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The story unfolds
The ts detectve
The investigation by dmt1967
 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: May 30, 2012      Views: 793
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I live in Chessington which is in England and I love to write, I hope to make a carreer out of this if im good enough.

She is a top ranked author at the #95 position.

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Jet, the transsexual detective found the body of Helen, her one time partner murdered

At first, the leads came in strong and fast. A blue van had been spotted a few blocks away from where Helen lived. A stranger had been seen near the house.  Helen had been seen talking to a young man the day of her death.

Each lead they investigated thoroughly, but to no avail. Whatever the detectives did, they always hit that eternal brick wall. It was very frustrating.

The investigators never gave up. When all the leads ran dry, they began all over again, asking the same questions in the hope that someone had remembered something about that dreadful night; trying to find somebody that had seen anything at all. They only needed one good witness or a solid lead, something that would break this case wide open. Unfortunately, no one had seen anything, or if they had, they were not going to tell it to the police.   

Eventually they had to give in. They had no choice. They had reached a dead end. They had been working on this case for about three months now with nothing concrete to go on. It was time to call it a day.

The detectives were taken off the case. They had other cases and limited manpower due to the budget cuts that had been taken place in all police departments, they were told. Helen’s murder was put on a back burner and ultimately placed in the cold case file. Everybody had given up and forgotten about the murder of Helen Cooper. But not me, I would never forget.

The killer had disappeared into thin air; there was no trace of him anywhere. Even though it seemed like a hopeless task I still canvassed the neighbourhood, in the hope that the police may have over looked something. Hoping to give Helen the justice she deserved, so that she could be at peace at long last. I owed her that much.

One day the Captain called me into his office. When I went in he was standing at the window, he looked more agitated than he usually did. His shoulders were slumped and his eyes were clued to something across the street. Thinking he hadn’t heard me, I cleared my throat and closed the door.

He looked around, staring right through me for a second, and then invited me to sit down.

The Captain looked older today. He was in an extremely bad mood and he seemed very angry with me for some reason.

He scowled at me as I sat in the chair opposite him.  

“Jet,” he barked, “I want you to stop investigating Helen’s murder.”

“Why Captain?” I pleaded.

“You need to stop. I got a phone call from the chief today.” The captain shouted, slamming his fist down on the desk.

“I know I’m close, and I do it in my own time not when I’m working.” I begged.

Putting my head in my hands, I broke down. This was too much. I’d been living under the strain of Helen’s death for so long.

“Just do what you’re told. Drop the case, and that’s an order” The captain growled.

Looking at the captain’s face, I couldn’t work out why he was being like this. He was usually a nice, kind, and gentle man.

He was like a father figure with his open door policy.

My mind wandered back to the day that I told him about my life changing decision….


“Captain, can I talk to you?” I had asked, my voice cracking with nerves.

He had looked up, smiled, and gestured for me to sit down.

“There’s no easy way to say this,” I began, “so I will have to come out with it. I am a transsexual woman.”

The anticipation while I waited for him to say something was so intense it nearly made me turn and run, but I knew I had to do this, couldn’t live my life if I didn’t. When the Captain didn’t respond, taking a deep breath, I carried on.  

“I know that some of the men might not like this but I can’t live a lie anymore.” I said, with great haste.

Stopping to catch my breath, I waited for a response; the captain just looked at me as if he knew there was more.

“I am having the sex change and from next week I will be coming to work as a woman. Sorry if that inconveniences anyone but I have to live as the real me from now on.” I said in a rush.

The captain looked at me, as if waiting for me to say something else. When he realised I had finished, he got up from his chair, came round the desk, and gave me a big hug.

Starring at him in amazement, I didn’t know what to say; I expected an argument, abuse, anything but this.

“Good for you,” he said with a smile, “I knew there was something different about you, I just didn’t know what. As for your other colleagues, if they have a problem, send them to me.” He had been true to his word. The first few months had been tough, but it would have been tougher without the captains’ support. I owed him a lot….

The captain’s voice penetrated my thoughts.

 “I am your commanding officer. You will do as I say.” The captain bellowed.

He hit his desk again, harder this time, and then leaned over the papers, and started writing his reports up. This was my cue to leave; the conversation was over as far as he was concerned

I sighed, got up, and walked to the door. Before leaving the office, I turned and looked at him.
He was still writing, a bit too busily so I said nothing and just left.

Walking out of the room, my mind was in turmoil. All the time the words he spoke were in my mind. What orders from upstairs? I knew the captain, he never gave a dam about his superiors, so why now? Who had really put on the pressure?

It must be bad if the captain was willing to drop an investigation. A lot of people didn’t agree with him when he had told them about me, but he had backed me all the way.

I got up from my desk, and walked out of the precinct. Got into my car, and drove home.

Getting ready for bed that night, my mind kept wandering back to what the captain had said; even if I didn’t want to I might have to do comply. I had no leads, no clues, nothing at all to follow up to even start looking for Helen’s killer really.

Eventually, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew. It was morning, and I had a pounding in my head. I opened my eyes, then realised that the noise wasn’t in my head, it was the door.

My bathrobe was slung over the back of a chair by the bed. I groggily reached for it, and put it on over my night gown. Slipped some house shoes on, and walked to the door. 

I opened the door, and peered out. There was a short, balding, plump, little guy, standing there.

“Yes.” I asked, puzzled.

“Are you Miss Jet Drummond?” the stranger asked, looking at the name on the letter he held in his plump little hand.

“Yes I am, and you are? I asked, puzzled.

“I am Harley, from Haley, Jones, and Smith Solicitors. We were asked to deliver this letter to you, on this day, at this time.” Mr Harley said with a smile.

He extended his hand with a letter in it. When I made no effort to take it from him, he just sighed.

“Mrs Helen Cooper gave my firm the letter with strict instructions that if we hadn’t heard from her by this date, we were to deliver the letter to this address to a Miss Jet Drummond,” he finished, looking me in the eye.

He held the letter out to me, with a steady hand; I automatically took the letter from his out stretched hand.

“Just sign here, please.” He said, in a polite, clipped voice.

Signing, still in a daze, my brain trying to process what had just happened, I just stared at the letter. I must have looked demented. My hair was a mess, as I stood there with only a bathrobe on and starring at this letter I had just been handed-I must have looked insane.

The door slammed shut behind me, but I didn’t even hear it. I stared at the letter, my mind trying to remember why the writing looked so familiar.

The sudden noise bought me out of my daze, it dawned on me that this letter was from Helen, but why Cooper? Her maiden name was Copper, her married name Drummond, so why Cooper? Why an alias? What was this all about? These questions and more were going around in my head as I held the letter Helen had so desperately wanted me to have.

My hands shook as I tore open the letter and took out the contents. Inside were a computer disk and a note. I took the items out of the envelope. I held the computer disk in one hand as I read the bold, capital letters of the note.


Was that it?  I thought she would have written more if she knew she was going to die. I turned the note over, hoping there was more, but to my bitter disappointment, found nothing.         

Putting the disk into my computer and with anticipation mixed with, grief, and started to watch the computer screen.

The room began to spin as staring back at me from the computer screen was Helens face. I quickly pulled myself together and listened to the recorded message with great care, trying to process what I was hearing.

“Hi, Jet.” The recording started. “If you are watching this, I am dead, which means I need your help as I can’t finish my mission. I suppose being the good cop that you are, you have found the gun and passports, and if I want your help I should really tell you my story and what all this is about.

My real name is Helen Cooper and I belong, to a top secret organisation that even the President of the United States does not know about. We work deep under cover and our main job is to stop individuals and groups who are working to throw this country into another world war, by whatever means necessary. We work on the fact that we are so secret that the only people who know who I am and what I do is my own team.

Each team is made up of five people, your partner, the team leader and three operatives. Each team has a different objective. Mine was to keep an eye on terrorism in this country.

Then the mission changed as we found there was a traitor in one of the teams; and even more frightening than that, they had all the names of every team operative on a microchip, which they are now going to sell to the highest bidder in an auction.

We need to get that information and destroy it. If we don’t, a lot of good men and women are going to die. I need you to finish my mission, Jet. I need you to find out who the traitor is. Our organization relies heavily on secrecy. We can’t be compromised.

At the house there is a DVD with vital instructions and information on it.

Only you must see this, Jet you can’t get the cops involved as we don’t know where the leak came from and how many traitors to this country we’ve got.

You are the only one I trust with this mission, my last mission, Jet, but I implore you to be careful. These men are dangerous and will stop at nothing to get what they want.”

With this, the computer went blank. I got up, turning the computer off. With tears streaming down my face, I pressed delete information on the computer and wiped the CD clean. I didn’t want to as that was the last thing Helen ever did, but deep down I knew I had to, if that disk ever got into the wrong hands….

Tears were streaming down my face so much, it was hard to focus. Reaching   into my handbag for a tissue, I dried my eyes, as Helen had asked me for one final favour-to complete her last mission. The thought about how dangerous or denying her this final request never entered my head.   

Sighing, I got ready and left, heading for the home where I once lived with my dead ex-wife, Helen.  


The book continues with The discovery. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
My next stop is publishing and the seal of approval so any help you can give me to make this book better I would really appreciate
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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