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 Category:  Children Fiction
  Posted: December 6, 2014      Views: 217

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I work for a non-profit org. and write as a fun hobby. I also have a little card shop on Etsy, Roxie's Card Shop, which keeps me very busy. I have written 5 children's book about a little pig who thinks she's a Super Hero, and she is.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Will Santa get through the snow storm?
"A Super Pig Christmas" by Roxanna Andrews

For those of you who are new to me, I have written several books about Super Pig, most of the stories I posted here. Pinky Pig, AKA, Super Pig is a little farm pig who was read stories of Super Heros by the farmers grandson. She decided a Super Hero was a very good thing to be and so decided to become one. She made her costume from a purple towel Mrs. Farmer threw out. She has no super powers, but believes she does. She is always ready to help and rescue. 

The wind howled across Holly Hock Farm and the snow whipped into four-foot drifts around the barn. It had been snowing for two days and no one had gone outside.

Lilybelle Frog sat looking out a crack in the barn door watching snowflakes fly through the air as the wind drove them into higher drifts.

"Christmas is tomorrow and there is so much snow," said a very worried Lilybelle. Her family had come into the barn when their burrow had gotten too cold to live in.

Mommy Frog put a webbed foot over one of Lilybelle's. "Don't worry dear, we're safe in here."

"I'm not afraid of the snow, I'm afraid Santa won't be able to get through," she shook her head with downcast eyes. "The snow is too deep."

"Oh, but you forget," said her daddy as he lifted her into his arms. "Santa has flying reindeer and the snow can't stop him."

Lilybelle breathed a sigh of relief, she had forgotten about the flying reindeer.

"Isn't Christmas really about giving and spreading good cheer and love? We can do that without Santa, can't we?" asked Daddy Frog.

Lilybelle thought a minute. "Yes, I can do that." And she hopped off to find some way to spread good cheer.

She hopped behind the tractor and stopped in her tracks. A little mouse wearing an apron and a tiny green and purple pointed hat with a bell at the tip, scurried around, mixing things in a tiny bowl.

"Hello. What's your name?" Lilybelle asked the mouse.

The mouse stopped her mixing. "My name is Evelyn."

"What are you doing?"

"I'm making something for us to eat."

"That is a very small bowl and the animals are so big. I don't think that will be enough food for them," Lilybelle informed the busy mouse.

"Oh, don't you worry. There will be plenty for all," said Evelyn as she threw a pinch of this and a pinch of that into her bowl and kept stirring. She sang a little tune as she worked and she moved so fast, Lilybelle couldn't keep up with her.

Lilybelle yawned and felt herself dozing. She jerked awake and tried to watch the busy mouse but dozed again and fell fast asleep.  All the animals had fallen asleep, all but Pinky Pig.

Evelyn Elf Mouse stood before Pinky. "I'm one of Santa's helpers assigned to animals and Santa sent me to give you a very special Christmas. Now change into Super Pig and do as I say."

Pinky quickly changed into her costume and Evelyn handed Super Pig a jar filled with swirling light.

"This is a special Christmas light that Santa only uses for very special animals. You have been so kind and brave, Santa wanted you to have an extra special Christmas.  Open the jar," the Elf Mouse said.

Super Pig opened the jar and the light burst out. It was so bright it was blinding and Super Pig had to close her eyes. When she opened them, a long table stood in the middle of the barn with a beautiful table cloth in bright red and green check. On the cloth were large gold platters.

Evelyn Elf Mouse took the bowl she had been stirring and threw it in the air. The contents spilled on to the table and the platters filled, heaping with the animal's favorite foods. Carrots for David Donkey, dandelions for Chrissy Cow, barley oats for Barney Horse and much, much more. Evelyn threw another bowl into the air and pink sugar spilled out. Beautiful desserts appeared in the center of the table, a carrot cake five tiers high, covered in cream cheese and alfalfa frosting. Sugar frosted oats, along with baked cinnamon apples, and beside each plate was a fancy candy of fruit and nuts covered in dark chocolate, each in the shape of a snowflake.

"Desserts are my specialty. No dinner is complete without a little something sweet." Evelyn giggled as she went to stand by Super Pig.

The Christmas light from the jar swirled in a circle and rose to the roof of the barn becoming a beautiful chandelier, casting a warm glow over the table.

"I think we are done, oh just one more thing."

Evelyn open a little box that she held and tossed some fine green glitter into the air. It swirled and shaped into a huge glistening Christmas tree. The barn door flew open and snowflakes covered the tree sparkling in the light of the chandelier. Birds of every color flew in and sat among the branches like ornaments. Under the tree a beautifully wrapped gift appeared for each animal.

It was all so beautiful. Super Pig stared at the lovely room that minutes ago had been a plain barn.

"Okay," said Evelyn, "Time to wake up your friends." She clapped her hands and as she did, she faded until she disappeared.

The animals awoke to an amazing sight. They looked at one another, bewildered, then they saw Super Pig standing beside the table.

"Come and eat my friends. Santa wants us to have an extra special Christmas feast this year."

The animals gathered around the table, each finding their favorite dish. They would have found it all unbelievable, but they had known Super Pig long enough to know amazing things happened when she was around. It was no surprise to find she was a good friend of Santa's.

As Lilybelle feasted on her grass and fly salad, she sneaked little bites of the candy snowflake. She knew her parents expected her to eat all her dinner before dessert, but she just couldn't help it, the snowflake was so delicious.

What a wonderful Christmas it turned out to be and Santa had come after all.



Author Notes
I was inspired to write this because of a good friend. She is a regular customer in my online card shop and we have gotten to know one another. She is such a sweetie with a big heart and she makes amazing candy so I had to put her in my story as a mouse who makes wonderful desserts. I hope you like Evelyn Elf Mouse. Lilybelle is my great niece.

I am most sad to say since I wrote this my friend Evelyn died. She caught pneumonia, and though full of energy, she had MS and it complicated her recovery. I was very sad when I realized she must have died, I knew she was sick, she had her grandson email me. I never heard from her again and she emailed me every day so I knew she was gone. I tried different ways to get her family to contact me, but they never did.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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