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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: October 31, 2014      Views: 811
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Chapter 39 of the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories
Leopold and Thurston draw lines in the sand.
"Delusions That Must Be Stopped" by michaelcahill

Two soul mates meet in various lifetimes on earth. They are unaware of their connection. In spite of often impossible circumstances they are still drawn to each other.

Previously, All gathered in conference to plan for the safety of Julia and Florentina. In the middle of their discussion Cassius noticed Leopold arriving unexpectedly by carriage. All concerned quickly jumped to action and the appearance of a social gathering unfolded by the time Leopold arrived at the door. Stew was being prepared and tea was offered to Leopold as he was invited in to join them. Leopold began to make accusations. Julia made innuendos as well. Leopold was silenced by the power of Julia's presence. We continue now as Leopold regains himself to respond.

~~~~~~~Discussion continues at the home of Abramus

Father Leopold regained himself and rose to speak. Julia stood nearby unmoving. "The church believes in the power of prayer young lady. Satan enters through the portal of weakness, weakness of spirit and resolve. He finds a ready vessel in weakness of mind." He returned Julia's gaze now with one of his own. Upon finding hers unflinching, he looked away. "Of course, Satan has no power over the Lord God Almighty. We call upon him in such matters. Faith … faith defeats the minions of hell."
"Here, here." Father Thurston rose to answer. "Indeed, the faith of a mustard seed that moves a mountain as it is written. Our village is unlike the big city. In Constantinople, one can be lost in its grandeur and seduced by its golden shine. These are the temptations of Earth that call to the greedy. Here in the country we till the land and commune with the creation of the Lord. We reap the bounty of our own toil and sweat. Riches are in the bounty of love and charity for our fellows."
Abramus spoke from his chair. "Well put, Father. Indeed, no one starves when there is food to share. No one suffers the weather when there is a roof to shelter. Such is the teaching of the good book. This is as it has been taught by you, yourself, Leopold since I was young and strong of limb."
"True that. Were we once young, Abramus?" Leopold smiled as though the tension had suddenly left his body. "My bones tell me that it is not so. But I do recall such a time. We once could climb a tree like young Cassius here and run through the garden like the young lady yonder." He gestured towards Florentina. "War and hard times bring a cloud over our village. It is dark and brings foreboding. We must be steadfast in our resolve."
Julia swayed slightly as Leopold spoke. Valerius made note of it and ambled to her side. He spoke, "Such dire and dark a conversation. I fear that the tea has an unfriendly potion steeped in it. I must look in my bag for something to produce merriment."
A pattering of laughter came over the assemblage and turned the attention from Leopold and Julia as he had hoped. Cassius caught the tone that Valerius had set.
"Perhaps a stout mug of ale to cap the afternoon, Father. It seems a festive occasion." Cassius smiled and looked to his father and the eyes in the room followed.
Valerius put his arm around Julia's waist and whispered, "Do you feel faint?"
"Ay, I see so much around Farth, it makes me dizzy. Perhaps a chair." Julia answered softly.
Valerius gently guided Julia to a chair nearby where she gently sat down. "Be careful to call him Leopold. He knows not of Farth, nor do we wish him to."
Julia looked up and nodded with a slight smile. Valerius turned away the ale for him and Julia without drawing attention to either of them. Cassius was in tune with the situation and subtle in his approach.
"More stew anyone? There is plenty. Riches amongst the poor, a bounty for the hard working!" He raised his cup in toast and the others joined him. Valerius nodded to him in gratitude. All eyes were on Cassius, Leopold included.
Time passed with small talk. By and by Leopold rose to take his leave. "Abramus, my friend, as always a most hospitable reception. Be wary and wise all as will I. Diligence is the watchword. I bid you good day all." With that, he turned towards the door.
"Hold a moment, Leopold, I will accompany you." Thurston rose to join him. "Thank you kindly, Abramus, a lovely respite indeed." Thurston accompanied Leopold out the door. He caught the eye of Valerius on the way out and an understanding of purpose passed between Thurston and the young doctor.

~~~~~~~~~The Abramus household heaves a sigh of relief

The breeze from the sigh of relief upon Father Leopold's exit cooled the room considerably.
"You are a marvel, Cassius. I imagine Julia here would tell us we once occupied the very same body!" Valerius slumped in his chair in relief. "I thought I would have to treat Leopold for a fainting spell when Julia spoke of him. To her credit, she made no mention of his name. A most bold but dangerous game though, dear woman."
Julia smiled, "He droned on with evil tone and intention encouraged by an unholy host of spirits past and present surrounding him. The shadows and whispers caused a spin to come over me. Most helpful of you", she nodded to Valerius, "I may have staggered to the ground on the spot".
Valerius became serious. "This is how we come to each other's aid in these matters. We see now that Leopold is determined and single minded. He is not given to reason, or sense for that matter. Julia clearly sees evil surrounding him. It is apparent to us as well, even without a special sight."
"Leopold is strong in our village and well known to all. He has ties to Constantinople and factions that would back him in the church. We have our own love for each other and belief in what is right and Godly. That is often the beginning of injustice in the world of man. We must be ready and we must be smart." Valerius spoke and looked to be beyond his years, which numbered but twenty.

~~~~~~~~Leopold and Thurston on the road

Leopold pulled the carriage to the side of the road and addressed Thurston, "There is a nice brook near the copse here. Perhaps a nice walk and a chat."
Thurston dismounted the carriage and stretched his legs. "That would be lovely."
They walked along in the forest drawn by the sound of the running water. The peaceful scene belied the thoughts that ran through their minds.
Leopold knew what he had to say. "The little one in her innocence has revealed the nature of her possession to me. You were a witness to the hostility in the demon possessing young Julia." He held out his walking stick towards the pond as though he expected it to part.
Thurston observed and listened. What is this? He thinks he is Moses at the red sea. Perhaps there is no reasoning … then what is there? "I saw no evidence that would lead me to believe either young lady was possessed. I scarcely understand your reasoning, A child and her fantasies, a young woman speaking, perhaps with anger, at her tormentor. What would you have her do in the face of your accusations and poorly veiled threats? Yes, we are all quite aware of the impetus for your terse words directed at her. I found it uncalled for."
"I see, uncalled for, you say." Leopold studied his stick and leveled it against the horizon as though he weighed his options. "Would I not be remiss to ignore a child that is set upon by hellhounds that have tormented her for as long as she can remember? And the girl, Julia. I am not alone in my knowledge of her visions. They have plagued her since childhood and caused her to be an outcast from the village. Her father secludes her in his house like a leper." He lowered his staff and looked at Thurston.
Thurston began to respond, but was cut off without a word as Leopold raised his staff even higher and exclaimed, "The Bishop knows what I face here and gives me my way. The great church in Constantinople is privy to our travails…."
Thurston cut him off at this point. "You hold your staff out as though you summon the lightning from on high. Is that the calling you speak of so fervently? You take this course upon yourself with no counsel? What are your plans then, Leopold? Will you then attempt to spirit away the child to the cellar of the sanctuary and apply the blade of faith to her throat? NO! I can tell you. That will not stand on the speaking of your word alone. Take heed, my friend, you must stay this reckless and vengeful course. It will be your undoing. Pray for guidance and it will be given you."
Leopold sneered and spoke threateningly, "Perhaps it is you that need the cleansing prayer. I fear that exposure to these demons has clouded your judgment and you have become an unwitting recruit to their unholy purposes."
Thurston decided that there was no sense to this exchange. "Well, my friend, it grows late and the sun begins to set. I suggest we take up this matter later. Let us return to the sanctuary and give ourselves to quiet reflection. I'm sure that answers will come to us." No answer will ever come to this man. I see who is possessed. I see that indeed.
Leopold nodded and headed towards the carriage. The sneer and sense of accusation remained fixed upon his countenance. In the distance, the sound of wolves cries cut the air. Both priests quickened their pace.



The book continues with Romance Within The Storm. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Wonderful insightful feedback and excellent suggestions. Thank you so much.

List of characters:

Julia- the current incarnation of Vision. Vision is one of the souls that we are following throughout time. Julia is considered mentally ill. She has recall of past lives in great detail and sees them unfold before her. Very unique.

Valerius- the current incarnation of Sound. Sound is the other soul that we follow. In this lifetime he becomes a physician and is drawn to Julia. As soulmates they are always drawn to each other although they are unaware of their connection.

Petrus- The father of Valerius

Abramus- The father of Julia

Cassius- The brother of Julia

Leopold- A church leader who is of a mind that the mentally ill are demon possessed. A danger to Julia

Trellitia- A mentor to Valerius and sympathetic to Julia. The widow of the former village physician.

Gregorio- Another mentor to Valerius. A well known physician in the great city of Constantinople.

Rastavius- A mentor to Leopold and a leader of the church in the great city. Would kill a demon possessed person to free their souls and has done so. Very dangerous and influential over Leopold.

Lourdes- A young woman that Valerius meets on the road home. Mother of Florentina.

Florentina- Daughter of Lourdes. A new patient for Valerius. Showing signs of mental illness. Loves music like Valerius.

Thurston- Another priest in the village. An ally to Trellitia and Valerius. Left Constantinople to get away from Rastavius and now has to contend with Leopold.

Bishop Julius Brosius- A Bishop in the hiearchy of the church.

Father Cervantes- a young priest that Leopold has taken under his wing.

The story takes place about 500 AD. It is the beginning of the Dark Ages right after the fall of Rome. The church is becoming conservative and considering mental illness the work of the devil. It is a danger to Julia and Valerius who wants to treat her and protect her.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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