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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: June 11, 2016      Views: 433
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I am recently retired and reside in the most beautiful area of Virginia--the Shenandoah Valley. I find beauty and inspiration in the mountains every day--it is one of my most faithful muses.

I love to write poetry and have been writing for - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 32 of the book 2016
Potlatch-11 June 16, Walt Whitman Style Free Verse
"Sifting Winds" by mountainwriter49
Sifting Winds
Whitman Free Verse Style Poetry
AKA prose poetry

The morning songs of the birds awakened me just as dawn was breaking and morning light just piercing night’s onyx zenith.  I yawned and stretched and peeked between the window blinds.  I lifted my window higher so I might better hear the birds a’ chirping  as I cleared my mind for the morning to come. 
The smell of morning coffee, brewing, and frying bacon was just what I needed to hear as I walked down the stairs, half-awake, and headed towards  the kitchen.  The cook yelled out “OUCH!” several times as bacon grease popped on her hands from the red-hot cast iron frying pan.  Two of God’s gifts to man are freshly brewed ground Columbian coffee and  Oscar Meyer thick bacon slices.  Oh yeah.  The combined tastes are almost sexual… Almost.
I sat on my patio to drink my hot, steaming aromatic coffee and eat my crispy bacon slices while listening to the morning songs of the birds and squirrels.  Oh how their dissonant sounds created a symphony accompanied by the sifting winds of the morning’s Northwest breezes.   I pondered the sounds of the birds and the wind sifting through the trees. I fell into a trance as I listened to their score while sipping laced Columbian caffeine.
I awoke from my trance as the sounds of my neighbor’s Harley revving-up as he prepared for a day’s ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I was jealous since I could not accompany him on his journey.  I have no motorcycle and my journey would be only to walk and view the Blue Ridge from afar.
So, I sat back to enjoy another glass of java laced with Bushmill’s.  Well hell, it was 09:00 by this time and I needed a kick to inspire the muse.  She listened to the Harley’s distant sound waiting at the bottom of the hill as the songs of the birds as the sifting winds resonated between the limbs and leaves of the ancient oak…



The book continues with haiku (doe and fawn forage). We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
POETIC STYLE: Free verse in the style of Walt Whitman. Whitman did not use many poetic devices including rhyme, metaphor and simile. He repeats words and phrases and creates 'new words.' His 'poetry' reads more as prose poetry rather than just prose. He does not use a specific meter, but rather writes as one might speak. Thus, the meter is 'mixed' to say the least.

I personally do not particularly care for Whitman's style of poetry, but he is an American Classic and considered to be one of the author's of American Free Verse poetry. I much prefer the structured nature of metered verse. But then again, I'm but an old man.

This is part of the Potlatch challenge group, thus I have entered. I readily admit I do not know how to write in a Whitman style. Like IamCat, I much prefer my own voice. But in the spirit of working with the group, I've attempted a piece complaint with the Whitman form. Have I succeeded? I don't know. I look forward to your constructive reviews.

Thank you for reviewing my poetry.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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