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 Category:  Essay Non-Fiction
  Posted: August 12, 2017      Views: 62

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I have come a long way since I first dared to submit something I wrote. Some of you have become dear friends. Some of you have taught me lessons in humbleness. Some of you have comforted me when I could feel comfort in no other place. I live in - more...

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I heard nothing.
"What Did You Say?" by LoannaLois

I know I'm not brilliant of mind, but, nor am I lacking thought that matters. I have made what I consider a "discovery of obvious consequence". We have all knocked this truism around, yet we still do not pay any attention to the discovery. We simply talk about its actuality...and then ignore it.

Dear friends, the discovery, however obvious, is that we no longer communicate. We don't talk. We don't dream aloud. We don't share or ask questions. We don't care.

We don't seem to think we need the answers they might have. After all, we have our own thoughts and we can house them in cell phones, iPads, and other word cages. Even businesses, or offices, or churches, or restaurants, are guilty.

If one person is told something of necessity, there is no passing on of the content. So, when the person comes back to ask a co-worker about the progress of information( what was supposed to have been the reason for the information) given to another, there is no understanding. The expected report, issue, menu, which was supposed to have been done, isn't. No one knew what they were talking about for the other employee wasn't there that day.
The first employee didn't share. None of us do.

We just know all we need to know. We don't need other's thoughts, opinions, or information. We are enough.

But, this "discovery of obvious consequences" is leading us to inability to be a part of something.

Put your word cages down. We are all alone in our conversation with ourselves.

How selfish.

How smug.

How sad.

True Story contest entry


Author Notes
This is a true story of what I have discovered. For example, I have several doctors. I have to watch what each proscribes, because they may not know what the other doctor has given me. They used to report in and speak to one another.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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