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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: September 20, 2014      Views: 104
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Author, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader.
Former Corrections Officer, current Truck driver.
I work to survive but I write to live.

Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few.


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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 5 of the book Infected
The infection is out in the open
"Going public" by Michaelk

               Fade In: 


               A faint glow comes from a corner desk. Tevist sits at a 
               microscope, jotting notes on a pad. Orderly one enters and 
               quietly walks over. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Any luck doc? 

                         (Leans back and rubs his eyes) 
                         Yeah, plenty of luck, and all of it 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         So you haven't found a cure yet? 

                         Cure? I can't even tell what 
                         disease I'm dealing with. It's 
                         constantly mutating into something 
                         else. Every time I think I'm 
                         getting close, it changes.  

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         I'm real sorry to hear that doc. 

                         (Looking at him intently)  How 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Two staff and one bystander. 

                         So that puts our total up to what 
                         now? twenty-five? 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 

                         (Thoughtfully) Twenty-six 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         I can't believe it's only been 
                         three days since Gus walked in the 

                         Gus (sighs) I wish we would've kept 
                         him here. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         We didn't have a choice, Lohr 
                         would've fired us. 

                         Would you like to go tell one of 
                         our incurable patients that they're 
                         lives are worth less than our jobs? 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Thoughtfully) No, not really. 

                         I didn't think so, no moral person 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         I know one person who would. 

                         So do I, and it's time he got the 

               Cut to: 

               INT. HOSPITAL. LOHR'S OFFICE. 

               Camera pans around a dark office, settling in on several empty 
               bottles of assorted liquor. Lohr is leaned back in his chair, 
               snoring loudly and drooling. A loud bang of the door being 
               thrown open wakes him, causing him to lose his balance and 
               fall to the floor. 

                         Oh my God, are you okay? 

                         Umm, I think so. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         I don't know, you've got a nasty 
                         lump on your head. 


                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Here. (Hits Lohr over the head with 
                         a whiskey bottle) 

                         Well done. 

               Cut to: 

               INT. HOSPITAL. HALLWAY. 

               Camera angle looking straight up, ceiling lights slowly going 
               by as focus fades in and out. Camera angle from Lohr's eyes 
               facing backward as he tries to sit up and focuses on Orderly 
               one pushing the gurney. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Good morning. How was your nap? 

                         (Yawning) Not bad, I had a dream 
                         about...Hey, wait a minute, you hit 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Yes I did. 

                         You're fired! 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Okay. (Continues pushing gurney) 

                         Did you hear me? I said you're 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Did you hear me? I said okay. 

                         (Looks down to see he is 
                         restrained) Where are you taking 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         The observation room. 


                         (From behind Lohr) So you can see 
                         some of your patients. 

                         That's not funny, you know I don't 
                         have a liscense to practice 
                         anymore. And by the way, you're 
                         fired too. 


                         What's wrong with you people? 

                         How should we react? Sit in our 
                         offices, get drunk, and wallow in 
                         self pity? 

                         (Struggles to free himself) 

                         Don't bother, we're almost there. 

                         Almost where? 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         I told you, the observation room. 

                         I'll go around and distract them. 

                         Distract who? 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Them. (Opens the door to the 
                         observation room and shoves the 
                         gurney into the room, then slams 
                         the door shut) 

               Orderly one walks over to the observation window beside 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 

                         (Smiles at him while watching the 
                         gurney disappear behind a wall of 

               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 


               Officer Tyler is doing a routine patrol. Inmates are joking 
               with him and asking questions when a news bulletin comes on 
               the TV. 

                                   NEWS ANCHOR 
                         We are getting reoports of a major 
                         disturbance in the downtown Frost 
                         Creek area. For further details we 
                         go live to Judy Jenkins, Judy. 

                         Thank you Rex. I'm down here near 
                         the high school where there seems 
                         to be a lot of activity. (Screams 
                         in the background, as people run 

                         Excuse me (grabbing a passerby) 
                         could you tell me what's going on 

                         No! Leggo of me! (Yanks free from 
                         her grip and runs away nearly 
                         knocking her down) 

                         (Recovers, straightens her hair. 
                         Seeing another person standing in 
                         the background staring at her) 
                         Excuse me sir, do you know what's 
                         happening here? (Sticks microphone 
                         in his face) 

                                   PASSERYBY TWO 
                         (Stares at microphone as though he 
                         has never seen one before, then 
                         suddenly grabs Judy's arm and takes 
                         a large bite out of it) 

                         (Screams as blood spurts out of her 
                         arm, and tries to pull away as 
                         passerby two calmly bites her arms 

                         (Drops camera, yanks judy away and 
                         takes her back to the van) 

               Camera view, camera, laying on it's side, blood drips down the 
               lens as passerby two leans down to sniff at it. 

                                   NEWS ANCHOR 
                         Umm...We're going to a commercial. 
                         (Screen goes blank) 

                         (Quietly) What the hell? 

               Fade out: 

The script continues with Action and Reaction. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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