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'Haiku & Nature Poems' ~ #15-287-B-C
 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: July 18, 2016      Views: 497
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My new photo is a "selfie" and my name is Marilyn D.F. Boire, under the pen name of BeasPeas (after my mother, named Bea, who also wrote). I'm an artist and writer who loves to sing. My art is contemporary. Although I like to paint in oils and wa - more...

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Chapter 15 of the book Haiku and Nature Poems ~ 2012-2017
Free verse
"The Grand Old Maple" by BeasPeas
The grand old maple stands on a vacant lot.
Can't judge its height, but higher than high.
How long it's been there, I don't know.
I admire it when I pass by...
     swaying majestically,
     a sight to see,
     a witness to what time has wrought.

I doubt that it was planted.
More likely nature's serendipity birthed that tree.
My imagination plots its growth,
     a spinner, sown by the wind
     a seedling, tender and vulnerable
     a sapling, pushing up to greet the sun
     a young tree, exuberant in youth.

Several human generations have passed,
twenty plus twenty, plus, plus...
and the maple towers above everything.
Mature thick limbs stretch out,
gracefully claiming leafy space,
the arboreal home of birds and squirrels.

What changes has the maple seen?
Where is the house; the kids who played?
Farm hands who were grateful for its shade?
Now gone...
      torn down, grown up.

By leaps and bounds, the town encroaches,
'tres sheiky' shops; traffic sounds.
Half a mile down a bulldozer sits,
hungry to chew dirt and spew out mini-malls.
Developers plot all around.

I grieve for the tree,
unsuspecting and steady.
A tragedy at the ready...
when progress cuts the maple down.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ July 18, 2016
'Haiku & Nature Poems'


Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry


The book continues with Blue Pond. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Everyday I pass this beautiful maple and wonder about the changes this tree has witnessed. It sits on a vacant lot in a commercial zone, once residential. I'm sure one of these days that maple will be cut down. The other day I took this photo. Thank you for reading my poetry.

spinner - the whirly things from maples that we used to put on our noses as kids
'tres sheiky' - chic shops for female apparel

Image: 'The Grand Old Maple, Plover, Wisconsin' - Marilyn D.F. Boire
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