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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: April 25, 2014      Views: 641
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Chapter 10 of the book The Bard of Bel Air
Lucy encounters family members. The Bard creates a scene.
"More Relatives and Visiting a Friend" by michaelcahill

What happened to Johnathon Blackwell Senior. It gets more complicated by the day. Is he dead? Where is the body. The mentally ill homeless man is the witness.

Previously, Lucy arrived undercover in her new position as nanny at the Blackwell mansion. Junior was in a rush and pleased to see her. He put her to work immediately taking care of grandchildren and nieces. Lucy took the opportunity to convince Lincoln to take some time off leaving her to roam the house alone looking for clues. She found the surveillance room. She also found that she was not alone. We continue.
Crap! Someone's coming! Who the hell could that be? Hide? Play dumb? No, react to what does happen.
"Who the hell is in there? Is that you Johnny? Uncle Barry needs some smokes. I could go, saddle up Bessie."
"It's Lucy, the nanny. Do you want me to go get some smokes for Uncle Barry?" Lucy decided to go with, "I belong here, this is perfectly normal" to explain her presence.
"Lucy? I don't know no damn Lucy. Where's Isabela or Lincoln. For that damn matter, where is that limp wristed grandson of mine. I swear since my son died it's like I don't exist. My Johnny boy took care of his mother and his uncle Barry. This grandson doesn't know a damn thing about music and he doesn't know piggly wiggly squat about takin' care of his family." She didn't seem happy, but she didn't appear crazy either.
This is exactly what I'm looking for...okay.  Sympathetic. Best friends. Lucy Smaldino let this woman talk. She kept her ears and eyes open, searching for an angle to reach her. "Oh, well that isn't right. He just left me all alone with a house full of kids. I was just looking for something to entertain them. Lincoln finally got an afternoon to visit his grandkids. He'll be back for dinner. I just started. Does Isabela live here too?"
"Isabela? She got fired. I'm just used to asking for her. Junior's a jackass. Izzy worked here since the snot-nose punk was a baby. Changed his diapers. Ha! A lot longer than a boy should need his diapers changed too! She raised that boy. Well, her and me. Johnny's always off chasin' his dreams with floozy gold-diggin' wives. Speakin' ill of the dead, I suppose. You watch that Junior. Johnny had some heart at least. Junior…I don't know…cold…about the money…power…mainly power…he doesn't care, Lucy. It's scary."
She looked off as though something had entered her field of vision. It left just as quickly. "Esmeralda Blackwell, call me Emma. The last dinosaur in the dungeon." She extended her hand.
"My pleasure. I'm sorry about your son. He was so young." Lucy shook her hand warmly and brought up the topic on her mind at the same time.
"Yeah. I don't know how they killed him, but they managed somehow. Some kind of poison, I imagine. But, I can tell you this. Those damn guys in green jump suits had him wrapped up before anyone got here, the doctor, cops, paramedics, coroner and I bet the angel of death too. There's your power right there. The only person questioning anything was that young detective. Even the police chief was all smiles going along with the show. Hell, he was yelling at the detective for TRYING to do her job."
She looked angry. She continued with a little smile that looked practiced, "I suppose there is nothing we can do about it. He's in deep freeze, Junior's in the saddle and the matter is closed. So, we carry on. There's a room full of toys from when the kids were little. I don't suppose these kids play with old-fashioned things like bats and balls though. But, I'll show you the room. I used to love our family badminton afternoons. Great fun. Well, another time, another time. Don't forget about us down her, Lucy. Daniel smokes Lucky Strikes, non-filter. Filthy habit. But then, we've all got something I guess."
"I'll try and keep him supplied. I know I wouldn't want to run out of chocolate!" Lucy made her way upstairs pleased with the new information. A death certificate without so much as an examination. That was beyond suspicious. That was a crime. She needed to get together with Tenaya and compare notes."
There were tapes, but she would have to find some replacements. She would also have to find out the procedures involved. Who changes the tapes and how much attention is paid to them. They were old Sony VHS tapes so she would have to find some used tapes that wouldn't stand out. They had been recording over the same tapes for years. The quality of the recording wouldn't be good, but there could still be something of use on them. Maybe some of the neighbors had more sophisticated equipment. That would be worth looking in to. She could feel her pager buzzing in her back pocket. She stepped into the ladies room and looked. She called her partner.
Tenaya didn't even say hello. Her caller I.D. told her it was Lucy. "I'm on my way to the Cryogenic Institute. The Bard is there demanding to visit Brewster. I already told Malone and Sanchez that I had the call. They were happy to finish there Starbucks. Perfect, right. A chance to see what is going on there. I'll let you know. How goes it there?"
"Mom and uncle Daniel living in the dungeon. They had Blackwell wrapped up and on ice before anyone even checked his pulse. This is a murder investigation. Nothing new, you were right Tenaya. Thirteen suspicious characters upstairs wanting to play tag. Gotta go. Together soon, right?"
"Without a doubt." Tenaya clicked her phone off and sped towards the institute.
She came upon two burly security guards in the process of escorting The Bard from the premises. Their tone was firm but unwavering. "We see your ass in this building; you'll be leaving it without it. Get what we are saying?"
"Mighty Joe Young surprised all with his mate
no one had seen him have even a date
and now this surprising twist of fate
the wedding is soon, don't be late!"

The two guards didn't seem to find that amusing. Detective Adrian's presence saved the Bard an unpleasant bit of critiquing. "I'll take it from here, gentleman. Take me to the complainant." It wasn't a request.
The building impressed. It reminded Tenaya of the old art deco buildings that her grandfather used to show her pictures of when she was young. He would show her pictures and just say, "See, nothing else looks like that. That is what life is Yaya. Being like nothing else." She could still see him in her mind sitting back smiling with that long hair and beard. God, it tickled.
It had the feel of a hospital, but none of the urgency or smells. It was cold too. Odd. The cryogenic chambers are underground and nowhere near this floor. Yet, they keep it cold to give the impression that everything here is in a preserved state. I wonder if they believe that? The guards took her with The Bard in tow up to the receptionist's desk.
The large Hispanic guard, the smaller of the two, addressed the lady behind the counter, "Let Mr. Nagahito know that the authorities have arrived. We are on the way to his office now."
"Nagahito smell my feeto
I think it would be neeto
if we dropped another bomb
with a little more aplomb
on his shady operation, sensation, heaven's way station
Get your ice cold stiffs, ice cold stiffs here!"
Tenaya kept a straight face in spite of how hilarious she thought that was. She'd play it back on her tape recorder for Lucy when they met later. It would be a long laugh, especially with a couple well-earned shots of vodka in them.
"Mr. Nagahito, is this the man that caused a disturbance in your establishment earlier?"
"Yes. That is him. He barges into my office when I am in a meeting demanding to know when visiting hours are. I told him, or at least tried to, what we did here, but he just kept insisting. When he wouldn't leave, I called security. He went crazy spouting nonsense."
"Oh, nonsense, ponsense, donsense. I say flog him and let him feel the sting of alliteration."
"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to please simmer down please. I'd like to resolve this issue. I'm sure Mr. Nagahito would like to get on with his busy day and you mean him no harm. You mean him no harm, correct." Tenaya gave the Bard and I-mean-business glare that made him blush.
"Yes your officership. I mean no…no harm. I only wanted to visit my friend in his hour of need."


The book continues with So, Where is the Victims Body?. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Rolling along. A surprise coming. With my internet being down, I've had plenty of time to write. How do you like the direction this is going. It is a surprise to me. Hoping for suggestions and input. So far your help has been awesome.


Johnathon Blackwell Senior-Harpster, deceased former owner of a music conglomerate.

Johnathon Blackwell Junior- Senior's son and heir apparent to the family fortune.

Lilith Blackwell- Widow of Blackwell Senior and claimant to the estate.

The Bard-Stewart Slater, homeless, writer, musician, mentally ill. witness to the death of Harpster amongst other things.

Detective Tenaya Adrian- lead is there is a murder to investigate.

Detective Lucy Smaldino, Tenaya's partner

Lincoln- The Blackwell family butler.

Ruby Dancer- singer and Daughter of Harpster though she doesn't know anything about it.

Diamond Dancer- mother of Ruby and former mistress of Harpster. Refuses to tell Ruby anything about her father.

Dr. Khin- The Blackwell personal family physcian

"Q & A"-- Q Aubrey Langstan--"Q" The Blackwell family attorney.

Daniel- Blackwell Senior's Deaf brother.

Esmeralda "Emma" Blackwell- Blackwell Seniors Mother
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