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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: September 14, 2014      Views: 115
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Author, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader.
Former Corrections Officer, current Truck driver.
I work to survive but I write to live.

Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few.


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Warning: The author has noted that this contains strong language.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 4 of the book Infected
The infection begins to grow
"Admission" by Michaelk

               Fade In: 


               Twenty-four hours later. 

                         (Absently twirls his pen as he 
                         looks over a hand written list of 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Bursts into the room) We've got 
                         another one. 

                         (Jumps up and runs out to the 
                         Emergency room just in time to see 
                         a teenager struggling with two 
                         orderlies, growling and biting at 
                         them) Where's the sedative? 

                         Here doctor. (Hands him a syringe) 

                         (To orderly one) You ready? 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Ready. (He wraps a towel around 
                         both hands and charges at the 
                         teenager. At the last moment he 
                         feigns to the side and comes up 
                         around behind him. He wraps the 
                         towel around the teenager's mouth) 
                         Get it! 

                         (Wastes no time in shoving the 
                         needle into the teen's arm, 
                         emptying the syringe) 

                         (Begins to bite through the towel) 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Struggling to hold on) It ain't 
                         workin' doc. 

                         Okay, plan B. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Grabs a fire extinguisher and 
                         smashes the teen over the head with 

                         (Crumples to the floor, unconscious) 

               Tevist and Orderly one stand over the boy, staring down at 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Room one-fifteen? 

                         (Slowly nods his head) 

               Cut to: 

               INT. OBSERVATION ROOM. 

               Tevist walks up to a large window that's covered in blood and 
               gore. He slowly approaches, until an Infected pounds against 
               the window, screaming and growling at him from the other side. 

                         (Looks at the nurse's 
                         uniform that is covered in blood. 
                         He sees the name tag that says 
                         'Mary') That's right, come on over. 

               Another infected starts to pound on the window, and another. 
               When Tevist has eight Infected bodies testing the durability  
               of the observation window, he motions to Orderly one. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Drags the unconscious teen over to 
                         the door, quietly unlocks it, and 
                         drags the teen inside. He then 
                         slowly backs out, as the other 
                         Infected are too busy trying to get 
                         to Tevist through the window) 

               Tevist and Orderly one walk down the hall, away from the room. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         So what do we do when the room 
                         fills up? 

                         (Slowly) I don't know. 

               Camera turns from following Tevist and Orderly one. It slowly 
               pans around to the observation room door. 

               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 

               Camera does a fly over of a large concrete building. It 
               circles around then comes to rest in front of a sign that says 
               'Frost Creek Jail'. 


               Camera does a slow circle of the darkened control room full of 
               camera monitors and control boards full of lights. It settles 
               on a blinking light as a finger pushes the button. A large man 
               in a uniform lumbers in through the front door, dripping with 

                         Were you gonna leave me out there 
                         all day? 

                         I was busy. 

                         Translation, you were napping. 

                         (Looking insulted) I'll have you 
                         know I was following regulations. 
                         Only one door open at a time. 

                         Humph. With me at the door, no 
                         one's getting out. 

                         (Quietly) That's for sure. 



                         You got something to... 

                         All available officers to Booking, 

               Albright and four other officers run to Booking to find inmate 
               Cardis screaming at the nurse. 

                         (Holding the nurse from behind 
                         around the neck) You wanna give me 
                         shit? Here, you have some. (Shoves 
                         a turd in her mouth) 

                         (Spitting and gagging, trying to 
                         keep his arm from suffocating her.) 

                         (To Cardis) What's your deal? 

                         This bitch thinks I don't know what 
                         she's doing with my meds. Well, I 
                         know, and I ain't takin' it no 

                         Okay, so don't take your meds. Why 
                         all the drama? 

                         She's violating my rights. 

                         Really? Your rights? What about the 
                         rights of your victims? What about 
                         that little girl that you... 

                         Enough! Let me out of here or she 

                         I think we both know that ain't 
                         gonna happen. 

                         Your choice. (Begins to squeeze 
                         nurse's neck to where she can't 

                         (Gasps for air) 

                         (Sprays Cardis with pepper spray, 
                         causing him to release the nurse 
                         and grab at his eyes) 

               Everyone in the room starts to cough. The officers quickly 
               take Cardis down, cuff him after only a few swings, and take 
               him to the shower to wash off the pepper spray. 

                         (To nurse) Are you okay? 

                         (Kicks Cardis in the groin) Now I 

                         Nobody saw that. 

               All the officers nod. 

                         (To nurse) You've got a little 
                         something on your cheek. 



               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 


               Two Sherriff's deputies pull a middle aged man out of their 
               cruiser and drag him up to the jail door. They push a button 
               and are allowed into a small room surrounded by bulletproof 
               glass, that serves as a buffer before allowing people into the 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         (Through speaker in the wall) Good 
                         evening gentlemen, what can I do 
                         for you? 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         You can take this guy off our 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         (Looks at the strange veins popping 
                         out on his face) Not sure I can do 
                         that guys, he looks like he needs a 

                         (Swoons and nearly falls into the 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         (Struggling to hold the prisoner 
                         up) There's nothing wrong with him. 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         Sorry guys, bring him back after 
                         he's been to the hospital. 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         We just came from the hospital, 
                         there's some weird shit going on 
                         there, we need to get back. 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         It's against regulations. 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         Come on man, I'll buy you a beer 
                         when we get off work. 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         I really shouldn't... 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         I'll buy you two beers. 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         Oh, alright. (Opens the door and 
                         lets the deputies in. They take him 
                         to the holding cell and uncuff him, 
                         then back out of the room) 

                                   DEPUTY KANE 
                         Thanks man, you're a real 
                         lifesaver. (Rushes out the door) 

                                   LT. DOYLE 
                         (To officer) Call medical to come 
                         look at this guy. 


               Fade out: 


The script continues with Going public. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Thank you once again to David Ruhl for his excellent artwork, "A storm contained".
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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