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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Script
  Posted: August 22, 2014      Views: 105
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Author, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader.
Former Corrections Officer, current Truck driver.
I work to survive but I write to live.

Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few.


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Chapter 2 of the book Infected
A chance to stop it before it starts
"Evaluation" by Michaelk

               Fade In: 

               EXT. HOSPITAL. 

               A well dressed man in his early forties drives up to the 
               hospital in a silver mercedes. Camera cuts from the driver to 
               a sign that says, 'Frost Creek Medical Center'. Camera cuts to 
               inside the mercedes. The man pulls into a space that says, 
               'Reserved for Dr. Stephen Lohr'. At least it used to say that.
               The 'Dr.' had been painted over, but not very well.

                         (Sighs heavily and gets out of the 
                         car. He looks at the small 
                         hospital) How the hell did I end up 
                         here? (Slams the car door shut and 
                         glares at the sign) It should read 
                         'Welcome to Bumpkinville'. 

               Stephen walks inside, side-stepping a patient who is bleeding. 

                         (In a raspy voice) Please help me. 

                         Absolutey. You wait here, and I'll 
                         be right back. (He walks to his 
                         office avoiding several other 
                         patients and nurses then slams the 
                         door shut behind him) 

                         (Goes to his private bathroom and 
                         scrubs himself as if he was getting 
                         ready for surgery. After twenty 
                         minutes he walks out into his large 
                         office) Ahh, that's better. I can't 
                         believe the crap i have to put up 
                         with here. (He drops into his 
                         chair, reaches into a drawer and 
                         pulls out a bottle and glass.) 

               Cut to: 

               INT. STEPHEN'S OFFICE. 

               Twenty minutes later, Stephen is sound asleep in his chair. 

                         (over intercom) Mr. Lohr? 

                         (Snores loudly) 

                         (Louder) Mr. Lohr? 

                         (Startles awake) (Very irritated, 
                         looking around, trying to find the 
                         voice) What? 

                         Mr. Lohr, Doctor Tevist is here to 
                         see you. 

                         Tell him I'm very busy right now 
                         and can't be disturbed. (Stephen 
                         tries to straighten the papers on 
                         his desk as if the secretary can 
                         see him) 

                         He says it's urgent. 

                         (Under his breath) Dammit! (Louder) 
                         Give me a minute. 

                         (After a lot of banging around) 
                         Okay, you can send him in. 

                         Good morning, Mr. Lohr. 

                         (Pretending to type on his 
                         computer) What can I do for you 
                         doctor? As you can see, I'm very 

                         It's about a patient. 

                         (Rolls his eyes) If you're looking 
                         for medical advice, you've come to 
                         the wrong place, now if you'll 
                         excuse me, I'm really very... 

                         (interrupting) I need you to call 
                         the CDC. 


                         The Center for Disease Control, in 

                         (Irritated) I know what it stands 
                         for! Why do you need me to call? 

                         Because I have no idea what's wrong 
                         with my patient. 

                         Then get another doctor to look at 
                         him, or her. 

                         Him. White male, early fifties, no 
                         previous ailments. I've had other 
                         doctors look at him. I've consulted 
                         with doctors from D.C. and New 

                         (Winced at the mention of New York) 
                         (Bitterly) And what did all these 
                         'experts' say. 

                         They can't figure it out either. it 
                         acts like the flu, but the patient's 
                         temp runs very high. 102 to 104, 
                         and stays in that range, no matter 
                         what we do. 

                         (Sarcastically) Try sticking him in 
                         the freezer. 

                         We have, no effect. 

                         Are you serious? 

                         Yes, that's why I need you to call 
                         the CDC. 

                         Because someone has a high fever? 

                         There's more. The veins have begun 
                         to pop out all over the patient, 
                         especially his face, it's actually 
                         quite grotesque. 

                        (suddenly curious) I've never heard of
                        that before.

                         And he has become quite aggressive. 
                         He bit two orderlies yesterday. 

                         We'll have to charge his HMO. 

                         He doesn't have insurance. 

                         (Very annoyed) What? 

                         He's a farmer, sir. He doesn't 
                         carry any insurance. 

                         (Staring coldly at Tevist) So you let 
                          an uninsured man bite two of my
                          orderlies, and he's still recieving our 

                         I suppose you could look at it that

                         I see no other way to look at it. You
                        have endangered hospital staff. 

                         But sir, this man is very sick, and 
                         we don't know if he's contagious. 

                         (Picks up the phone reciever but 
                         holds the disconnect down) Hello 
                         Mabel, get me the CDC. (Pretends to 
                         wait) Hello, CDC? It seems we done 
                         got us a feller up here in 
                         hickville that has hisself some 
                         sorta dis ease. Seein' as how our 
                         doctors is just too plum stupid, 
                         could you fly on up here and help 
                         us out? Much obliged. 

                         Get that man out of my hospital. 

                         You can't be serious.

                         Oh, I'm serious. 
                         (Standing) If that man isn't out of 
                         this hospital in thirty minutes, 
                         you're fired. 

                         (Turning to leave) That's your 
                         final word then? 

                         (Throwing himself back into his 
                         chair) Yes! 

                         (Quietly) Then whatever happens is 
                         on you. 


The script continues with Escalation. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Thanks to BirdsEyeView for the great cover picture.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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