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This work has reached the exceptional level
What the flesh-eating walkers taught me about survival.
How Zombies Saved My Life by Deejharrington
 Category:  Biographical Non-Fiction
  Posted: February 10, 2014      Views: 90

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It?s been such a very long time since I?ve logged in. I have been in a kind of mourning for my writing. It started as a writer?s block. I don?t know anyone who hasn?t experienced that. But, mine carried on for too long. Months then years went by and - more...

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From my last post, all of you know that I have battled depression for the last twenty years. I shared some of the lessons I learned riding this roller coaster. The holidays can be a land mine of emotions, situations and people that can trigger highs or lows, and reality that rarely lives up to expectations. Even after following my own advice, I found myself at the bottom of a very dark pit.

I don't plan on writing a tell-all tale of the past few months. But, suffice it to say, Michigan has had sub-zero temperatures and record-breaking snowfall. My physical condition hinders my activity, and my bank account puts a damper on anything I might wish to do. Thanksgiving brought a break-up in my immediate family. This past week-end, I didn't know if I could go on fighting. Just getting out of bed became a chore. If it hadn't been for a loud mouth, demanding kitten, I probably would still be under the covers. I couldn't find any good reason to continue, nothing to hope for, and the future looked to bring more of the same. I was paralyzed, lying in bed and watching T.V.

This is where the zombies came to my rescue. Every Sunday, AMC has a series called, "The Walking Dead." It's exactly what you'd imagine, a deadly virus circles the earth and its victims return to "life" to eat anyone who's left. Yeah, it is not for the squeamish. A lot of head bashing and munching. The redeeming factor is that the acting and story lines are terrific. It's one of the most popular shows on T.V. It's certainly not to every one's tastes, sorry but, you knew I had to go there.

Saturday afternoon, the station ran a marathon of last season, leading up the first show of the new season. They even run a live talk show after each episode called, you guessed it, "The Talking Dead." I began watching it and couldn't stop. I started early Saturday afternoon and ending with the talk show at 11:30pm Sunday.

Shortly after, I realized I was feeling positive and hopeful. Strange as it sounds, the zombies showed me how to carry on. Well, maybe not the zombies themselves, but the survivors did. Basically, I realized if a small group of people who have lost everything can continue to fight, then so can I. I guess it's the lesson of someone always having it worse. Even as difficult and heartbreaking as my life can be, I am stronger. I have faced problems in the past and risen higher. Sometimes, I'm amazed at all the nonsense I've overcome. I'm still breathing, so I can find that strength. At least, I'm not being sized up for a meal.

My real point is, do not eliminate any resource for lifting yourself out of a depression. It could be talking to a friend or helping a stranger. It might be a favorite novel or flesh-eating zombies. Look around you and you'll find a reason to keep on, keeping on.


Author Notes
I have to save this quick, the last time I typed this post, Chewy ran across the keyboard, and I lost it all. Every one's a critic.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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