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 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: August 5, 2021      Views: 10

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
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A poem about overcoming several abusive relationships.
"A New Captivity" by Samantha Cummings
He defiled my body, long before you & I met. But he never claimed he loved me, and I always knew he was a threat.

You made many promises and were the first I finally thought I could trust. But with your lies, deceit, & lust- my heart was completely crushed.

He choked and spat on me, and always laughed in my face. But I knew what I was getting with him, I knew his evil ways.

Your smiling eyes and loving kindness, hid so much of your deceit. How could I ever think you'd harm me, or that this would be my reality?

Sure, you weren't as physical towards me. Your cuts penetrated much deeper in my soul. I married you and had your child, now I'm truly under your control.

It was too late to run away from this, too late to change my mind. You hid these lies inside you, how could I be so blind?

I did everything I thought of, to keep you faithful to me. I was more compliant, lost weight, even let her in- but still you could not guarantee.

Maybe if I were prettier, maybe if I let you do the things I swore to myself I never would? I tried it all & every day you made me feel less than I ever thought I could.

No matter what I tried, it was never good enough for you. I begged, cried, and pleaded, but you didn't care what you put me through.

Why can't I see my worth? Why can't I just walk away? You've taken everything from me, and left me feeling insane.

I've tried so hard to be patient, support you with the help of counseling. But even then you lied, even then you were full of deceit.

I let you step on me, I let you control me and didn't put up much of a fight. It was all my fault though, because deep down inside I always felt something wasn't right.

I tried to drown my sorrows with cutting, pills, & alcohol. I cried in my closet every night while you slept, hoping I would just dissolve.

I have to be strong for my kids though, they need their mom to be free. It's so hard to fight though, when you have such a painful daily reality.

I can't let you win this war, you've already taken too much from me. I've been knocked down many times before, this isn't who I'm meant to be.

I can feel us growing further apart, I'm stronger now and you feel it too. I know I have a ways to go, but with the Lord, I'll make it through.

It's not as simple as just leaving though, you'll surely make me pay. Your hateful words and actions are daily being displayed.

Just a little while longer, and I'll have everything in line. I'll be able to walk away, move on, and everything will eventually be fine.

He may have broken my body, you may have broken my soul. But I know the creator will make things new & once again restore.

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