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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: December 8, 2021      Views: 5

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I am here to learn and grow.
I became passionate about writing in 7th grade thanks to my amazing teacher Mrs. Jay. She had us write a poetry book for school, a fantastic project. She often had us go to different parts of the campus to write, show - more...

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This is a short play.
"Trees of a Wood" by Raven Tale

Characters: Red a 43 year old Cedar Tree; George an 84 year old Cedar Tree (the two are close enough that their lowest branches have begun to interfere with each other); and Victor a 22 year old human.

Scene: A woodland path runs between the two cedar trees who are deep in conversation.

Red: Oh so you have the rights to the sunlight do you? Just because you're older?

George: That's right boy! It's called respecting your elders it is! Now I'm warnin' ya ta get yer pesky little branches outta my space!

Red: Unbelievable! You think I'm just gonna submit to your will like that?!

George: Well you'd better!

Red: What're ya gonna do, fall on me?

George: I darn well might if you keep crowding me out!

Red: Oh you're so full of squirrel-

George:SHH!!!! (Switches to a hushed voice) Someone's coming.

Victor walks down the path while mumbling to himself, continues until he's right inbetween the two trees, both of whom are frozen stiff and averting their gaze, stops and sits with his back against George and starts speaking aloud: Oh what am I gonna do, (looking into the sky) what am I gonna do! (puts his face in his palms) I'm ruined! Oh there's just no coming back from this. Lost my job, and my girlfriend! I lost everything! (crying, sobbing) There's nothing left for me here, nothing!

Red and George shoot each other concerned glances.

Victor: (sobbing, crying) Well at least I'm not quadriplegic, oh God please don't let that be next! (looks to the sky pleadingly) I just gotta keep going. Just gotta keep going. (roles over and stands up, wipes the tears from his eyes, pauses for a second, takes three deep breaths and continues down the path).

Red and George wait until the human is out of sight.

Red: Oh boy, I'm still getting used to them humans coming 'round again, thought they died off last spring, didn't see one of 'em! But they're back.

George: Inconsiderate as ever too, just leanin' against any ol' feller like it aint a bother, see what happens if'n I lean 'gainst you!

Red: Oh you grumpy old hack you get all bent outta shape over nothing, you shoulda been a willow.

George: EXCUSE ME! What did you call me!

Red: There it is! Right there!

George: Gff!!! Arg! Slimy little toadstool you are. (inaudible grumbling).

Red: You know I don't have any control over these branches right George?

George: Course I know! I can't control mine neither.

~ Draw Curtains ~
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