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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: March 21, 2015      Views: 631
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I need to admire you, before I can respect you. Fortunately, I'm easy to impress,

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Chapter 8 of the book The Tres Amigas
Last posting in the advice series
"The Tres Amigas--Goodbye" by Spiritual Echo

Dear Readers;

Thank you for your support and participation in the advice column we tested with fellow writers.

As stated in the introduction back in early February, our intent was to get feedback from fellow FS members before taking this concept forward to potential publishers. Our sincere thanks; you certainly shared both your public and private opinions.

Today, in our final issue on FanStory, we are responding to questions that were asked about the three columnists during the six weeks we posted 'The Tres Amigas.' Signed, Spritual Echo.

SE: What qualifies you to give advice?


I didn't approach this challenge with any false credentials. My responses represented my opinions and reflected how I would deal with the situations presented to me if I were forced to deal with the same events in my personal life.

Not a damn thing. Having said that; we are all surrounded by self-proclaimed experts who have no trouble telling us what to do. Aunt Millie has never had kids, but she is very vocal about how we are doing it wrong. Mother knows best--right? And, we all know someone who thinks there is only one way to deal with situations--his way.

The answers offered were impartial and reactive only to the information provided. Having unbiased opinions often help a person get a handle on his situation without the emotional baggage that often comes with existing relationships.

I can say with complete confidence, I have been around the block several times. My life experiences have provided me with an unlimited supply of solutions to just about anything you could ask such as sexual and emotional abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, cancer, prostitution, undercover work for the police and most important, knowing when to laugh and when not to.

SE: Are these letters for real or did you make up the problems?


I received all the questions by E-mail and took each at face value, assuming the facts as presented to me were true.

In the original post, one of the questions was 'lifted' from a column in a local newspaper, rewritten, but still presumably true. After the first post, there was no need to search for questions as participants forwarded more ammunition than we could publish.

They are for real. One was from me, but I will never tell you which one it was. I will let you try to figure that one out for yourself. It was a true event and I was looking for an honest response from both the Cynic and the Librarian.

SE: What made you choose the acronyms, the names you use to respond to letters? Are you comfortable with the labels?


My first choice was 'THE PROFESSOR,' a title that closely resembles my actual status, but that was nixed by the senior editor as she felt my answers would then seem condescending as if I were lecturing.

It closely resembles my 'shoot-from-the-hip' attitude. My direct approach to issues is sometimes misunderstood and makes some people uncomfortable when I snap off the polite veneer and go to the crux of an issue.  No, I'm not averse to being thought of as cynical. 

The name speaks for itself. Actually, I was an escort; I never stood on street corners wearing a halter top and a mini skirt. Some of you may think that is splitting hairs, but in the world of prostitution, it is a big deal. There is a pecking order, escort (high, middle or low class they are all the same), hooker/street walker usually has a pimp, and bottom of the barrel is the druggy, someone that will do anything for her next fix.

SE: Were there any questions that you chose not to answer or disturbed you.


I was only sent questions that would be used in the column. I am unaware of the content of rejected questions.

Yes, several. There were some related to the site and writing. Those we either answered privately or directed to the forum where the general membership could respond.

We received two that are memorable; both meant to stir up frenzy in readership. Neither represented a personal problem, but hoped to take on issues using the 'Tres Amigas' as a platform for hate.

The only rejected letters I know of were FanStory related. We did not feel it was appropriate to get into the politics of FanStory so we chose to avoid those.

SE: Why would you choose not to continue this weekly post?


The decision to launch and discontinue was not mine.

Right from the beginning, 'Tres Amigas' was a brand concept, and a way of gauging reader reaction to an old idea with a facelift. By and large, everyone responding has remarked on the entertainment value and enjoyed our stint on FanStory. It was a foray into a brand of journalism not previously found on this site.

Part of the appeal of FS is that it allows experimentation with different genres and styles of writing, but our column will easily become stale with a small audience. With any luck, members may be able to go on reading our pearls of wisdom in another venue. You bet we'll let you know if we are successful.

This was primarily a test run for the column. We are hoping to submit it to newspapers and/or magazines for publication. We are looking for a broader range of readers and hoping for a wider variety of questions.

SE: Who is The Librarian?


The last time I looked, it was me.

If this column appeared in any other publication, the question would be, 'Who are these three broads?" All three of our identities would have remained hidden. To put the question to rest, THE LIBRARIAN is NOT a member of FanStory and it is highly improbable that even knowing her name would offer any clue or afford her any more prestige than the bio published February 8th. (See author's notes.)

I've been asking the same question every week and I am still not any wiser.

SE: Are there any last words you'd like to share with readers and participants?


It's been a pleasure to meet some of you and I hope our opinions have helped clarify your problems. Bye, bye.

The only similarity between the three women featured in this column is the proximity in our ages, varying no more than a decade. For the record, THE LIBRARIAN is the youngest. Each opinion was formulated independently, but what struck me, despite our diversity of lifestyle and temperament, was the common sense of each woman. I thought there would be a wide gap between our points of view, but I was surprised that we usually came to the same conclusion. That might make for fewer followers, but it should be reassuring to the person seeking answers to his problem.

I must admit I was surprised by the lack of sexual questions, considering my experience. I would be happy to answer all-sex related questions, if there is enough interest, in one last column that I, alone, will publish in the next few weeks under the title, "The Afterglow". Those of you who are interested in asking some spicy questions can send them to me and I will do my best to give you an honest answer

That's a wrap!



Author Notes

Just like any other disease, mental illness can attack anyone, from the mentally challenged to intellectual genius. People who suffer DO NOT lose their capacity to think, but judgement may be impaired.

NO--HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU! The first time someone lays their hands on you should be the last time. GET OUT!


From the three America's, we introduced you to a weekly advice column where questions to everyday problems were answered by women who have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk.

From Canada, The Cynic battled gender bias, fought in the crusade to ensure women received both the opportunity and fair remuneration for equal work. She retired as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, owned resorts, married, divorced and widowed, she juggled family and work throughout her life. Her shoot-from-the-hip style cuts to the root of the problem and she rarely minces words.

The Librarian was born, raised and continues to live in the United States. She graduated from college, married a member of the military, and taught in elementary school s all over The States. The mother of three believes in traditional values, discipline and good manners. She lists God, family and country as her core values in life.

The Hooker experienced childhood abuse that left her with severe personality and mental health issues related to PTSD. She is familiar with the mental health system, and her journey to self healing included prostitution, working undercover as a police informant, and a broken family. This graduate from the University of hard-knocks currently spends her time painting and writing in Mexico

The 'Tres Amigas,' have no degrees in psychology nor make any claim to credentials to substantiate the suggestions offered in their weekly column. Their points of view were offered from the perspective of the lives they've lived. Their views and opinions were presented for entertainment purposes only.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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