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Ben tries to shoot Jet
The ts detectve
A wolf in sheep's clothing by dmt1967
 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: July 13, 2012      Views: 664
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I live in Chessington which is in England and I love to write, I hope to make a carreer out of this if im good enough.

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Jet the ts detective is on the hunt for Helen her ex wife's killer she has also learnt that Helen was a spy and her team were all traitors or so it seems

My mind sprang into action at the precise time that the bullet left the chamber of the gun. I jumped to one side, and felt a sharp pain in my arm. There were spots of blood on the sleeve of my blouse. There was no time to dwell on this as he was taking aim again. I ran to the nearest pillar and hid.

Thankfully my handbag was still tightly clasped in my hand. Reaching into it, I unzipped the secret compartment and, taking the gun out, discarded the bag on the floor. Pity that as it was my favourite bag, but carrying it around while being shot at wasn’t very feasible.

“Come on, Jet,” Ben snarled. “Make it easy on yourself. Just come out, and just let me shoot you.”

He made it sound like a normal request, as if he was doing me a favour.

“I promise to make it a quick, painless death if you do,” he promised in a pleading tone.

I needed to keep him talking, needed to think of a plan- fast.

“Did you kill Helen?” I asked, peeking out from behind the wall, trying to pin-point his position.

“Me? No,” he said, firing off a shot in my direction.

The bullet bounced off the wall beside me and imbedded itself in the pillar I was standing behind.

An idea was forming in my head; I had to keep him occupied while I worked out all the details.

“So who did?” I asked.

“Don’t know; all I know is it wasn’t one of us. We were going to but someone beat us to it.”

If my mind wasn’t so full with the implemented with my plan; to get out of here alive, the thought that this was not the only team of traitors’ might have registered. As it was my mind was focused on how to slip around him and attack from his flank, hopefully taking him by surprise. It was risky but worth a try. Besides, if I was going to die I’d rather die trying than just stand here and wait for him to kill me. The trick was to make him think I was still behind the pillar.

When I went into hospital for my sex reassignment surgery, in the next bed was a ventriloquist. I know right, weird. The point was after surgery we couldn’t do anything much and we were bored, so she taught me how to throw my voice. We were in that ward for about a week and I got quite good at it, never thinking I’d ever get to use that particular skill. You never know when something will come in handy.

I left the safety of my wall, trying not to make a sound; I crawled round the building until I was almost behind him.

“Ok, why?”  My voice still sounded like I was behind the pillar. 

“What do you want me to say?” He laughed. “Do you want me to say it was because I am disillusioned with this government or some other romantic reason? It was the money, pure and simple.”

“Was Helen a traitor as well?” I inquired, shaking with sheer terror that the answer might be- yes.

“No, that’s why she had to die. She knew too much, little cow was going to snitch on us.” Ben sneered.

I could feel something at the back of my mind, a memory that was trapped there. Then it hit me like a tidal wave.

“You said others,” I stammered,” how many of them are there?”

“There are members in every law enforcement agency in the country… People that are willing to sell this country down the river. You would be surprised at how many law enforcers are fed up with the lousy pay and conditions we have to put up with. We all banded together and decided to form our own organisation, and work for the highest bidder; makes life so much fairer that way as well.”

I was flabbergasted, Ben was a traitor yet the way he told it you would think he was a hero of the people. I had no time to dwell on that however, as I was directly behind Ben, hiding behind a pillar.

I stepped out, and pointed the gun directly at Ben’s back; my hands shook slightly, as I tried to hold the gun steady.

“Drop the gun,” I ordered.

Ben whirled around, firing his gun in blind panic. I dodged the bullet, rolled, came up on one knee and fired off a round. The bullets hit their mark, Ben dropped to his knees; he was holding his chest, blood seeped through his fingers and dropped onto the floor. He fell, face first onto the hard stone floor of the building. He was dead before he hit the floor.

I walked over to him and looking down, there was no compassion in my eyes for the man who had betrayed Helen and so many others, all I felt was hatred and contempt. A corrupt Cop was the worst sort of criminals in my book. When we took the oath, that oath meant something-to protect the public, it was that simple. The men and women who put their lives on the line and abide by the oath were the ones being betrayed by their own people here. The thought of it made me sick to my stomach.

I looked down at my arm, and saw the blood had stopped. It hurt a bit, but after a quick check, decided to sort it out later. The bullet had just scratched the surface of the skin. I bent down and retrieved my handbag from the dusty floor, opened it, and took out a handkerchief. This would have to do for now, I thought, as I made a bandage out of it, and tied it around my wound.         

The search through Ben’s pockets resulted in the location to the keys to his car, which was still parked outside. I walked to the car, and leaned in for the radio, I put a call through to the police, told them to get a meat wagon here as fast as they could, and there had been another shooting.

I got in the car and gunned it into action. The police would be here in a minute and I didn’t have the time to wait around and answer a lot of questions. There was one more person on my hit list The Boss. He was the one I really wanted to nail to the wall. He was Helen’s boss, and in my opinion, the worst traitor of them all.                   


The book continues with The shoot-out. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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