen knife? Is this yours?" He was emotionally disturbed and said yes, with a pair of hating eyes.

"How do you know it was yours? "

"It was marked June 13; the date we got married."

Officer Tung Senior confirmed the correct date was carved on the knife.

"Now, please bring out the exhibit number 3."

It was the left side of a pair of shoes.

"Ah Ying, now put on the left side of the shoes."

With the right side already on, the left side made one perfect pair. They both fitted Ah Ying's feet.

Officer Tung Senior, with great confidence, said his conclusion statement. "The jewelry was found under Ah Wong's dining table, so Ah Wong stole it. We can't sentence him in this court but God of Heaven will punish him."

Officer Tung Senior continued, "We concluded Ah Ying was one of the jewelry thieves. He also murdered Ah Wong and his wife.. We found one of his shoes in Ah Wong's house and the other one, plus the knife, in his own house. He'll be sentenced by our judge here."

He turned to Ah Ying and said. "Ah Ying, meanwhile we will lock you up in my prison."

Ah Wong looked fiercely at Ah Ying one more time before he and his wife disappeared.

Grandpa Sing said, "Where is the body?"

Officer Tung Senior replied, "The case is still open until we find the body."

Grandpa Sing turned to me, saying, "Young man, I'll help you find it."

Mary said. "How?"

"I'll organize a Ghost party and give a big prize to whoever can provide clues to find the body." After saying that, he disappeared through the firing basin.

The book continues with Pregnant Ghost Chapter 10. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Tom is anxious to leave the water village and go back to Shanghai...

Tom Tsang : a journalist
Mary : Tomâ??s girlfriend
Chow Siu Feng : Pregnant Ghost
Ho Siu Ming : Siu Fengâ??s boyfriend
Mr. and Mrs. Chow: Siu Fengâ??s parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ho: Siu Mingâ??s parents
Grandma Ling : Ghost Communicator
Grandpa Sing : Siu Fengâ??s Grandfather
Ah Wong: a Ghost ( caretaker)
Ah Ying: (caretaker)
Officer Tung Senior: a Senior officer
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by MKFlood at

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